Cass County

The Cass County Sun

The Cass County Sun was started in 1875 by C. A. Kesseler, who moved to Linden from Jefferson, Texas. In Jefferson, he had been associated with the Jimplecute newspaper. In 1877 The Sun was sold to Reverend J. W. Erwin. J. E. A. Banger went to work for The Sun as a lad in 1877, where he learned to typeset. He left Linden in 1888, and went to West Texas, where he published papers in Quanah, Benjamin and Rayner. He returned in 1895, married Rev. Erwin’s daughter, and bought half interest in The Sun. In 1893, Rev. Erwin had sold half interest in The Sun to his son, Jessie C. Erwin. Mr. Banger bought Jessie C. Erwin’s interest in the paper in 1896. He remained sole owner until 1909, when he sold half interest to his brother-in-law, W. L. Erwin.

The Cass County Sun was printed from inception on a George Washington Hand Press of 1853. That press had been sunk in the Red River in 186x to keep it from falling into the hands of Union Forces during the failed Banks Expedition. It was recovered and brought to Linden when The Sun was started. Also used was an old time Gordon Job Press that was purchased in 1888. The George Washington Press survived the cyclone of 1908 which destroyed most of Linden’s buildings. The Sun was operated out of a building on the southwest side of the courthouse square that was originally a saloon. The George Washington Press is presently on display in Cass County Printing in that location at 118 South Main Street in Linden.

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