Cass County

Misc. Newspaper Articles

Submitted by Elaine McCoy Martin

Apr 23, 1891 paper
Mr. James Duncan and Miss Julia Williams, Linden, April 14.
Mr. W. J. Phillips and Miss Emma Cothern, Linden, April 13.


TYLER TELEGRAPH, March 27, 1852, p. 2, c. 1

We learn from our correspondent at Jefferson, Cass county, that up to the date of his letter, the 1[illegible]th of this month, seven or eight of the first class boats had arrived with full freights from Orleans; among the rest he mentions the Caspian, Clous, Choctaw, Echo, &c. Groceries can be purchased in Jefferson an as favourable terms as at Shreveport, and our citizens can save a trip of some sixty miles by the operation. It is time that our citizens were made acquainted with some of the facilities offered by Jefferson, and that instead of patronizing a town in another State, we build up our own cities, especially when the inducements for trade are equally as advantageous

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