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The Cass County Genealogical Society, 1974, Vol. 1, No. 3.

LETTER OWNED BY: Christine Wommack & her daughter Mrs. Jean Wright

Written by: M.E. Brown living with father and mother in 1873 in Duluth Ga. to Robt. I. Brown, Elizabeth and Margaret.

Copied the way it was written

Duluth, Georgia
May 8, 1873

Mr. R.T. and E. Brown

Dear Cousin and family I seat myself to drop youse a few lines in answer to your kind letter whutch we received a few days go those lines leaves us all well as commond hoping those may finde you all well I havent mutch news of importance to write you that would interrest youse for it has bin so longe sence I rotw to you I were very glad to git a letter from you for it made it seame like old times to git a letter from you I begin to think that you never wer a guine to write to us againe we didnt get thee other letter you write to us this wes the first one since the wore if I could see you I could tel you more than I can rite in a week you wanted to know wher all the children are Adeline is in Paulding I got a letter from her a few days ago they wer all well Adeline has three children two boys and girl we got a letter from Jack they were all well Jack lives at Roswell in Cobb County Brother Henry is married he married a lady by the name of Mary Angala Crenshaw they live in Morgan County they have one child a boy Brother Jack has two children one girle and boy his boy is name Robbert I am still here with Father and Mother and am doing as well as enny of the rest cousin Father has got so he cant rite enny a tole hardly he got hurt last October was a year ago he wer a haulding with his wagging and it run over him and brake too of his ribs and twe of his fangers one of them his middle one that he use in writing he cant straten it yet and I dont think that he will ever be so he can use it againe Father is braken verry fast I thinkand Mother is too they are a gitting old fast I want to know how your Maw looks by this time I want you to tel Angaline and John and Tome that I want them to write to me and give me all the news I want to know if you know enny thing about uncle George Brown and his family and how they are getting a longe by this time tel the that I do want to read a letter from them the worst kind cousin we have a raile road through hear it runs in a bout a mile of us but it is a bout fore miles to a deeppo we have two deeppooes in about four miles one of them is at the Cross roads you can ricker leck that place this raile road is call the airline rail road Aunt Margaret I recond that you would like to hear something about your connection old Uncle Tomma Langley and his wife are both dead they have bin dead two or three years Lindy Langley Thomas is dead he died with consumption this year Aunt Polly Langley is still living yet she is by her self now she hante live by herself in several years til now the raile run by Aunt Pollys in a bout hunder yards of her house Uncle Billy Langley has got his third wife he married a Miss Right the last time Aunt Peggy Langley dead about 8 years ago uncle Billy has bin married about 8 or 7 years his last wife got two children girl and boy I heard from Uncle John Wisdom about two weeks a go they were all well then they have three living children and one dead Adeline said that uncle Williams and his foalks were well and grandmare Brown and foalks were well too cousin I wish that you would come to see us sometime and fetch your wife to see and children too I want you to have all your picktures taken and sends them to me and I will sned you minde I want Aunt Margaret to have pickture taken for me and sent it to me so I can see how she looks now tel all of the connection that I want to hear from them I will give you the price of things hear wheat is 200 a bushel corne is 1.00 bushel meet is from 10 to 14 cents a pound Flour is from 5 to 6 cents a pound cotton is from 18 to 20 cts pound hear in greenback that is our currency hear now and has been ever since the ware we don't hear of enny other money kind hear now by breenback Mr. Daniel Lockridg is dead he has bin dead nearly a year cousin all of the Strickland girls that you ust to knowed when you would come hear is married know Mary Ann Goodwin is still singler yet and her and Mother is getting longe very well they have two of her grandson with them Mary Ann Goodwin went crazy and was crazy for a bout a year and then she come to her minde but she dont seame like she did when you ust to see her times don' seame know like they did when me and you ust to rite to each other I want to now where Tomma is at and if he is married or no and how he is getting a longe Mother sais tell you mar that she would like to see her give her love to your mare and the rest of the connection tel uncle Afford that we want him to write to us and let us know how him and his family is gitting along I wish that I could get to see you all that are in that part of the country but it is too fur from home to go now I think some times that I will marry and againe I think that I would marry for nothing in the world I think that there is no dependence in man now days it would be very hard for me to find a man that i would rest my life with Cousin we have a paper printed in Lawrencville Ga thee paper is called the weekly Gwinnett Herald and if you want to hear news from heare you can git it by subscriben for this paper it is but two dollars a year the Editor is Tyler M. Peeples he will be the one that you would have to rite to so I will have to close for the want of something to rite I remained as every your cousin when you write to me direct your letters to Guluth, Ga.
M.E. Brown

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