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submitted by Kelli Foster Fannin

This letter was mailed to Alice Cordelia Parker Foster (widow of Jack Foster) in Cass County, Tx. It is from her sister-in-law Delia Cook Foster (wife of W.R. Dick Foster from Eastman, Ga.) Attached is a picture of these three people about four years before the letter was written. The picture is taken in Cass Co. in 1929.

The spelling is as it is in the it the punctuation.

November 24, 1933
Eastman, Ga

Dear Alice one and all
Wonder what has gone wrong with you all as we never here a word from ine (any) of you Wehave bin wandering if you all was going to slip up on us and if so just come a head Don't let us no untill you blow at the gate it will be forfectley (perfectly) all righ (right) with us now I will hardley no what I am saying as the boys is covering the house such a fuss well that all a be soon done then we can have a big fire whin you all get here cant we

well Alice we are all well but Duffie (Delia's son) has bin sick for a week but better his helth is bad at times with rhumatisam well we are all through gathering making syrup diging potatoes. killed one cow and one hog have plenty more to kill come righ on

Well I have visited sick and deaths 14 since July was with a man yestoday at deathes door

truley hope you all are well and all i met while I was there as I sure injoyed being with them out there. Well for Lethie I have not saw her in a good while but here every week. She is well now Betsey lives so far we don't go but here from her she was well lsat I herd from her and Lethies Boy Ernest Finchers wife is in bad shape with cancer of the stomache Just a skelaten. Well guess you all made good crops we made very good got little for it but still living thank the good Lord. Well I wish you was here to eat dinner as I have something good on cooking fresh hog ah how good it smells.

Well Eudell here reading the finie (funny?) paper She still with me Clinton's children great bing children. Albert most grone. Well Dick on the Jurie this week so you see he carting Well good by ancer soon From Delia Foster

P.S. Well alice since I started my letter men was here testing cows for tb and will be for tomorrow to ell if they have it ar not. going every where we had it, Alto too Clark and so you see Well I am going over to see Duffie as Dick is where he can't go so busey carting you see Clinton Clark kiling a ??? so we will have something to eat well good by one and all ancer real soon

as ever your friend.

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