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Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 of the Daughters of 

Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865.

Clara Barton Detached Tent #3

Ancestor Bios A-K

The veteran ancestors of our Charter Members are in red.

All Ancestor Bios were created using documents from the individual Tent members' files. The primary documents used were the DUVCW applications, but additional information came from the Civil War veteran's Pension file or Military Records that were found in the Tent member's file, unless otherwise stated. If you would like more information about any of our ancestors, please contact, Peggy Munson, our Past Tent President.

Private Nathaniel C. Adams
Ohio Company I, 11th Regiment
Born: March 2, 1843, Tawstock, Devon, England
Died: August 8, 1933, Briggeville, Wisconsin,
Buried: August 15, 1833, Monticello, Wright County, Minnesota.
Married: Mary Emily Bradway, November 21, 1865, Menomorie,
Dunn County, Wisconsin.
Enlisted: August 22, 1862, Dayton, Ohio, Discharged: June 11, 1865,
Camp Dennison, Ohio.
Pension Granted


Quartermaster Sergeant James Blauvelt Anderson
New York, Company C, 47th Regiment
Born: c. 1837, New York
Died: February 3, 1903, New York, New York
Married: Rachel Wortendyke, June 24, 1867, Hackensack, New York
Enlisted: July 20, 1861, New York, New York, Discharged October 18, 1862

Private Elias A. Baker
Iowa, Company F, 39th Regiment
Born: 1835, Maryland
Died: May 30, 1897, Urichsville, Ohio
Buried: June 1, 1897, Union Cemetery, Urichsville, Ohio
Married: Ellen House Dicks, December 14, 1865, Monroe, Harrison County, Ohio
Enlisted: August 17, 1862, Discharged: June 8, 1865
Pension Granted

Sergeant William Barber Bingham
Indiana Company E and H, 11th Infantry
Born: c. 1840, Franklin County, Vermont
Died: February 7, 1902, Robertson, Texas
Married: H. E. Finnel Smith, November 8, 1879, Brazos County, Texas
Enlisted April 16, 1861, Discharged: May 13, 1863

Sergeant William C. Blackmore
Missouri, Company C & F, 4th Regiment Cavalry
Born: March 23, 1837, Madison County, Indiana
Died: December 15, 1904, Verona, Missouri
Married: Vesta Mirilda Gibson, November 18, 1858, Jasper County, Missouri
Enlisted: March 26, 1862, Mt. Vernon, Missouri, Discharged: March 25, 1865
Promoted from Private to Sgt. May 1863
Pension Granted

Private David Robert Bossert
Pennsylvania, Company A, 49th Regiment
Died: August 31, 1887, Port Royal, Pennsylvania
Married: Nancy Jane Haines, June 26, 1866, Port Royal, Pennsylvania
Enlisted: September 11, 1861, Discharged October 24, 1864
Widow's Pension Granted

Private James M. Broomfield
Iowa, Company K, 16th Regiment
Born: August 15, 1835, Bristol, England
Died: August 31, 1914, La Junta, Otero County, Colorado
Married: Frances Marsh, Apr 15, 1864, Des Moines, Iowa
Enlisted: February 21, 1862, Davenport, Iowa
Discharged: July 19, 1865 Louisville, Kentucky
Buried: La Junta, Colorado
Prisoner at Andersonville about August 1864
Pension Granted

Private Thomas Uriah Burke
Illinois, Company G, 30th Regiment, Infantry
Born: May 9, 1836, Odell, Russell Co., Virginia
Died: January 8 1907, Ivanhoe, Fannin County., Texas
Married: Jane Parisho Parker, March 9, 1870, Pleasant Hill, Missouri
Enlisted: December 3, 1861, Discharged: July 17, 1865, Louisville, Kentucky
Occupation at time of enlistment: Laborer
Pension Granted

Private Charles Warren Callahan
Iowa Company H, 1st Cavalry
Born: February 18, 1843, Ohio
Died: January 14, 1933, Chariton, Marion County, Iowa
Married: Loretta A. Marsh, February 22, 1866, Marion County, Iowa
Enlisted: February 25, 1865, Chariton, Lucas County, Iowa;
Discharged: February 15, 1865, Austin, Travis County, Texas

   Private Charles Cariker
Company C, 120th Illinois Infantry
Born: ca 1834 in Cabarrus Co., North Carolina
Died: 10 Oct 1864 in Eastport, Tennessee
Married 14 Dec 1856 in Vienna, Johnson Co., Illinois to Melissa C. Worrell, born ca 1834.
Enlisted 14 Aug 1862; Killed in battle 10 Oct 1864

Private James Clunk
Ohio, Company F, 76th Regiment
Born: May 10, 1847, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio
Died July 20, 1910, Lisbon, Columbiana County., Ohio
Buried: July 1910, Lisbon Cemetery, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio
Married Harriet Ellen Carlile, September 19, 1869, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio
Enlisted: January 25, 1864, Discharged: May 23, 1865 Camp Dennison, Ohio
Wounded June 18, 1864, Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia
Amputation of right leg after being hit by rebel shell
Pension Granted

Private John Baptist Clunk
Ohio, Company K, 143rd Regiment
Born: June 20, 1818, York County, Pennsylvania
Died: August 9, 1901, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio
Buried: August 1910, Gaskill Cemetery, Lisbon, Columbiana County, Ohio
Married Julianna Kibler c. 1846
Enlisted: May 12, 1864, Discharged: September 13, 1864, Camp Chase, Ohio
Medical Discharge Granted for rheumatism contacted July, 1864 at
Ft. Pocahontas, Virginia
Pension Granted

Private Israel William Cone
Connecticut, Company I, 26th Regiment
Born: November 2, 1838, East Haddam, Connecticut
Died: January 16, 1916, Northfield, Minnesota
Buried: Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, Minnesota
Married: Helen Wilson Nelson, August 16, 1881, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Enlisted: August 30, 1862, East Lyme, New London County., Connecticut,
Discharged: August 17, 1863, Norwich, Connecticut
Occupation at time of enlistment: Farmer
Served as a messenger for General Niel Dow and was in the Siege of
Port Hudson, Louisiana on July 8, 1863
Pension Granted

Private Benjamin Franklin Corbin
Indiana, Company G, 97th Regiment
Born: October 16, 1831, Green County, Indiana
Died: June 21, 1874, Owenburg, Indiana
Married: Lucinda Hatfield, November 4, 1855, Green County, Indiana
Enlisted: July 19, 1862, Discharged: January 28, 1865
Pension Granted

   Private Ephraim C. Cornelius
Company B, 73rd Indiana Infantry
Born: 28 Sep 1823 in Canada
21 Aug 1863 in Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee
Married: 01 Jul 1849 in Northumberland Co., Upper Canada to Sarah Palmateer born 29 Oct 1828 in Canada, died Mar 1905 in Indiana
Enlisted: 01 Aug 1862; Service Ended 21 Aug 1863

Private William Churchill Dinsmore
Minnesota, Company D, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment
Born: June 13, 1824, Harpsel Island, Maine
Died: February 26, 1917, Greensburg, Kansas
Married: Charlotte Louden, December 25, 1860, Shambourg, Illinois
Enlisted: October 5, 1864, Port Snelling, MN, Discharged: May 15, 1865 Chattanooga, Tennessee
Pension Granted

Elgin Russell Ely
Missouri, 44th Regiment
Born: c. 1815, Richmond County., Virginia
Died: Autumn 1861, Rolla, Phelps County. Missouri
Buried: Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, Missouri
Married: Elizabeth "Betsy" Vanover, January 11, 1835, Lee County, VA

Corporal Eugene Emmons
Ohio Company B, 197th Regiment and Compony F, 145th Regiment
Born: October 24, 1844, Milan, Erie, Ohio
Died: February 5, 1934, Memphis, Tenneessee
Married: Frances Schreck, November 18, 1869, Crawford County, Ohio
Enlisted: May 12, 1864; Discharged: July 31, 1865

Private Austin Veeder Flint
Illinois Company F, 64th Regiment
Born: February 1, 1835, New York
Died: May 25, 1905, Valparaiso, Indiana
Married: Alice M. Courtright, October 29, 1860, Kankakee, Illinois
Enlisted: August 25, 1862; Discharged: May 31, 1865

    Private John Fry
Company F, 31st Iowa Infantry
Born: 05 Feb 1844 Lehigh County, Pennsylvania
Died 12 September 1922 Bussey, Marion Co., Iowa
Married: Mary Ida Davidson ca 1859 in Iowa
Enlisted: 22 August 1862, Service Ended 23 Sept 1864 by reason of Medical Disability

Corporal Alonzo L. Gaines
Michigan, County A, 2nd Regiment
Born: 1837, Indiana
Died: October 26, 1899, Seadrift, Texas
Married: Amanda J. Wilson, June 28, 1874, Matagorda Island, Texas
Enlisted: August 30, 1861, Discharged: August 17, 1865, Macon, Georgia

Fifer Stephen Franklin Gordon
Iowa, Company. B, 26th Regiment
Born: August 1837, Huron Company, Ohio
Died: after March 15, 1910, Clinton, Iowa
Married: Martha Jane Perry, March 13, 1862, Jackson County, Iowa
Enlisted: July 8, 1862, Iowa, Medical Discharged: January 4, 1864, Keokuk, Iowa
Occupation at time of enlistment: Mechanic
Pension Granted

Captain Charles W. Greene
Connecticut Company B, 12th Regiment and 25th United States Colored Infantry
Born: March 14, 1839, Providence, Rhode Island
Died: Unknown
Married: Orilla Sublette Reed, October 22, 1866, Columbus, Kentucky
Enlisted: November 14, 1861; Discharged: December 6, 1865
Enlisted as Private promoted to Captian

Private Isaac Guiher

Company A,  103rd Pennsylvania Infantry

Born:  1823, Pennsylvania

Died: May 15, 1862 Hampton, Virginia

Buried: Hampton National Cemetery, Section B, Site 4289

Married:  Elizabeth Watson, April 9, 1846, Clarion County, Pennsylvania

Enlisted: September 7, 1861

Widow’s Pension Granted

Private George Willeford Hartwell
Illinois, Company L, 16th Regiment
Born: April 6, 1845, Marion, Williamson County, Illinois
Died: July 4, 1928, Greenville, Hunt County, Texas
Discharged August 19, 1865
Married: Clarinda Hendrickson, May 5, 1864, Illinois
Enlisted: July 27, 1863, Discharged: September 19, 1865
Pension Granted

   Johann (John) Gottfried Haufler

Private, Co. C, 1st Texas Cavalry
Born: September 5, 1830, Wurttemberg, Germany
Died: May 15, 1887, Waring, Kendall County, Texas
Buried: In cemetery at his home in Waring, Kendall County, Texas

Married: Louise Magers, November 8, 1857, Smithson Valley,
Comal County, Texas
Enlisted: February 1, 1864, Discharged: October 31, 1865 in
San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas

Sergeant John Wesley Hudson
Ohio, Company B, 93rd Regiment
Born: 1832, Clinton County, Ohio
Died: December 19, 1863, Atlanta, Georgia
Buried: Marietta National Cemetery, Sec A, Site 233
Married: Electa F. Root, December 27 1853, Meigs County, Ohio
Enlisted: August 6, 1862, Dayton, Ohio
Widows Pension Granted
Occupation at time of Enlistment: Finisher

Private Hugh B. Kinter
Company B, 67th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers & Company I,
1422nd Regiment 1st Battalion VRC
Born: circa 1824-1825 Indiana County, Pennsylvania
Died: February 5, 1864 of smallpox, Kalorama Hospital, Washington, DC
Buried: Arlington National Cemetery, site #9644

Married Emily Adaline Warden, October 6, 1846 Indiana County, Pennsylvania
Enlisted March 12, 1862, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
In the battle at Winchester, Virginia in June 1863, he was captured and sent to Richmond.
He was later exchanged at Camp Parole, Maryland
1850 census shows his occupation as Carpenter

    Private John H. Kreider
Company E, 79th Pennsylvania Infantry
Born: 21 Nov 1834 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Died 15 Apr 1901 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Married: 11 Nov 1858 Mary Ann Eshleman born 10 Apr 1839, Pennsylvania,
died 20 Aug 1921 Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania
Enlisted 07 Oct 1861, Service Ended 07 Oct 1864
Wounded Right leg at Hoover's Gap, TN

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