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Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Clara Barton Detached Tent #3, San Anontio, Texas

Our Ancestor Bios

L through Y

The veterans of the Charter Members are in red

Sergeant John West is the Civil War ancestor of our Tent's first President, who is now deceased.

All Ancestor Bios were created using documents from the individual Tent members' files, [The primary documents used were the DUVCW applications, but additional information came from the Civil War veteran's Pension file or Military Records that were found in the Tent member's file], unless otherwise stated. If you would like more information about any of our ancestors, please contact, Peggy Munson, our Past Tent President.

Private John E. Lemon
Pennsylvania, Company E, 76th Regiment
Born: c 1826, Berkeley County, Virginia
Died: September 5 1864, Andersonville Prison, Georgia
Buried: Grave # 7938, National Cemetery, Andersonville Prison Site, Georgia
Married: Mary Elizabeth Greer, c. 1856, Wood County, Texas
Enlisted: Oct 7, 1863, Bedford County, Pennsylvania

2nd Lieutenant James H. Martin
Missouri Company H, 24th Volunteers
Born: 1836, Indiana
Died: August 18, 1888, Marshfield, Missouri
Enlisted: July 24, 1861; Discharged: February 2, 1865,
Married: Mary L. Cummins, December 23, 1866, Missouri
Enlisted as Sergeant Major, Discharged as 2nd Lieutenant, Pension Granted

Private Frederick Conrad Miller
Missouri Company A, 4th Regiment
Born: June 9, 1833, Germany
Died: June 8, 1903, Sigourney, Keokuk County, Iowa
Married: Mary Wolfe, September 8, 1862; St. Louis, St. Louis County, Missouri
Enlisted: July 15, 1861; Discharged: November 15, 1861
Pension Granted
Sergeant John William Miller
Kansas, Company B, 6th Regiment
Born: January 11, 1827, Ohio
Died: October 26, 1906, Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa
Buried: Miller Cemetery, Near Numa, Appanoose County, Iowa
Married: Mary Ryon, January 6, 1853, Carroll County, Indiana
Enlisted: August 12, 1861, Discharged June 21, 1865 Dewalls Bluff, Arkansas
Enlisted as Corporal, Discharged as Sergeant

Private Carney C. Moore
Arkansas, Co. K, 1st Cavalry
Born:c 1832, Tennessee
Died: Dec 7, 1862, Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Married: Elizabeth R. Lee June 20, 1856
Enlisted: November 1862 Killed in Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Enlisted as Private

Private Louis Myers
Illinois, Company E, 76th Regiment
Born: November 25, 1847, Warren County, Indiana
Died: June 16, 1917, Washington, DC
Buried: Grave # 18997, Section 17, Arlington National Cemetery
Married: Luella Bailey, December 31, 1871, Niles, Michigan
Enlisted: December 17, 1863, Danville, IL, Discharged: May 15, 1866, Houston, Texas
Pension Granted

Pvt. John H. Patton
Illinois, Company F, 12th Cavalry
Born: c 1843, Logan County, Kentucky
Died: May 3, 1894, Medora, Macoupin County, Illinois
Married: Mary C. Cone, January 1, 1867, Green County, Illinois
Enlisted: December 20, 1863, Discharged May 29, 1866
Enlisted as Private, Discharged as Private

Corporal William Spencer Price
Indiana, Company E, 40th Regiment
Born: October 13, 1843, Somerset, Pulaski County, Kentucky
Died: November 17, 1910, Clinton County, Indiana
Married: Martha Jane Wilson, January 29, 1869
Enlisted: October 16, 1861, Hillsboro, Clinton County, Illinois, Discharged: December 21, 1865, Texana, Texas
Occupation at time of Enlistment: Farmer
Pension Granted

Sergeant Talton Roach
Kentucky Company K, 1st Regiment
Born: August 15, 1842, Madison County, Kentucky
Died: March 21, 1914, Lincoln County, Missouri
Married: Josephine Haley, October 16, 1869, Bloomington, McLean County, Illinois
Enlisted: September 12, 1861, Camp Dick Robertson, Kentucky, Discharged: December 31, 1864, Camp Nelson, Kentucky
Enlisted as Corporal, Discharged as Sergeant
Pension Granted

Private Carl Wilhelm Schupp
Missouri Company F, German HG
Born: January 16, 1825, Nassau, Germany
Died: October 18, 1864, Morgan County, Missouri
Married: Carolina Jakobina Yost, October 29, 1850, Prymont Lutheran Church, Prymont, Morgan County, Missouri
Enlisted: June 13, 1861, Benton County, Missouri, Discharged September 13, 1861
Served in Capt. Bruehl's Co. F. German Regiment Missouri Home Guard.
Widow's Pension Granted

Private George Shoemaker
Indiana, Home Guard (served with 6th Legion)
Born: Dec 18, 1848, Perry Co., Indiana
Died Dec 10, 1905 Garland, Park Co., Wyoming
Married: Emaline Taylor Dec. 15, 1870, Perry Co., Indiana
Enlisted as: Private June 1863
Fought with the 6th Legion under the command of Col. Lewis Jordan, in the battle at Corydon against Morgan's Raiders. After this battle the Home Guard returned to Perry Co. and protected that area until the end of the Civil War.

Adjutant Thomas Wells Stevenson
Illinois, Company E and H Field & Staff, 9th Cavalry Regiment
Born: 14 March 1820, Maryland
Died: 30 October 1896, Orion, Illinois
Married: Sarah Newhall, 20 April 1845, Adams County, Illinois
Enlisted: 12 February 1861, Discharged: 11 April 1865
Mustered out as 1st Lieutenant
Pension Granted

Private Adam B. Stineman
Ohio, Company E, 21st Infantry
Born: 13 September 1838, Muskingum, Pennsylvania
Died: 11 April 1911, Bangor, Michigan
Married: Rachel Tullis, 12 July 1860, Hancock County, Ohio
Enlisted: 8 October 1862, Hancock County, Ohio, Discharged: 7 Aug 1863, Louisville, Kentucky
Occupation at time of enlistment: Carpenter
Pension Granted

Sergeant Jacob Croyle Stineman
Pennsylvania, County F, 198th Regiment
Born: April 9, 1841, Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Died: April 2, 1913, South Fork, Pennsylvania
Married: Ellen Varner, December 20, 1866, Pennsylvania
Enlisted: Sept 2, 1864 Johnstown, PA, Discharged: June 4 1865, Near Washington, DC.
Entered Ranks as a Private, Promoted to Corporal September 13, 1864 and to Sgt. May 23, 1865
Pension Granted

Private John Holt Thacker
Kentucky, Company A, 3rd Cavalry Regiment
Born: 20 September 1845, Christian County, Kentucky
Died: 23 November 1919, Alvard, Wise County, Texas
Married: Henrietta Virginia Patterson, 13 June 1897, Wise County, Texas
Enlisted: 11 December 1861, Discharged: 26 December 1864
Widow's Pension Granted

Private Harmon M. Thomason
Arkansas, Co. M, 1st Cavalry
Born: c 1826, Georgia
Died: aft 1880, Long Creek, Boone Co., Arkansas
Married: Sarah Lucretia Blackwell

Private Van Renselaer Vanscoy
Ohio Company A, 101st Regiment Infantry, and Illinois Company D, 17th Regiment Cavalry
Born: c. 1837, New London, Huron County, Ohio
Died: after July 5, 1865
Married: Isabelle Ansell c. 1863
Enlisted in 101st Regiment: August 13, 1862; Discharged: January 17, 1863
Enlisted in 17th Regiment Cavalry: September 28, 1864; Discharged: July 5, 1865

Private Joseph Francis Wahl
Pennsylvania Company M, 14th Cavalry
Born: September 14, 1845, Germany
Died: June 21, 1930, Altoona, Pennsylvania
Married: Magdalene Britting, July 22, 1869, Brandy Bend, Pennsylvania
Enlisted: October 1, 1862; Discharged May 30, 1865

Sergeant John West
Illinois, Company E, 25th Regiment Inf.
Born: October 15, 1834, Vermillion Company, Illinois
Died: November 13, 1893, Sumner County, Tennessee
Married: Mary Dallas Tooley May 28, 1868
Enlisted: June 1, 1861, Discharged September 5, 1864
Entered Ranks as a Corporal, Promoted to Sergeant

Private Richard Evans Williams
Iowa Company E, 17th Regiment
Born: January 15, 1843, Muskingum, Ohio
Died: January 13, 1924, Sacramento, Sacramento County, California
Married: Catherine Jane Simmons, January 25, 1866, Wapello County, Iowa
Enlisted: March 7, 1862; Discharged April 15, 1865
Pension Granted

Private Jasper Wilson
West Virginia Company E, 5th Regiment Cavalry
Born: March 15 1838, Monongalia County, West Virginia
Died: November 27 1897, Kearney County, Nebraska
Married: Elizabeth Ann Shriver August 7, 1865
Enlisted: June 29, 1861; Discharged: June 16, 1864

Private Raamah Nathan Yeats
Kentucky, Company D, 17th Regiment
Born: 1843, Trigg County, Kentucky
Died: 12 January 1865, Hopkins County, Kentucky
Married: Amanda Newton, 21 September 1863, Calhoun County, Alabama
Enlisted: 2 November 1864, Russellville, Kentucky, Killed in Action: 12 January 1865
Widow's Pension Granted

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