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William Furneaux, Sr.

William Furneaux, of Devonshire, England, was the third son of John and Maria Furneaux, of Devonshire, England, and in 1857, when seventeen years old, emigrated to Dallas County, Texas.
Furneaux is a French name. William Furneaux is a descendant of a very old family. The Furneaux trace their ancestry back near the time of William the Conqueror, that invaded and conquered England in 1066.
On September 19, 1861, he married Miss Fanny Jackson. They had four children born to them - William Furneaux, Joseph H. Furneaux, J. L. Furneaux, and Mary N. Furneaux. He inherited and accumulated a magnificent estate, that he was possessed of at the time of his death. He departed this life very suddenly and unexpectedly, May 6, 1884. His widow, Mrs. Fanny Furneaux, now lives at 299 Worth Street, Dallas, Texas, and Mrs. Mary McFarland, her daughter and husband, the druggist, are living with her.

From Sixty Years in Texas by George Jackson
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