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James Miller Family
from Illinois

James Miller emigrated from Montgomery County, Illinois to Texas in 1882 with his wife, Eliza, and family of four sons and four daughters and settled on a farm near the Dallas-Denton County line with Trinity Mills as their nearest post office. Within seven years three members of the family had passes away, a son, George, a daughter, Lillie, and his wife's death in 1889.  One daughter, Nettie, and her husband returned to Illinois.  In 1889 daughter Minnie E. married Harrison Nix, a grandson of John Nix one of the early settlers in Peters Colony. In 1892 Mr. Miller bought 100 acres of land out of the Ashlock survey for $35 an acre.  Several years later he moved to Dallas and resided with a daughter, Emma Fox, until his death in 1913 at the age of 87. He was buried at Cemetery Hill.

Through inheritance or purchase the land reverted to the heirs, with son Caleb assuming the farm, son Jim buying the nearby farm, and son Will residing in Dallas with his family. Caleb, or "Cale" as he was better known, later became associated with business interest in Carrollton with a partnership in a drug store under the name of Perry and Miller Drugs located on the west side of the square. He also had the two story building on the northeast corner of the square. Cale was married to Eula Moles, who with her father as owner, managed Carrollton's hotel, commonly referred to for many years as "The Hotel."  Husband Cale died in 1935, with Eula surviving until 1960. Her property reverted to her kin and heirs the surviving members of the Luck family who, in prior years lived in Carrollton iwth business interest in the city. In recent years the old hotel has been moved and restored and now is among the restored homes and building of a bygone era in Dallas City Park.  The farm property was later acquired by the Blanton family. Located on the west side of the extension of Denton Drive into Denton County, it is now the site of a prestige housing development.

James Miller and wife Eliza

Elm Fork Echoes - The Peters Colony Historical Society of Dallas County, Texas. Vol. 4 No. 1, April 1976


James Miller
Furneaux Cemetery
Carrollton, Denton County, Texas

Eliza Miller
Furneaux Cemetery
Carrollton, Denton County, Texas


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