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John Henley Morgan, 75 Years Old, Passes Away on His Farm. Sketch of His Life.

John Henley Morgan, one of the earliest settlers of Dallas County, has passed away after living just three-fourths of a century. In speaking of him yesterday, William Furneaux said:
"He was attracted to this county in the year 1852 by the fame of the black land of Texas which had reached his English home, Torquay, in the lovely county of Devon. He came to investigate for himself and finding the fertility of the land to be almost beyond the power of exaggeration he returned to is home to communicate the good news to his friends, which the result that his brother. Joseph Morgan, and his cousin, William Furneaux, left their native land to settle in this country, he himself returning as soon as his business affairs at home permitted.
"John Morgan was a man of high character and unusual ability. He was accustomed to do his own thinking, both in religion and politics and would not confirm his views to any articles of belief simply because they were considered orthodox or popular. His mental perception was keen and what he thought he said with courage and with great ability. Bright and cheerful in disposition he was always happy in the company of young people, which was manifested by his frequent presence at the Cemetery Hill school. The large attendance at his funeral bore witness to the high esteem in which he was held by the community.
The family who mourn his loss consists of his widow, three sons and two daughters-Prof. Morgan, principal of the Dallas High School. John Henley Morgan of Torhill farm. Edward Morgan of Dallas, Mrs. John Amery of Roads, Mo., and Mrs. William C. Furneaux of Hill Crest farm, Trinity Mills.

The Dallas Morning News - January 24, 1901
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