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Harvestfield Tragedy

One of those saddest of tragedies that visit us at times; that we read of, but do not get close to, usually, came to the Hebron community last Friday just after the noon hour. A home is saddened almost beyond comprehension, and a community is sympathetic and awed. Pity and sympathy for the sorrowing parents and brother and sister is unstinted, but the shock they sustained is beyond ones comprehension unless one has suffered in a like manner.
Just after the noon meal J. W. Watts, together with his sons, Lee and johnie, and Mr. Shields and anther boy, were driving out to the harvest field in a small truck. They wre carrying a supply of gasoline for use in the combine with which they were engaged in harvesting wheat. The car severely at one place and the gasoline swashed out and sprayed Johnie Watts quite a bit, and the other some.  As it trickled down over the exhaust it took fire and ignited wherever it has sprayed. Johnie Watts clothes took fire immediately and he jumped from the car and started to run. All the folks escaped from the burning car and tried to catch Johnie but he outran them and was fatally burned before he stopped from exhaustion.
Rhoton Undertaking Company was called, the ambulance taken over and the boy carried to the hospital, but he lived only seven hours. He made no complaints tho his burns were terrible, and nothing could save him.
Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon in the Hebron Baptist church and interment was made at Cemetery Hill. Rev. Robert Ray, their pastor, preached the funeral sermon. Mr. Wortham came from Fort Worth and conducted the song service. Johnie's boy classmates were pall bearers and the girls were flower girls. They boy was lacking just a few weeks of being fourteen years of age. Three weeks ago he and his brother, Lee, who is a couple of years older, professed Christianity and were baptized in the faith.
The father, mother, sister and two brothers who survive are bowed with grief; they carry a heavy weight of sorrow and from the entire community comes a sympathy that helps in times of stress like this.
Others in the ill-fated care were burned. Mr. Watts having a hand and arm that will take considerable time to heal, but hey escaped. The car was burned and will not be reconditioned.

The Carrollton Chronicle - Friday, June 20, 1930
Submitted by Edward Lynn Williams


In Memory of Johnie Watts
One day while walking in his garden,
God saw that it lacked a gem,
He came to earth and plucked a but,
And carried it away with Him.
He wanted beauty and sublimity
In His heavenly garden Fair,
There was none at the time but our "Johnie"
That He wanted to transplant there.
He came when we were least expecting,
The touch of His mighty hand,
And carried our dear one with Him
Back to the promised land.

We know we are going to miss him
We'll miss his smiling face,
There will always be a vacant chair;
For there is none to take his place.
He was good, kind, and loving
To those about him he was a friends.
He was never too busy to smile
And brighten your path to the end.
Memories of the things he loved so well.

The kin words that were always given
Will stay with us of this dear one
Who has preceded us to heaven.
We, his teachers, loved him
For the sunshine that he gave.
By his frank and loving countenance
Which turned our gloom away.
So we'll bear our grief with patience.
Knowing that God knows best.
We'll look forward to meeting Johnie
When our bodies are laid to rest.

Sadie Maguire
Verna Saling


Card of Thanks
We with to thank our many friends and neighbors for their kindness to us in our recent sorrow in the loss of our son and brother, Johnie Watts. may Gods blessing rest on you.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Watts and Children.

Special Thanks
To the little boys and girls who showed such loving tender kindness to us during our recent sorrow we wish to thank you, and our prayer is that when that great day comes that each one of you will have lived a life that will enable you to met Johnie and live with him forever in that home where there is no sorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Watts, lee, Maxine and Dewey.

The Carrollton Chronicle - Friday, June 20, 1930
Submitted by Edward Lynn Williams


1916 - 1930

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