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All news items listed below are from back-issues of the Carrollton Chronicle:

Oct. 1, 1937:

"The fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh grades of the school went to the Pan American Exposition Saturday."

May 26, 1939:

"The valedictorian of the Farmers Branch seventh grade is Christien Noell, daughter of Mrs. R. L. Noell, daughter of Mrs. R. L. Noel. The salutatorian is Nannie Blankenship. The graduation exercises will be held Thursday evening, may 25, 1939. Baccalaureate services were held at the Baptist church for the graduation class of Farmers Branch grade school."

April 19, 1940:

"Farmers Branch plans to have a handsome new high school building of her own. She voted $30,000 bonds toward such a project last week." No further mention was ever made in the newspapers of this project.

May 16, 1941:

Farmers Branch honor students at Carrollton High School were listed as Earline Smith and Katherine Tracy.

May 30, 1941:

Farmers Branch (school) graduates 34 from the seventh grade.

Sept. 15, 1944:

The school bought a new motion picture machine.

The Farmers Branch school opens with an enrollment of 305. Faculty included Mrs. C. W. Rush, principal and eighth grade teacher; Mrs. Ethel Hartline, seventh-grade teacher with 27 students; Mrs. Martha Johnston, sixth-grade teacher with 35 students; Mrs. Blanche Herring, fifth-grade teacher with 23 students; Mrs. Margaret O'Neil, fourth-grade teacher with 43 students; Miss Angie Butler, third grade teacher with 34 students; Mrs. Lillie Turner, second-grade teacher with 28 students; Mrs. Ressie Thompson, first-grade teacher with 60 students;.

Mrs. Glen Templin, lunchroom with all students.

The PTA was comprised of 33 members.

School officers were Mrs. Tom W. Field, president; Mrs. J. B. Crouch, vice president; Mrs. O. H. Robinson, secretary; and Mrs. Floyd May, treasurer.

Aug. 10, 1945

The Farmers Branch PTA hosted 400 people at a fried chicken festival to raise money for lunchroom equipment.

Sept. 12, 1947:

Farmers Branch to hold bond election.  "The present outmoded brick building was erected in 1916, to accommodate less than 200 students of all grades while current enrollment schedules indicate in excess of 500 for grade school only.
"It is hoped that bond in the amount of $125,000 will be approved to erect a new building adjacent to the existing school."

Sept. 19, 1947:

In the bond issue election, the voters approved the bonds by a vote of 45-16.

March 25, 1949:

A School board election was held on April 2, 1949 for two trustees. Irwin Thompson and Buck Price sought representation for the Field City area.

Oct 14, 1949:

The Farmers Branch district hires a school nurse, Miss Thelma Esker (Runyon).

Feb 3, 1950:

The Farmers Branch PTA met in the school auditorium and Mrs. J. J. Wathen of Dallas spoke on "Trends of the Day."

March 31, 1950:

Mrs. Clarence Echols was the PTA guest speaker on "Sutiable Motion Pictures."

April 7, 1950:

Two new members were elected to the Farmers Branch school board: Randel Flannery and Dr. C. W. Sensenbach. Incumbent Roy Lee Marcom was defeated.

June 2, 1950:

The Farmers Branch PTA sponsors a weekly "Fun Night" at the City Hall.

Sept. 1, 1950:

The first PTA meeting of the school year was scheduled for Thursday, Sept. 14. The agenda included the "Highlands Quartet," a business meeting and a reception for teachers.

Oct. 6, 1950:

The regular meeting of the PTA was held Tuesday, Oct. 3, in the school auditorium with the Mrs. Blocker, the president, leading the meeting.  PTA members discussed a carnival for Thursday evening, Oct 26, 1950.

April 6, 1951:

A school dental clinic was held in the Farmers Branch school. New PTA officers included Mrs. Naomi Goodnight, president; Mrs. William Sensenback, vice president; Mrs. Clifton Williams, second vice-president; Mrs. Ned Coker, treasurer; and Mrs. Cora Davis, secretary.

Aug. 31, 1951:

"Mrs. Rush, superintendent  the Farmers Branch Elementary School, announces the start of school on Tuesday morning, Sept. 4, 1951."

Nov. 16, 1951:

"The Famers Branch PTA will sponsor shows and supper on Tuesday, Nov 20, to raise money toward new restrooms."

Percy Pentecost is a retired educator who has researched local school history for the Carrollton-Farmers Branch Independent School District.



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  • Submitted by Betty (Stanley) Dennis

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