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Old Farmers Branch Elementary
For many years, all the children in Farmers Branch attended one school on Valley View Lane. The building eventually became a grade school and in 1967, a new Farmers Branch Elementary school was built on Tom Field Road. The original school building on Valley View Lane housed the Valley View Learning Center from 1975 until 1989. The learning center was renamed the Mary Grimes Education Center and moved to a new location on Hutton Drive in 1989.

This Farmers Branch School Building was located on Valley View Lane at Dennis Road in Farmers Branch, Texas. The 1st thru 4th grades were held on the first floor and the 5th thru 8th grades were on the second floor.  At one time the was an auditorium and  stage on the second floor which was removed to make room for more class rooms.  The building was originally a red brick which was later painted white.  During the demolition, the school caught fire and was almost burned down.  The Dedication Monument was saved and is currently in a private collection.

In 1967, the school was renamed to "Valley View Elementary School" when construction was began on a new Elementary school at the corner of Tom Field and Richland Street, and given the name "Farmers Branch Elementary."

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