1964 - The Roar
R. L. Turner High School
Carrollton, Dallas County, Texas

Carrollton & Farmers Branch

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Front Cover

Page 1
Title Page

Page 2
Yearbook Theme (left)

Page 3
Yearbook Theme (right)

Page 4
Dedication (left)

Page 5
Dedication (right)
- Virginia Woods

Page 6
Table of Contents (left)

Page 7
Table of Contents (right)

Page 8
Photo: Students in Court yard (left)

Page 9
Photo: Students in Court yard (right)

Page 10
Candid Photos

Page 11
Candid Photos

Page 12
Candid Photos

Page 13
Candid Photos

Page 14
Candid Photos

Page 15
Candid Photos

Page 16
Fly Page - Activities (left)

Page 17
Fly Page - Activities (right)

Page 18
School Office (left)

Page 19
School Office (right)

Page 20
Classroom Capers (left)

Page 21
Classroom Capers (right)

Page 22
Clamor and Commotion (left)

Page 23
Clamor and Commotion (right)

Page 24
Spirit of 63 (left)

Page 25
Spirit of 63 (right)

Page 26
Assemblies and Special Program Break (left)

Page 27
Assemblies and Special Program Break (right)

Page 28
Let the Good Times Roll (left)

Page 29
Let the Good Times Roll (right)

Page 30
Hard Work Rewarded With Pay-Off Performance (Left)

Page 31
Hard Work Rewarded With Pay-Off Performance (Right)

Page 32
Fly Page - Organizations (left)

Page 33
Fly Page - Organizations (right)

Page 34
Industrial Training

Page 35
Future Teachers of America

Page 36

Page 37
Art Club

Page 38
Library Club

Page 39
Science Club

Page 40
Oneita Chapter FHA

Page 41
Blanton Chapter FHA

Page 42
Junior Chapter FHA

Page 43
Math Club

Page 44
Classical Language Club

Page 45
Spanish Club

Page 46
Junior Achievement

Page 47
K Dal Co; Dal Top Co; Tri Dal Co

Page 48
Select Choir

Page 49

Page 50

Page 51
Dungeon Girls & Fire Drill Boys

Page 52
Distributive Education Program

Page 53

Page 54
Drum Majorette
- Betty McLester

Page 55

Page 56

Page 57
Lionette - Majorettes

Page 58
Blue Belles

Page 59

Page 60
1-1 Lion Band

Page 61
Lion Band

Page 62
Drum Major - John Edd Tucker

Page 63
Band Majorettes

Page 64
Marching Band & Stage Band

Page 65
Lion's Tale Staff

Page 66
Student Council

Page 67
National Honor Society

Page 68
Annual Staff (left)

Page 69
Annual Staff (right)

Page 70
Fly Page - Athletics (left)

Page 71
Fly Page - Athletics (right)

Page 72
Football (left)

Page 73
Football (right)

Page 74

Page 75

Page 76
Football - Lions Plow Farmers 26-12

Page 77
Football - Lions Nip Gainesville 12-7

Page 78
Football - Broncos Edge Lions 14-8

Page 79
Football - Lions Smash Woodrow Wilson

Page 80
Football - Lions Down Spruce 14-7

Page 81
Football - Lions Out-Run Brewer 38-0

Page 82
Football - Lions Rip Sam Houston 19-0

Page 83
Bell Trips Lions - 13-0

Page 84
Football - Lions Tromp Eagles - 26-0

Page 85
Football - Castleberry Takes District 20-12

Page 86
Football - B Team

Page 87
B-Team Record

Page 88
Football - Freshmen

Page 89
Football - Candid Photos

Page 90
Basketball - Standings & Team Photo

Page 91
Basketball - Captains

Page 92
Basketball - Candid & Individual Team Photos

Page 93
Basketball - Candid & Individual Team Photos

Page 94
Basketball - Candid & Individual Team Photos

Page 95
Basketball - Candid & Individual Team Photos

Page 96
Basketball - Candid Photos

Page 97
Basketball - B-Team - Standings & Team Photo

Page 98
Basketball - 1964 - Cats

Page 99
Basketball - 1964 - Cubs

Page 100

Page 101

Page 102

Page 103
Football: Candid Photos

Page 104
Fly Page - Celebrities (left)

Page 105
Fly Page - Celebrities (right)

Page 106
Fly Page - Roar Salutes

Page 107
Roar Salutes
- Howard Johnson & Jan Mayberry

Page 108
Roar Salutes - Cynthia O'Neill & Patti Sumner

Page 109
Roar Salutes - Jana Sumruld & Jim Beach

Page 110
Roar Salutes - Dusty Montfort & Tommy Blanton

Page 111
Miss Flame - Carrollton: Mike Berry / Miss Flame - Farmers Branch: Paula Gibson

Page 112
Miss Farmers Branch - Pat Thurmond / Miss Carrollton-Farmers Branch: Mary Jane Wire

Page 113
Most Likely to Succeed: Jan Mayberry & Jim Beach / Senior Personalities - Friendliest: Beverly McLester & Gary Horton

Page 114
Senior Personalities - Best All-Around: Hal Honberg & Rusty Wire / Senior Personalities - Most Intelligent: Howard Johnson & Cynthia O'Neill

Page 115
Senior Personalities - Most Talented: Patti Sumner & Bill Brinson /. Senior Personalities - Faculty Choice: Jan Mayberry & Howard Johnson

Page 116
Senior Favorites - Betty McLester & Dusty Montfort

Page 117
Junior Favorites - Nancy Thompson & Tommy Tipps

Page 118
Sophomore Favorites - Arthur Gonzales & Sandy Leach

Page 119
Freshman Favorites - Kristina Krise & Gary Chrisman

Page 120
Most Beautiful - Betty McLester

Page 121
Most Handsome - Fred Clements

Page 122
Most Beautiful Nominees

Page 123
Most Handsome Nominees

Page 124
Band Sweetheart -
Cynthia O'Neill

Page 125
Homecoming Queen - Linda English

Page 126
Homecoming Nominees - 1963

Page 127
Homecoming Nominees - 1963

Page 128
Football Sweetheart
- Mike Berry

Page 129
Basketball Sweetheart - Betty McLester

Page 130
Lions Roar Sponsor - Mrs. Mary Jane Rudy

Page 131
Candid Photos

Page 132
Fly Page - Academics (left)

Page 133
Fly Page - Academics (right)

Page 134
Superintendent of Schools - Newman Smith / School Board
- Bill Phillips, Charles Blalack, Floyd I. Brown, Lawrence Siegler, Art Daniel, William K. Russell, W. R. Linn, William M. Davis, Newman Smith

Page 135
Executive Department: Dale B. Davis - Principal, W. B. Green

Page 136
Office Personnel: Mrs. Tipps, Mrs. Fink, Marsha, Mrs. Pace, Don Crowe, Mrs. Mildred Compton

Page 137
Faculty - Foreign Language Department - Martha Charlebois, Eva Joe Smith, Nancy Strickland

Page 138
Faculty - English Department - Corinne Polser, Georgia Ogle, Judy Cunningham, Peggy Culpepper, Janelle Wilson,

Page 139
Faculty - English Department - Noragene Pruitt, Jack Haney, Bill Thrash, Juanita Birkelbach, Rose Whitington, Julia Carnes

Page 140
Faculty - Math Department - Marguerite Johnson, Ann Casey, Sue Farr, Gerald Slater

Page 141
Faculty - Math Department - John Walvoord, Genevieve Buckalew, George Rutherford

Page 142
Faculty - Science Department - Sammuel D. Gratke, Maxine Clement, Ramona Puckett, Loche M. Lund, Dan Beal

Page 143
Faculty - Science Department - Virginia Woods, J. T. Parish, Carolyn Northcutt

Page 144
Faculty - History Department - Mary Hebert, Gerald Hebert, Joan Whitman, Brice Jackson, Cliff Bradley, Bob Varner

Page 145
Faculty - Homemaking Department - Ollie Williams, Frances Burns, Mary Pierce

Page 146
Faculty - Fine Arts Department - Bob Souter, Genny Ivanye, J. Lyane Willey

Page 147
Faculty - Students in Specialization - Hurshel Farrow [Speech]; Doris Tipps [Journalism]; Doris Nation [Librarian]; Glenna Jo Price [Librarian]

Page 148
Faculty - Commercial Department - Rita Moore, Mary Jane Rudy, Lena Douphrate, Glenda Kirk, Panita Greer

Page 149
Faculty - Industrial Arts Department - Gene Minarik, W. L. Bowman, R. M. Bagley, Bob Riddels, James Spain

Page 150
Faculty - Physical Education Department - Tom Beasley, Steve Sheiron, Betty Wilson, Nolan Poovey, Mable Jones

Page 151
School Personnel - Lunchroom Ladies: Mrs. Kent, Mrs. Fletcher, Mrs. Yokaum, Mrs. Hames, Mrs. Chambers, Mrs. Callwell, Mrs. Ethredge, Mrs. Hudson; Cashier, Mrs. Kent, Custodians: Mr. Beason, Mr. Shields, Mr. Wright; Custodians, Mr. Tracy, Mr. Peckler, Mr. Hulcans, Mr. Wagner

Page 152
Fly Page - Senior Class

Page 153
Senior Class - Senior Executive Committee

Page 154
Senior Class:
Sandra Adams, Margaret Alejandro, Joe Allen, John Allen, Don Ammons, Janette Anderson, Katherine Anderson, Patsy Bailey

Page 155
Senior Class: Cheryl Baker, Paul Barner, Nenia Beach, James Beach, Mike Berry, Carolyn Bindle

Page 156
Senior Class: James Bivings, Fred Blair, Dian Blalack, Tommy Blanton, William Brinson, James Bronaugh

Page 157
Senior Class: Maureen Brown, Patricia Brown, Skipper Brown, Mike Bullock, Sally Butler, Charles Calhoun, Paul Campbell, Jonell Casey

Page 158
Senior Class: Helen Castro, Sharon Chambers, Judy Chambliss, John Cheshier, Wilder Chong, Fred Clements

Page 159
Senior Class: Mike Clements, James Collins, Jo Ann Collins, Suzanne Collins, James Coonrod

Page 160
Senior Class: Curtis Coughran, Carolyn Coulter, Teddy Crawford, Lyndia Cross, Weldon Cross, Cathy Davis, James Davis, Donna Doherty

Page 161
Senior Class: Warren Edens, Lacretia Ellis, Melvin Ellis, Linda English, Linda Erwin, Phyllis Erwin

Page 162
Senior Class: Jerri Evans, Jim Fielder, Judy Franzen, Thomas Gayle

Page 163
Senior Class: Karl Genschel, Patricia Gentry, Paula Gibson, Joyce Gilbert, Danny Gilbreath, Tammarra Gilliland, Rebecca Gonzalez, Donna Green

Page 164
Senior Class: Elizabeth Green, Terry Green, Dona Gurtler, Orest Gwozdiziowsky, Ronald Hamil, Danny Harp, Mike Harrison, Dennis Hazelwood

Page 165
Senior Class: Mike Henegar, Sharon Hodges, Pam Holter, Hal Hornburg

Page 166
Senior Class: Gary Horton, Susan Hotchkiss, Debbie House, Johnny Howard, Lee Hunt,

Page 167
Senior Class:  Sheron Hunt, Frankie Hutchinson, Donald Ide, Mary Jameson, Freddie Jeffeys, Charlene Jolissant, Howard Johnson, Karen Johnson

Page 168
Senior Class: Ronald Johnson, Evelyn Jones, Karen Jones, Pam Jones, Carole Jordan, Sandra King, Eugene Kirchenbauer, Rosemarie Lathem

Page 169
Senior Class: Cloe Lawrence, Rex Leach, Robert Leach, Belvie Lee, Randall Logan, Kenneth MacFarlane

Page 170
Senior Class: Beverly McCraw, Jerry McCutcheon, Eunice McDonald, Carrell McGuffin, Elaine McLendon, Betty McLester, Beverly McLester, Shirley Mages

Page 171
Senior Class: Wynona Malcom, Norman Marcom, David Marlar, Brenda Martin, Karen Mashburn, Janet Mayberry, Reba Maxwell, Dalia Menendez

Page 172
Senior Class: Gloria Meza, Sharla Mills, Gary Minnis, Mary Mitchell, Patti Mix, Marilyn Moffett, Dusty Montfort, Lynda Moore

Page 173
Senior Class: Dianne Morgan, Lee Moses, Barbara Mulder, Robert Nowell, Cynthia O'Neill, Mary Lynn Pace, Doris Parker, Gayland Parker

Page 174
Senior Class: Jeff Parker, Laura Pierce, Judy Pollard, Mary Price, Robert Price, Dianne Pruitt

Page 175
Senior Class: Randall Raley, Sara Ramos, Pat Reed, Effie Reynolds, Jimmie Lou Rich, Tom Rider, Carl Robinson, Arthur Rose

Page 176
Senior Class: Barbar Roseler, Candy Sadler, Ramiro Sanchez, Gladys Schleif, Paula Schwede, Geore Scoggins, Don Shamburger, Mike Sharp

Page 177
Senior Class: Sylvia Showman, Truett Simmons, Pat Sloan, Karen Smith, Wayne Souther, Annie Margaret, Sammy Splann, Gary Stamper

Page 178
Senior Class: Michael Standley, Bruce Stewart, Kenneth Stradley, Jackie Stribling, Weymond Stuart, Patricia Sumner, Jana Sumruld, Dennis Taber

Page 179
Senior Class: Lynda Tate, Linda Taylor, Nancy Teter, Jerry Thompson, Kirk Thompson

Page 180
Senior Class: Douglas Totherow, Robert Towns, Cecilla Tracy, Judith Tracy, Eddie Treadaway, John Edd Tucker

Page 181
Senior Class: Thomas Turner, Ray Van Cleve, Tom Van Devender, Richard Walker, Carol Weatherly, James Welborne, Charles Welch, Kenneth West

Page 182
Senior Class: Perry White, Janice Williams, Gary Wilson, Linda Wilson, Mary Jane Wire, Don Wood, Allen Young, Joyce Young

Page 183
Candid Photos & Seniors Not Pictured - Douglas Alling, Linda Berneburg, Roberto Gonzalez, Paul Gumaer, Carolyn McDonald, Alton Mewborn, Linda Pace, Stanis Podolak, Bill Schroth, Bobby Short, Harold Stokes, Billy Wood

Page 184
Fly Page - Juniors

Page 185
Junior Class; Officers

Page 186
Junior Class:
Anita Ackley, Judy Addington, David Aguirre, Barbara Allen, Harold Allen, Liz Anderson, Lester Arnold, Larry Baker, Karon Ball, Sharon Ball, Carolyn Barnett, Bob Barton

Page 187
Junior Class: Bill Beach, Suzanne Beach, Barry Bennett, Jo Berry, Karen Blanton, Billy Boatright, Phillip Boston, Tony Bowman, Robert Boyd, Jerry Branom, Rudy Brazil, Jerry Brewer

Page 188
Junior Class: Toni Brinson, Jim Brockway, Charlie Brown, Mike Brown, Robin Brown, Ronnie Brown, Susy Burgess, Kathy Burke, Constance Burns; Candid Photos

Page 189
Junior Class: Diane Burns, Donna Bursey, Dennis Bush, Tom Cahill, Kenneth Cain, Betty Carlisle, Dicky Chambers, Cynthia Chaney, John Chapman, Robert Hood Cheney, Larry Chiles, Francine Chong

Page 190
Junior Class: Ken Chrisman, Danny Claterbaugh, Sandra Clevenger, Barbara Cockrell, Martha Collins, Rita Colwell, Wayne Conaway, Angela Couch, Kelly Covington, Jimmy Cozby, Johnny Cross, Mike Cross

Page 191
Junior Class: Pat Cross, Sue Cupp, Gary Curtis, Yolanda Daniels, Weslie Darnell, Hardie Davis, Janis Davis, Johnny Davis; Candid Photos

Page 192
Junior Class: Billy DeGrate, Kathleen Dennis, Ronald Dennis, Vickie Dennis; Pat DeVoe, Delois Dozier, Charles Dismore, Mike Dusak, Mary Earle, Jimmy Easley, Millie Eaton, Daryl Edmonds

Page 193
Junior Class: Kent Edmondson, Fred Edwards, Donald Emling, Lyn Erickson, Stanley Estridge, Sharon Evitts, Mike Fannin, Nancy Fielder, Bill Finch, Lynn Fisher, Troy Fletcher, Susan Floyd

Page 194
Junior Class: Jerry Fraze, Otis Freeman, Maria Furtick, Larry Garrett, T. J Garrison, Debbie Garver, Candid Photos

Page 195
Junior Class: Linda Gayle, Don Gentry, Archie LeRoy Gibson Jr., Susan Gilmore, Rafael Gonzalez, Roberto Gonzalez, Candy Gooch, Gary Good, Mack Good, Jane Goodell, Larry Goodrich, Gary Goolsby, Janice Goolsby,

Page 196
Junior Class: Kathleen Graff, Suzette Graff, Roger Graham, Mae Graves, Mike Green, Jimmy Gregory, Linda Grubbs, Matt Gruben, Dick Gulden, Beth Guthridge, Georjean Hall, Larry Hall

Page 197
Junior Class: Kay Hamilton, Richard Hardin, Bette Hardy, Carl Hargrove, Sharron Harp, Don Harper; Candid Photos

Page 198
Junior Class: Sandra Harper, Doug Harrell, Mary ALice Harris, Linda Harris, Glenn Hawley, Ronald Haygood, Jackie Hays, Richard Hill, Ray Hodge, Joyce Holmes, Teresa Holton, Mike Horsley

Page 199
Junior Class: Don Houchin, Alvin Houser, Judy Houston, James Howard, Jerry Hudler, Charles Hudson, Pat Huff, Judy Humphrey, Ginger Hunt, Patsy Hunt, Sandral Jackson, Anita Jacobsen

Page 200
Junior Class: Charles James, Carol Jameson, Patty Jaremko, Mike Jensen, Bill Johnson, Mary Helen Johnson, Candid Photos

Page 201
Junior Class: Robert Johnson, Mary Jones, Pat Joyce, Sandra Justice, Diane Kelly, Marty Kelly, Mickey Kelly, Rene Kemp, Arthur Keywood, Bill King, Janet King, Mike King,

Page 202
Junior Class: Kenneth Kinslow, Lee Ann Kirby, Glenda Kirkland, Jimmy Krise, Beverly Kruse, Tom Kocurek, Stuart Kuehl, Johnny Carl Kuykendall, Charles Lambert, Gail Lawrence, Karen Leckie, Kenneth Leckie

Page 203
Junior Class: Joe Lemming, Judy Lesley, Dennis Lewis, Linda Lewis, Thomas Lewis, Linda Liebenguth; Candid Photos

Page 204
Junior Class: David Likely, Alan Livingston, Linda Logan, Nancy Long, Dora Ann Lopez, Sandra Loveday, Paulette Maarschalk, Bud Maddox, Allen Malcom, Judy Mason, Robert Mateer, Charlotte Mathews

Page 205
Junior Class: Cynthia Matthews, Willis McCabe, Johnny McCormick, Glenn McFall, Linda McGaughey, Kerry McKenna, Lewis McLain, Wilma McLaughlin, Alan McMillen, David McNeely, Steve McQueen, Carolyn Meason

Page 206
Junior Class: Betty Miears, Danny Millaway, Paul Minor, Linda Mitchell, Jan Mitchell, Paul Monroe; Candid Photos

Page 207
Junior Class: Hilda Montero, Baker Montgomery, Gaylon Moore, William Moore, Judy Moreland, Sharon Morgan; Candid Photos

Page 208
Junior Class: Billy Morris, Carol Morris, Bertha Moses, Larry Murphy, Raymond Myers, Robie Nabors; Candid Photos

Page 209
Junior Class: Margie Nicholson, Jim Noel, James Noska, Jan Oren, Duffy Oyster, Paula Page, Jerrie Patterson, Huston Pearson, Mike Pedarre, Laura Peterson, JoAnne Phillips, Tom Pietila

Page 210
Junior Class: Ricky Plummer, Donna Presley, Freida Powell, Bryan Price, David Price, Hubert Pritchett, John Pritchett, Ronald Propes, Rebecca Ragan, Rhonda Rainey, Carol Ann Rainier

Page 211
Junior Class: Nancy Rainwater, Susan Ramsey, Gerald Randles, Bill Ray, Mary Ann Ray, Ralph Reece, Carolyn Richardson, Judy Richardson, Marilyn Richardson, Phyllis Richardson, Elaine Riggs, Ronney Rivers

Page 212
Junior Class: Mike Robbins, John Roberts, Phil Robinette, Susan Rogers, Betty Rosamond, John Roseler, Eddie Russell, Scott Russell, John Ruth, Oleta Sale, Betty Salmon, Darline Salmon

Page 213
Junior Class: Ronnie Salmon, Cheryl Schmidt, Sharleen Schmidt, Dennis Shrag, Sandra Schroth, Cherie Seymour, Jim Shafer, Marsha Sedlick, Sharon Self, Cindy Sembrick, Don Shults, Susan Simpkins, Gayle Sims

Page 214
Junior Class: Garland Lee Smith, Gladys Smith, Judy Smith, Linda Smith, Heidi Sorflaten, Allan Souter, Kenneth Souther, Dorothy Spears, Robert Speck, Janice Standifer, Robert St. Clair, Brenda Stewart

Page 215
Junior Class: Rebecca Strayhorn, Tom Subjeck, Ray Summers, Harland Sutton, Billy Tabet, Debbie Thompson; Candid Photos

Page 216
Junior Class: Lawrence Thompson, Nancy Thompson, Dan Thornbury, Pam Thorne, Darlene Thornton, Linda Thornton, Tommy Tipps, Anita Tucker, Lynn Tungate, John Turner, Robert VanDevender, Mike Vaughn

Page 217
Junior Class: Bill Vinson, Linda Voirin, Phyllis Wantland, Johnny Webb, Carolyn Weems, David Wells, Rhonda Westbrook, Lois Wetzel, Charlotte Williams, John Williams, Melvin Willingham

Page 218
Junior Class: Clayton Willis, Steve Witt, Al Wood, Raymond Woodruff, Carolyn Woody, Kay Worthington; Candid Photos

Page 219
Junior Class: Annette Worthy, Ronnie York, Shirley Youngblood, Cheryl Zeigler; Candid Photos

Page 220
Fly Page - Sophomore Class

Page 221
Sophomore Class Officers

Page 222
Sophomore Class: Frank Abel, Kathy Abel, Judi Agnes, Ronnie Allen, Jimmy Allison, Cheri Anderson, Frances Anderson, Donna Archer, Lowell Bagley, Pat Bailey, Beverly Baker, Dennis Baker, George Baker, James Ball, Linda Barnett, Deloras Bass

Page 223
Sophomore Class: Danny Baxter, Vicki Bell, Sherry Blair, Johnny Blanton, Patricia Blatt, Calvin Boatman, Nanette Bossong, Jean Boyd, Paula Boyd, Scott Bradford, Larry Brand, Jean Brandt, Jimmy Brewster, Billy Bridges, Linda Brister, Tommy Bronaugh

Page 224
Sophomore Class: Mike Brown, Ronald Brown, Liz Brumbeloe, Jimmy Bumpass, Micky Burgeron, Jan Burgess, Ruth Burt, Sheila Burt, Dennis Caillet, Larry Carlton, Lonnie Carter, Kay Casey, Christine Chong, Candid Photos

Page 225
Sophomore Class: Mary Chumley, Jerry Clark, David Clayton, Angella Clement, Carl Clevenger, Larry Collard, Leslie Collette, Cheryl Collins, Candid Photos

Page 226
Sophomore Class: Bill Cone, Mike Conn, Dennis Cooper, John Costlow, Carol Cowan, Glen Cox, Ronald Crabtree, Joe Craig, David Crofton, Juanita Cupp, Lynn Dalmont, David Daniel, Don Davis, Janice K. Davis, Donna Dean

Page 227
Sophomore Class: Cynthia Deaton, Donna Denny, Sally Denton, Frank Devoe, Don Dickson, Cecil Dobecka, Kathy Dodd, Eugene Donaldson, Susan Drees, Elizabeth Duncan, Richard Duncan, Glenda Dunn; Candid Photos

Page 228
Sophomore Class: Nina Dusak, Rose Edington, Eddy Ellis, Richard Etier, Louellen Farine, Nina Farr, June Ferguson, Mike Ferguson, Russell Ferrante, Denny Ferrell, Sharon Flavin, Janice Folse, Susan Ford, Pamela Foster, Terry Frederick, Susan Freeman

Page 229
Sophomore Class: Roger Furra, Patricia Gailley, Mary Garrison, Harriet Gell, Philip Gentile, Jerry Gentry, Jacqulin Gibson, Zack Gibson, Candid Photos - Billy Bridges

Page 230
Sophomore Class: Jackie Gilbert, Larry Gilbert, Benny Gilbreth, Brenda Giles, Garth  Glidewell, Susan Godwin, Gary Golden, Arthur Gonzalez, Jim Gracy, Vida Grayson, Pat Green; Candid Photos

Page 231
Sophomore Class: Terry Haggard, Thomas Hainze, Linda Hall, Kathy Hamm, Judi Hamner, Shirley Hamner, Larry Hansen, Nancy Harris, Thomas Harris, Dennis Harrison, Charla Harwell, Sandie Hazelwood, Ronald Henderson, Katha Henry, Linda Henslee, Ronnie Hewett

Page 232
Sophomore Class: Rozine Higgins, Tommy Hill, Jeanette Hilliard, Charles Hilton, Mark Himelright, Jane Holland, Barbara Howard, Cliff Hudson, Judy Huens, Dickson Hunt, Glen Irwin, Viola Ishmael; Candid Photos

Page 233
Sophomore Class: Clifton Ivey, Mary Jackson, Lynda Jameson, Sandra Jameson, Charlotte Johnson, Betty Jones, Billy Jones, John Jones, Mike Jones, Randall Jones, Terry Jones, Linda Kearns, Cheryl Keenum, Diane Kelley, Tommie Kenas, Steve Kent

Page 234
Sophomore Class: John Kinney, Ronnie Kirchenbauer, Larry Kirkland, Loy Kirkland, Janet Kirkpatrick, Ted Knight, Diane Laffity, Paul Lambert, Kathy Langhorst, Sandy Leach, Freddy Lee, Thomas Leftwich, Barbara Lester, Sherry Limoges, Nola Linn, Robert Lockwood

Page 235
Sophomore Class: Patricia Loveday, Jerre Lowry, Brenda Lucas, Douglas Lyons, Pam Lyons, Jerry MacFarlane, Gordon MacFarlane, Sherry McBride, Laurie McDonald, Richard McDonald, Gregg McGaughey, Gloria McGehee; Candid Photo

Page 236
Sophomore Class: Randy McGowan, Phyllis McInnish, Phyllis McQueen, Bill Mackey, Bill Malmgren, Betty Martin, John Martin, Royce Massingill, James Maxey, James Mayfield, Danny Menedez, Kathleen Metcalf, Charles Meyer, Paulette Milburn, Rosemary Millaway, David Miller,

Page 237
Sophomore Class: Mike Miller, Linda Minter, Genie Mitchell, Jean Mitchell, Linda Mitchell, John Moncrief, Ann Moninger, Charlotte Moore, Carl Morris, Priscilla Morris, Ronnie Morris, Pat Morrow; Candid Photo

Page 238
Sophomore Class: Gail Mosher, Bill Mosley, Ruth Mueller, Tommy Mullican, Vicki Myers, Penny Nail, Steven Nash, Patsy Needham, Ronnie Neeley, Dennis New, Jackie Newton, Wanda Noblitt, Craig Nosal, Kathy Noska, Mike O'Brien, Vicki Odom,

Page 239
Sophomore Class: Jim Orman, Michael Osborne, Linda Owens, Mark Parker, Lindon Patterson, Paul Patton, Bob Peterson, Ronny Peterson, Barbara Pierson, Bob Pollard, Gloria Powell, Greg Preston, Linda A. Price, Linda M. Price, Bill Price, Laura Proctor

Page 240
Sophomore Class: James Proffitt, Norma Propes, Janice Pruitt, James Pullen, Donnell Radford, Elda Ramirez, Charles Ramsey, Kalayah Ray, Linda Reddick, Sharon Reynolds, Judy Rich, Jim Rider, Brenda Roberts, Bobby Robinson, Carol Robinson, Craig Robinson

Page 241|
Sophomore Class:
Danny Rodriguez, Ray Rodriguez, Mike Rogan, Ric Rogers, Don Rosamond, Linda Routh, Esther Rowe, Richard Ruiz, Ron Ruiz, Vicky Russell, Travis Sales, Dolores Salinas; Candid Photo

Page 242
Sophomore Class: Sidney Sampson, Joe Scott, Sidney Sellers, Rita Sewell, Steve Seymour, Michael Shaffer, Albert Sharpe, Frank Sharpe, Bubba Shaw, Jim Shaw, Jane Shelton, Billy Shields, Candid Photo

Page 243
Sophomore Class: Karen Shipman, George Shults, George Shults, Donald Shumway, Martha Simmons, Eddie Simpson, Alton Sistrunk, Phil Skamfer, Vicki Sluder, Debby Smith, Dorothy Smith, Melanie Smith, Patty Smith, Tommy Smith, Marianne Snider, Earlene Snow, Cynthia Somerford

Page 244
Sophomore Class: Sandra Somerford, Linda Sostecke, Don Splawn, Michael Spurgin, Lawrence Stacy, Allen Stamper, Sandra Stamper, Bobby Starnes, Richard Stephens, Betty Stewart, Sondra Stewart, Cheryl Stokes, Sharon Stokes, John Stolebarger, Mike Sullivan, Janis Taber

Page 245
Sophomore Class: Ronnie Tate, Sandra Tennison, Kay Terry, Johnny Thompson, Richard Thompson, Pat Thurmond, Linda Tinsley, Linda Toland, Don Townley, Danny Townsen, Frank Treadaway, Larry Trowell, Bobby Tucker,Gerry Turner, Billy Upchurch, Jimmy Upchurch

Page 246
Sophomore Class: Mary Van Cleve, Jill Vandygriff, Janey Vaughn, Greg Vincent, Jacob Vinton, Jewell Voyles, Doug Walker, Linda Walker, Sue Wallace, Deborah Walsh, Mike Ward, Patricia Warden, George Warren, Carole Washburn, LaDonna Webb, Wendy Weir

Page 247
Sophomore Class: Dickie Wells, Phil Werner, Carlton West, Jackie Whitson, Caren Wiggins, Betty Williams, Bobbie Williams, Eddie Williams, Gary Williams, Ricky Willis, Tim Wilson, Alex Wisnoski

Page 248
Sophomore Class: Karan Wolcott, Bill Woodlee, Jerry Wooldridge, Emi Wooton, Beverly Wright, Cynthia Wright, Linda Wright, Bob Yager, Beth York, Judy York, Martha Young, Patricia Lindsey, Henry Zellers, Linda Zellers

Page 249
Candid Photos

Page 250
Fly Page - Freshman Class

Page 251
Freshman Class Officers:
Ronnie Vaden, Olivia Langdon, Gary Chrisman; Student Council Representatives: Preshie Hodge, Janey Brown, Marilyn McKinney, Ronnie Bell

Page 252
Freshman Class:
Rebecca Adams, Arthur Aquirre, Tony Airoldi, Renia Akins, Bruce Allen, Steve Allen, George Alonzo, Arthur Anderson, Susan Anderson, Pam Archer, Bobbye Arnold, Greg Atkins, Stephen Baily, Barbara Baker, Cheryle Barber, Scott Barner, Kathy Barnes

Page 253
Freshman Class: Cynthia Barnett, Orville Bass, Bill Battaile, Roger Beahm, Rebecca Beal, Jerry Beard, Jackie Belcher, Denny Bell, Ronnie Bell, Marquerite Benenate, Tom Beshears, Brenda Bigham, Richard Bivings, John Blankenship, Charles Boatright, Jennifer Boeser, Gloria Bollier, Jimmy Bowden, Larry Bowman, Jerry Brackeen, Sandra Bradley, Edward Brandt, Mike Brashear, Renee Brattan, Billy Braziel, Treva Braziel, Sue Brewer, Joanna Brice, Danny Brown, Janet E. Brown

Page 254
Freshman Class: Janet M. Brown, Janie Brown, Lawana Brown, Peggy Broyles, Rebecca Bucy, Stephen Burke, Linda Burrow, Danny Busby, Danny Bush, Steve Butler, Sharon Bryam, Connie Cadmus, Charles Campbell, Donna Campbell, David Carlton, Mavis Carrington, Gary Casey, Lilly Castro, Gail Chaffin, Randy Chapman, Rick Chapman, Steve Chester, Gary Christman, Phyllis Christison, Gloria Clark, Judy Clark, David Cockrell, Ginny Cockrill, David Collins, Jim Collins

Page 255
Freshman Class: Judy Collins, Steve Coleman, Perry Compton, Jerald Cooper, Patricia Cooper, Sharon Costlow, James Cotton, Robert Cox, Leonard Craig, William Cryer, Toyah Dafft, Wendy Daniels, Merry Dawson, Steve Delaloye, David Dennis, Mary Denton

Page 256
Freshman Class: Howard Dickens, Pat Dickson, Katie Dixson, Barbara Dobbs, Deita Dodson, George Dorety, Patricia Duff, Joseph Dunn, Paulette MuMenil, Edwin Dycus, Mitch Earle, Sharon Edmonds, Kathyren Edwards, John Ehrman, David Elliott, Brad Ellis, Joe Elsaesser, Elizabeth Emling, Sherre Enninga, James Estridge, Chris Fairleigh, Joy FOrd, Nancy Franzen, Dirk Fraser, Harold Free, Jamie Fuller, Thomas Galloway, Mary Gample, Ronnie Gann, Drucilla Garrison

Page 257
Freshman Class: Billy Garvin, Barbara Gell, Morris Gentry, Karen George, Danny Gilbert, Carol Glascock, Darlene Glidewell, Janyce Glidewell, Charlie Gloeckner, Richard Goeckner, Jim Godwin, Ramona Gonzalez, Janice Goodell, Kathy Goodlett, Betty Goodrich, Mary Goodrich, Mike Graff, Willie Graham, Gayanne Gray, Ricky Grayson, James Green, Sally Griffin, Norman Grubb, Jane Guynes, George Gumaer, Kenneth Gumpert, Jimmy Gunn, Myra Haddix, Charles Hall, Bill Hames

Page 258
Freshman Class: Cathryne Hamner, Ambra Hanson, Walter Harbuck, Joyce Hardin, Linda Hargrove, Jerry Harper, Mable Harris, Patricia Haris, Rex Harris, Wayne Harrison, Vicki Harwell, Ed Haworth, Sheila Hedrick, David Hetherington, Linda Hill, Judy Hilliard

Page 259
Freshman Class: Dottie Hines, Wesley Hoar, Clifford Hodge, Dannie Holt, Debbie Horsley, Carol Houser, Jimmie Houston, Tommy Howard, Linda Howard, Gary Hudson, Lawrence Humphries, Jan Hurt, Rickie Ide, Ronnie Isaminger, Dennis Jackson, Wanda Jacobson, William Jennings, Chris Jensen, Donna Johnson, Michael Johnson, Peggy Johnson, Greg Jones, John Jones, Allan Jordan, Cheryl Jordan, Mary Karlovick, Linda Kegley, Denise Kelly Sondra Kelly, Stan Kerr

Page 260
Freshman Class: Deborah King, Joan King, Dewayne Kirby, Janet Knight, Kristina Krise, Larry Lambert, Norma Lancaster, Olivia Langdon, Peggy Langston, Sally Lawrence, Clifford Lawson, Thomas Lawson, Edna Lewis, Candid Photo

Page 261
Freshman Class: Beth Liberto, Mike Lindamood, Dwain Lindley, Linda Littrell, Steve Livingston, Carol Logan, David Lomonaco, Helen Longshore, Beckie Lord, Cindy Lowry, Diane Loyd, Cindy McBride, Glen McClour, Paul McCollum, Susan McCoy, Mallary McDowell, Marilyn McKinney; Candid Photo at Assembly

Page 262
Freshman Class: Mary McManus, Sherry McMillian, Barbara Mages, Gerald Malcom, Melissa Martin, Bill Mason, Jerry Matthews, Cynthia Meeks, Joe Meeks, Deborah Melchior, David Miller, Dianne Millner, Debbie Minor, Judson Mitchell, Donna Mock, Margie Sue Moffett, Linda Jean Monk, Donna Monroe, Lupe Montero, Rachel Montero, Bill Montgomery, Guy Moore, Stephanie Moore, Wayne Moore, Nancy Morris, Connie Moseley, Kelly Murray, Christie Nash, Brenda Nelson, Edith Nelson

Page 263
Freshman Class: Vicke Newton, Donna Nicholson, Sharon Nunn, Patsy O'Neill, Cecil Oradat, Rodney Osborne, Ralph Osburn, Patty Page, Robert Parker, Jim Parkey, Joani Pepper, William Perry, Kim Pessink, Mary Pierce, Linda Pierson, Kris Pietila, Larry Pinkerton, Camille Podolak, Dorothy Posey, Danny Powell, Kay Powers, Larry Price, Marcia Price, Steve Priem, Rosie Pryor, Connie Pylant, Bernice Radford, Joel Rainier, Ralph Ramirez

Page 264
Freshman Class: Bob Seay, Bill Sedlick, Teddy Sellers, Carol Shamburger, Phillip Sharp, John Sheppard, Billy Shoemake, Jerry Sims, Linda Sims, Thomas Sipes, Phillip Skiles, Sandra Sloan, Beth Smith, Glen Smith, Mike Smith, Suzette Smylie, Anita Snell

Page 265
Freshman Class: Jim Snider, Paul Souther, Raymond Sparrow, Norman Spears, Donna Spiegel, Jo Anna Spiker, Susan Stacy, Leslie Stanbery, Jimmie Standifer, Larry St. Clair, Noble Steele, Phil Stephens, Terry Stewart, Sterling Stokes, Kathy Stringfellow, Susie Stuart, Sherry Sublette, Marilyn Summers, Bob Swift, Tommy Tait, Kenneth Taylor, Kathy Taylor, Belinda Thibodaux, Debby Thomas, Greg Thompson, Glenda Thompson, Sallye Thompson, Sandra Thompson, Sharon Thompson, Sally Tipps

Page 266
Freshman Class: Carol Tolbert, Doug Turner, Mary Anne Turner, Roert Upchurch, Sandra Upchurch, Ronnie Vaden, Olivia Valdez, Mike Vance, Michael Van Devender, Cathy Vannoy, Kathleen Vatsures, Mary Vice, Wayne Voirin, Don Ware, Connie Sue Warren, Teresa Watkins, Carolyn Weaver

Page 267
Freshman Class: Joan Ramos, Charles Reddick, Linda Richardson, Kenny Ringo, Gary Roach, Paula Roberson, Archie Roberts, Ronnie Robertson, Jimmy Robinson, Debbie Russell, Charles Sadler, Chris Salas, Steve Sanchez, Jo Ann Sandy, Gary Scott, Ronald Scott, Johnny Seabolt; Candid Photo

Page 268
Freshman Class: James Webb, Terry Webb, Linda Weeks, Brenda Whalen, Cherrie White, Donnie White, Linda Whitlock, Steve Wiggins, Bruce Williams, William Jackel, Gary Williams, Heddie Williams, Monica Williams, Steve Williams, Sue Wilson, Dan Woodall, Jerry Woodard, Sherry Woodlee, Linda Woody, Judy Woolf, David Worley, Margaret Worthington, Mary Ann Wrobleski, Mike Wynn, Augery Young, Donnie Zimmerman, Ricky Barbary, Priscilla Lindsey

Page 269
Students Not Pictured: Thomas Adams, Douglas Alling, La'Daele Arnold, Michael Bailey, Shirley Bailey, Rickie Barbrey, Robert Barnett, Laura Belcher, Linda Berneburg, Barbara Blanchard, Patricia Blanchard, Steve Blanton, Dennis Bowman, Dan Bridges, Michael Brighton, Frank Frister, Bessie Brown, Susan Bryan, Lester Burns, Ruth Burt, John Butler, Deborah Kay Cassell, Franklin Cazatte, Gerald Cooper, Diana Dalton, Steve Dalton, Joe Dodson, Stewart dominy, Millie Donaldson Doug Dover, Robert Duthu, Guillerno Echeverri, Martha Echeverri, Billy Etheridge, Roxie Felts, Betty Gamble, Patricia Garris, Richard Gill, Johnny Glidewell, Richard Gloeckne, Tommy Good, Paul Gumaer, Jim Hamby, Richard Hardin, Lessye Havanis, Ronald Hayden, Phil Higgins, Bob Hodges, Kathleen Houseman, Sherrie Houseman, Kenneth Hummel, Richard Hutchison, Linda Ingram, Virginia Ivey, Susan Jones, WIlliam Jones, Dennis Kelley, Dorothy King, Sara Laurence, Patricia Lindsey, Brenda K. Martin, Elizabeth Martin, Carolyn McDonald, Wilton Dwain Moore, Bill Mosley, Daniel Naedel, Jake Neal, Rodney Owens, Linda Pace, Dick Pilgrim, Stanis Podolak, David Presley, Frances Putman, Nancy Putman, Pam Reeder, Bruce Schleif, Warren Schmidt, William Schroth III, Robert Shachunas, Jimmhy Ship, Bobby Short, John Simon, Anita Simpson, Dave Simpson, Leslie Sivley, Robert Speck, Cynthia Spradlin, James Spurlock, Barbara Stephens, Harold Stokes, Ray Summers, Virginai Tennute, William Tomlin, Ray Vannoy, Roy Walker, Danny Waters, Glen White, Howard Williams, Anthony Wilson, Beverly Woolf, Lizabeth York, Henry Zellers

Page 270
Senior Signature Page (left)

Page 271
Senior Signature Page (right)

Page 272
Candid Photos

Page 273
Candid Photos

Page 274
Fly Page - Advertisers - Downtown Carrollton (left)

Page 275
Fly Page - Advertisers Downtown Carrollton (Right)

Page 276
  Compliments of Asa Johnson

Page 277
AdvertisementFriendly Chevrolet

Page 278
AdvertisementPhotography by: Bill Wheat, John Gay, Gay Studio, Sylvia Showman, Tom Subjeck

Page 279
AdvertisementRichardson Savings

Page 280
AdvertisementGay Studio

Page 281
AdvertisementTown & Country Furniture Hut

Page 282
AdvertisementDallas County State Bank

Page 283

Page 284
AdvertisementFirst Methodist Church

Page 285
AdvertisementNorthwest Butane Gas Co.

Page 286
AdvertisementVarsity Club; Valwood Bowling Lanes

Page 287
AdvertisementScott-Marshall; Carrollton Golf Center; Carrollton Motor Supply

Page 288
AdvertisementPlaza Theatre; Barb-Ann Shop

Page 289
AdvertisementOtis Engineering Corporation; R&R Exterminating Co; The M. E. Moore Family

Page 290
AdvertisementKetzler's Beauty Shop

Page 291
AdvertisementSandy Lake Pool; The Carrollton Chronicle & Farmers Branch Times; El Toro Restaurant; Georgia Marie's Beauty Salon

Page 292
AdvertisementUnited Rent-Alls; Norge Dry Cleaning and Laundry Village; Brooks Junior Wear; Clinton's Shoes; M. L. Coker Insurance; Village Office Supply Co.

Page 293
AdvertisementAmerican Screen Mfg. Company; Leonor's House of Beauty; Alma's Beauty Shop; Addison Airport Restaurant; Waggoner Carpet & Linoleum; The Vac-Mobile

Page 294
AdvertisementFirst National Bank

Page 295
AdvertisementGeneral Aluminum

Page 296

Page 297
AdvertisementJarmon Motors

Page 298
AdvertisementArt Daniel Humble Station

Page 299
AdvertisementSimms-Moore Lumber & Hardware Co.; W. D. Parrish Insurance Agency; Russell's Cleaners Barber Shop; Chic and Dee Thompson; Symn's Flower Shop

Page 300
AdvertisementNatex Fiberglass Company; Texas Power & Light Company

Page 301
AdvertisementTeasley Jewelers Shop; Morris Store; Fred Marsh Automotive Place; Thompson Can Company; Farmers Branch Lumber Company; Harold York Radio & TV Service; A Friendly Friend

Page 302
AdvertisementKenneth Sonntag Humble Service Station; Good's Rainbow Pharmacy

Page 303
AdvertisementSpencer Construction Co., Inc; G. M. Lewis Electrical; Kohl's Dairy Mart; Godfrey's Dept Store & Man's Shop

Page 304
AdvertisementGood Electric Company; A. L. Davis Food Store

Page 305
AdvertisementBeryl Blanton & Beck James Realtors; Carrollton Auto Service

Page 306
AdvertisementCentral Bank and Trust

Page 307
AdvertisementCash Humble Station

Page 308
AdvertisementJesse R. Woody White Auto Store

Page 309
AdvertisementWhite's Store; B&W Service Center

Page 310
AdvertisementPitts Industries Inc.

Page 311
AdvertisementG. V. Simpkins Conoco; Leslie Perry, Your Girl Friday; Carrollton Beauty Shop; Denton Road Drive-in

Page 312
AdvertisementFirst Baptist Church Carrollton

Page 313
AdvertisementInca Metal Products Inc

Page 314
AdvertisementFarmers Branch Fist Assembly of God Church

Page 315
AdvertisementVandergriff Chevrolet

Page 316
AdvertisementBruce Jones Service Center

Page 317
AdvertisementSuburban News; Fuller's Jewelry

Page 318
AdvertisementMoore Brothers Bar-B-Que; Continental Office Supply; Al's Outboard Shop

Page 319
AdvertisementBlanton Grain Company

Page 320
AdvertisementFarmers Branch Motors; A. L. Cunningham Mobil Station

Page 321
AdvertisementValwood Bowling Lanes

Page 322
AdvertisementCarl's House; Montgomnery Chemical Co

Page 323
AdvertisementRoberson Cleaners; Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber

Page 324
AdvertisementWayne's Humble Service

Page 325
AdvertisementHamer Texaco Station

Page 326
AdvertisementRay's Barber Shop; The Penguin

Page 327
AdvertisementSplann Electric Co

Page 328
AdvertisementBluff View Farm

Page 329
AdvertisementMcInnish Glass & Seat Cover; Bradford Rexall Drugs

Page 330
AdvertisementHunsaker Truck Lease Inc

Page 331
AdvertisementYoungs Grocery & Market (RLT Football team photo)

Page 332
AdvertisementMcInnish Plumbing Co; Park Lane Fashons

Page 333
AdvertisementSnider-Young Funeral Home

Page 334
Yearbook Staff: Linda English, Pam Jones, Jan Mayberry, Sylvia Showman, Marilyn Moffett, Tom Rider, Janice Standifer, Carolyn Meason, Jana Sumruld, Jimmie Lou Rich, Cynthia O'Neill, Maureen Brown, Jim Beach, Tommy Blanton, Don Ide, Tom Subjeck, Mrs. Mary Jane Rudy (Sponsor)

Page 335
Fly Page

Page 336
Fly Page - Graduate Profile Photo

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