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DR. J.J. TRICHEL, born February 22, 1880 in Sabine parish, LA, received his medical license April 1908 from the Eclectic Medical Institute in Ohio.  Dr. Trichel lived in Wallisville.  


DR. GEORGE L. MORGAN, was born June 5, 1869 in Pulaski County, KY.  He had a tremendous influence upon many people throughout Chambers County.  Dr. Morgan arrived in the Turtle Bayou area shortly after graduating from the Memphis Hospital Medical College in Tennessee 1899. He and his wife Lucy Gardner soon established themselves in Hankamer. The Morgans later purchased the Monroe White general merchandise store on Turtle Bayou. In 1926 the store was relocated to a new building one mile south of Hankamer on what is today Highway 61. (White’s Park). Dr. Morgan died in 1954.


DR. THOMAS WILLIAM SHEARER, one of the most progressive businessmen to settle in Wallisville was Dr. Thomas William Shearer (1856-1925), a native of Janesville, Wisconsin, and a graduate of Iowa State College and the medical school of what is now the University of Illinois. He married in 1886 to Miss Hannah “Harrie” Hutton at Ames, Iowa, Shearer came to Texas in the fall of 1887 at the request of his brother, Robert. He built a flat boat at Livingston, where Robert resided at the time, launched it in the Trinity River nearby and rowed down to Wallisville in Chambers County,” wrote his wife many years later.  Dr Shearer  came to Wallisville in time to find that “the doctor resident” (probably Dr. John Underwood Raymond) was anxious to move. He purchased the drugs and medical equipment that the doctor was selling and promised to return a month later to take over the practice. Shearer sent for his wife in June 1888 and named his small sailboat the Harrie Hutton in her honor. Often he would use it to visit a patient at Old River, Anahuac, Double Bayou, Lone Oak, or Smith Point.  Shearers purchased a “three room cottage with a lean-to kitchen.  The Shearer property was located at the corner of Davis Street and Courthouse Avenue and faced the Courthouse. The home became a showplace of the community, with pear, peach, orange, oriental plum, and pecan trees planted in the yard. Other ornamental plants, a greenhouse for Mrs. Shearer, and a vegetable garden for the doctor helped to set off the yard.  Serving as county treasurer from 1894 to 1906,126 Shearer was also instrumental in the organization of the Old River Rice and Irrigation Company, which he served as president. Construction of the canals began in 1901. A private telephone line, built in 1903, ran from present-day Highlands in Harris County via Mont Belvieu to Wallis­ville. The company had one phone at Dr. Shearer’s home in Wallisville, another at the pumping plant on Old River, and the third at the home of Dr. Amon Robert Shearer (nephew to Thomas), secretary for the company, in Mont Belvieu. This line was destroyed in the 1915 hurricane.  Hannah Shearer, the wife of the doctor, was equally influential in the life of the town. An active member of the Ladies’ Aid Society of Wallisville, Mrs. Shearer spearheaded the drive to build the Methodist church there in 1895


DR. AMON ROBERT SHEARER born December 8, 1871 in Story Count, Iowa.  He received his Texas medical license June 19, 1908.  Lived in Mont Belvieu, Texas.  Dr. Shearer   died in 1959 and is buried in the Methodist Cemetery in Mont Belvieu by his wife Olive.


DR. V.R. HAVENS, born February 10, 1858 in Jackson County, MS.  He received his medical license to practice in Texas on November 19, 1907, granted upon verification from the Newton, County, TX.


DR. JOHN G. SCHILLING, born ca 1884 at Cedar Bayou, Chambers Co., TX.  He received his medical license to practice in Texas on the 22nd – 24th of June 1908 in Harris Co., TX.  Dr. Schillings lived in Cedar Bayou and served in WWI. He was the son of Dr. Nicholas Shillings. Dr. John Schilling never married.


DR. W.O. SAMMONS, born April 8, 1868 in Hot Springs County, AR.  He received his license to practice in Texas on December 1907 in Jefferson Co., TX.  Dr. Sammons lived in Anahuac, TX.


DR. GEORGE HARLEY FAHRING, born March 10, 1881 in Saline County, KS.  He received his Texas medical license 1910 in Chambers Co.,

  1. February 1907 was one of the organizers of Anahuac Townsite Company.
  2. 1908 a stockholder in an early newspaper in Anahuac.
  3. 1909 he was on the committee to build a church, which later become the Methodist Church.
  4. February 15, 1927 Anahuac Chamber of Commerce was formed and Dr. Fahring was on the Executive Committee of the Chamber.
  5. 1941 Dr. and Mrs. Fahring donated property for a new Baptist church.
  6. 1948 was instrumental in building the first hospital in Anahuac

Dr. Fahring married Octavia Scherer, children: Thomas Lloyd, George Jr., and Octavia.


DR. ROBERT DAVID McKAY was born in 1881 in Muskegon County, Michigan.  He received his Texas license to practice in Wise County.  He lived in Winnie.


DR. ARTHUR OWEN, born July 14, 1845 in the City of Warsaw, Poland. His Texas medical license was granted on August 20, 1910 in Chambers County.  He lived in Double Bayou.


DR. ROBERT M. SPROULE, born October 21, 1851 in the county of Sencoe Canada in the Province of Ontario.  He received his Texas medical license from the county of Liberty.  He married Gertrude LaFour.  He served as Methodist minister from 1878 until his retirement in 1891.   In 1892 he graduated from Tulane University’s Medical School in New Orleans. He remained an active physician in the Wallisville-Moss Bluff area until his death in January 26, 1912.  He is buried in the Wallisville Cemetery beside his wife.


Dr. C.A. COLE, born May 13, 1854 in Huron County, Ohio.  He received his Texas medical license March 17, 1908 in Jefferson County.  He lived in Stowell.


Dr Elisha Gregory, born August 2, 1877 in Tyler County, Texas.  He received his Texas medical license in Tyler County.  He lived in Wallisville.


Dr. J. R. Miller, born September 20, 1867 in Lauderdale County, MS.  He received his Texas medical license in Houston County.  He lived in Anahuac.


Dr. W. T. Randolph, born June 10, 1862 in Warren County, TN.  He received is Texas medical license in Bell County.  He lived in Anahuac.


Dr. W.O. Testerman born August 13, 1875 in Leake County, MS.  The received is Texas Veterinary  license in Chambers County.  Dr. Testerman lived in Anahuac.


Dr. J.L. Rice received his Texas Dentistry license in Waco, Texas.


DR. J.D. PICKENS, born April 26, 1861 in Lawrence County, AL.  He received is Texas medical license in Parker County.  He lived in Winnie.


DR. J.G. MILLS, born August 8, 1877 in Cherokee County, Texas.  He received his medical license in Marlin County.  He lived in Mont Belvieu.


DR. MAHLON BLUFORD PETERSON, born September 8, 1884 in Grant County, IN.  He received his Texas medical license in Dallas County.  He lived in Winnie.


DR. EVERETT WILLIAM SYKES, born February 3, 1883 in Adams County, IL.


DR. WENDELL HOLMES HAMERICK, born January 26, 1907 in Forrest County, MS


DR. MALCOMB HARRISON, born August 29, 1908 in Grant Parish, LA.


DR. THOMAS PALMER SHEARER, born December 15, 1902 in Angelina County, TX


DR. WILLIAM HILLORY BRIDGES, born October 10, 1911 in St Mary Parish, LA. He lived in Mont Belvieu.


DR. W.W. LOWREY, born December 22, 1869 in Tishomingo County, MS


DR. JOHN HENRY SHEFFIELD, no information