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CCGS Tree Talk Index

The Cherokee County Genealogical Society began the publication of its monthly newsletter "TREE TALK" in May of the year 1975.  The first five years of the newsletter were combined into book form and published in 1995 under the name "TREE TALK the First Five Years" with a full name index for those years added in 1998.  For the next ten years the newsletter continued to be published monthly with pages numbered within each monthly issue.  In 1990 the monthly issues continued but the page numbering was changed to numbering by Volume year.  In 1995 the monthly publication became a quarterly publication and an index has been provided in the last quarterly of each Volume year since that time.  This index covers that time period where the first five years stops, to the time when Volume year page numbering began.  This index of 47,043 names/topics was compiled over several years by Sylvia Booth Acker and Ira Gaylon White.  Those holding sets of "TREE TALK" will find it invaluable in locating specific names/topics while doing research.

    Each entry in the index contains not only the page number, but the month and year of the indicated newsletter.  Not only are full names indexed, but subjects/topics as well, such as PLACE, CEMETERY, CIV WAR, INDEX, BIBLE etc.  For example if you are looking for Neches River, look for Neches but also look under PLACE.  Look under BIBLE for family Bible record


TREE TALK INDEX  May 1980 - Dec 1990  

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  Tree Talk, Vol. 21, 1995-1996

  Tree Talk, Vol. 25, 1999-2000  Tree Talk, Vol. 29, 2003-2004
  Tree Talk, Vol. 22, 1996-1997   Tree Talk, Vol. 26, 2000-2001  Tree Talk, Vol. 30, 2004-2005
   Tree Talk, Vol. 23 1997-1998   Tree Talk, Vol. 27, 2001-2002  Tree Talk, Vol. 31, 2005-2006
  Tree Talk, Vol. 24, 1998-1999 Tree Talk, Vol. 28, 2002-2003  Tree Talk Vol. 32,  2006 - 2007