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Cherokee County, Texas



This cemetery is located behind and on the south side of the Gossett
Chapel Church of Christ at 1815 Elberta St. in Jacksonville, TX.  
The smaller Grimes Cemetery is enclosed with chain link fence to the
south of the church.  The cemeteries are adjacent to each other.  
It was surveyed in October, 2001 beginning on the east side and working
to the west
by  Ira Galen White

T., M.J. DAU F ....-.... Concrete stone with initials M.J.T.

T., S. RAG F ....-.... Old cement block with letters S.T.

Tabor, Ruby M. UGR M Oct-30-1918 May-10-1983

Tackett, Louis E. PV2 V Nov-08-1909 Sep-04-1989

Taff, Joe Berford Aug-19-1919 d. Mar-21-1969 Tex-Sc Feb-USNR CDH 401

Taliaferro, Amanda Jane d. Oct-30-1931? aged 87 yrs MIX 332

Taliaferro, James A. Dec-12-1832 d. Aug-26-1931 MO 1st Lt Co G 1 Regt MO Cav CSA MIX 332

Talkington, Clement H. 1903-1963 JAC 245

Talley, Belle Jul-13-1893 d. May-04-1967 OPA 501

Talley, Faustine W. Feb-07-1922 d. Mar-04-1986 CDH SIK

Talley, Faustine W. Feb-07-1922 d. .... CDH 401

Talley, Larry D. Mar-23-1942 d. Jun-10-1971 CDH 401

Talley, Laura L. Sep-28-1873 d. Dec-21-1933 WLC 381

Talley, Mrs. C.C. Nov-19-1874 d. Apr-21-1950 MTZ 461

Talley, William D. d. Sep-12-1945 age 75 yrs TM MTZ 461

Talley, William H. Mar-16-1871 d. Apr-15-1943 WLC 381

Tankersley, Annie N. Dec-04-1857 d. Mar-16-1895 wife of Job R. MEA 363

Tankersley, Annie N. ME3-08 Dec-04-1857 Mar-16-1895 'Wife of Job R. Tankersley'

Tankersley, Arthur Mar-08-1877 d. Mar-29-1946 MCD 356

Tankersley, Arthur MC2-23 Mar-08-1877 Mar-29-1946 with Ella

Tankersley, Clara EAC N Nov-22-1909 ...-..-.... Mar John Dec-30-1945

Tankersley, Dora 1864-1943 JAC 245

Tankersley, E.P. Mar-04-1879 d. Jun-27-1969 JAC 245

Tankersley, Ella Apr-08-1884 d. .... MCD 356

Tankersley, Ella MC2-23 Apr-08-1884 Apr-15-1973 with Arthur

Tankersley, F. Preston Dec-12-1904 d. Mar-24-1968 JAC 245

Tankersley, Fannie L. EAC O 1912 ...-..-.... Wife of Jimmie B.

Tankersley, Frank EAC L 1904-1949

Tankersley, infant Feb-22-1934 son of Mr&Mrs Preston JAC 245

Tankersley, Iris M. 1924-.... MEA 363

Tankersley, Iris M. ME3-08 1924-.... (recent grave, probably 2001) with Reese

Tankersley, J.R. Dec-16-1854 d. Feb-10-1915 MEA 363

Tankersley, J.R. ME3-08 Dec-16-1854 Feb-10-1915

Tankersley, James Mar-21-1925 d. Mar-22-1925 son of Mr&Mrs Joby MEA 363

Tankersley, James ME3-08 Mar-21-1925 Mar-22-1925 'Inf Son of Mr & Mrs Joby Tankersley'

Tankersley, Jimmie B. EAC O Apr-20-1902 Mar-21-1969 "Pvt US Army WWII" Husband of Fannie L.

Tankersley, Jobie 1893-1963 MEA 363

Tankersley, Joby ME3-08 1893-1963 with Lena

Tankersley, John EAC N Oct-01-1908 May-06-1974 Mar Clara Dec-30-1945

Tankersley, Lena 1894-1972 MEA 363

Tankersley, Lena ME3-08 1894-.... with Joby

Tankersley, Mary E. EAC L 1870-1946

Tankersley, Reese 1914-1971 MEA 363

Tankersley, Reese O. ME3-08 1914-1971 with Iris

Tankersley, S.J. Crume PLG F Feb-26-1870 Aug-01-1894 "Sallie" Beside Dora

Tankersley, S.L. EAC L 1856-1927

Tanner, Ivy Lena 1877-1959 OPA 501

Tanner, J.B. 1861-1952 OPA 501

Tanner, Jewell May Jan-09-1912 d. Sep-04-1949 JAC 245

Tanner, L.P. CR2 K 1916 ...-..-.... With Willie Mae

Tanner, M.F. Sep-18-1821 d. Aug-30-1895 wife JAC 245

Tanner, R.H.J. May-16-1821 d. Feb-19-1901 husband CSA JAC 245

Tanner, Willie Mae CR2 K 1907-1987 With L.P.

Tanner, Winnie Gelzado Mar-04-1898 d. Aug-15-1906 dau of Raymond & Rose JAC 245

Tannery, Alfred A. Jul-11-1859 d. Feb-03-1895 SAL 447

Tannery, Alice Nov-28-1887 d. Apr-07-1919 Mother wife of O.D. WOW MTZ 461

Tannery, Cora B. Sep-21-1880 d. Nov-27-1960 MTZ 461

Tannery, Essie Apr-26-1907 d. Apr-06-1972 OPA 501

Tannery, Harriet M. 1840-1925 Mother MTZ 461

Tannery, Horace E. Apr-24-1885 d. Dec-21-1972 MTZ 461

Tannery, Ira V. Feb-09-1885 d. Nov-19-1890 son of J.A.& H.M. MTZ 461

Tannery, John A. 1828-1921 Father MTZ 461

Tannery, L.A. Sep-03-1857 d. Sep-25-1943 MTZ 461

Tannery, Leaber Vaughn Dec-24-1910 d. May-11-1912 son of Mr&Mrs R.W. MTZ 461

Tannery, Leona Nov-24-1868 d. Mar-12-1909 wife of L.A. MTZ 461

Tannery, Mary C. Jan-20-1862 d. Nov-26-1942 SAL 447

Tannery, O.D. 1885-1957 MTZ 461

Tannery, O.L. Apr-23-1904 d. Sep-10-1963 OPA 501

Tannery, Robert Wade Nov-10-1876 d. Jan-10-1960 MTZ 461

Tannery, Ruth d. Jun-11-1910 infant dau of H.E.& Cora MTZ 461

Tannery, Vyron May-20-1913 d. Apr-20-1966 Tex-Cpl-US Army-In memory of son bur. Tyler TX MTZ 461

Tannery, W. John Nov-23-1880 d. Oct-09-1898 son of J.A.& H.M. MTZ 461

Tant, Mary L. EAC K Oct-07-1910 Feb-27-1974 Mar William D. Oct-20-1928, PCT

Tant, Thomas Henry EAC K Jan-14-1933 Jul-04-1978 "Pvt US Army Korea"

Tant, William D. EAC K May-01-1904 Apr-14-1974 Mar Mary L. Oct-20-1928

Tarbet, George M. GOS-09 Apr-28-1874 Oct-10-1938 with Pearlene; 'Father'

Tarbet, George Morland Apr-24-1874 d. Oct-10-1938 GOS 301

Tarbet, Pearl d. Jul-10-1965 GOS 301

Tarbet, Pearlene GOS-09 Mar-03-1891 Jul-10-1965 with George; 'Mother; m. Jul-07-1908'

Tarbutton?, Mattie (no dates) OBA 114

Tarrance, Pleas JCX B Jul-10-1820 Feb-21-1894

Tarrant, Addie TAR E Oct-18-1873 Jan-02-1882 Beside Dora; broken stone

Tarrant, Agnes A LAR N 1895-1970 With Richard E

Tarrant, Ben Allen LAR U Apr-04-1930 Mar-03-1955 "TX Sgt USMC"

Tarrant, Billie Gee LAR N Apr-28-1930 Jun-23-1933

Tarrant, Carrie L LAR U Apr-04-1872 Nov-09-1959 "Mother" With George T

Tarrant, Clark Reaves TAR C Dec-27-1892 Jan-18-1967 "TX Pvt US Army WWI"; Beside Hugh Tom

Tarrant, Clark TAR D Jan-13-1867 Apr-14-1905 Beside Cleopatra

Tarrant, Cleopatra TAR D Nov-18-1870 Mar-05-1962 Beside H.E.

Tarrant, Dora TAR E Aug-12-1866 Nov-13-1889 "Wife of JL Tarrant"

Tarrant, E.S. TAR E May-17-1821 Jan-18-1893 Beside Pernetia

Tarrant, Ellen LAR Q 1882-1957 With Hugh

Tarrant, Flora Jean PV1 L 1927-1932 "Dau of Mr & Mrs Lee Tarrant" Beside Lee

Tarrant, George T LAR U Dec-21-1863 Mar-06-1937 "Father" With Carrie L

Tarrant, H.E. TAR D Aug-18-1850 Mar-20-1915 WOW; Beside Mattie

Tarrant, Harrison Elam d. Oct-02-1971 aged 61 yrs MIX 332

Tarrant, Hugh LAR Q 1867-1949 With Ellen

Tarrant, Hugh Tom TAR C 1891-1977 With Willie Bell "Peace be yours"

Tarrant, Imogene T LAR T Oct-19-1920 ...-..-.... With Jack E

Tarrant, infant dau Oct-14-1902 d. Nov-04-1902 JAR 3100

Tarrant, infant son TAR G Feb-13-1899 Feb-13-1899 "Inf son of Clark & Cle Tarrant"

Tarrant, Ivory A. d. Jul-24-1967 aged 54 yrs TM JAC 245

Tarrant, Jack E LAR T Jul-06-1918 ...-..-.... "Mar Imogene T Oct-20-1941"

Tarrant, James Benson PV1 L Apr-19-1922 Feb-11-1980 "TEC 5 US Army WWII" Beside Juanita Amelia

Tarrant, Jasper L LAR T 1896-1970 With OLA H; mar "Oct-10-1917"

Tarrant, Joseph E. Sep-20-1901 d. Oct-05-1902 son of S.H.& L.B. MIX 332

Tarrant, Juanita Amelia PV1 L Jan-16-1924 Jul-24-1994 Beside James Benson Tarrant

Tarrant, L.C. TAR F Jan-15-1887 Jun-25-1888 "Dau of Clark & Cle Tarrant"

Tarrant, Lee PV1 L Feb-25-1892 May-24-1957 With Mattie

Tarrant, Lillie B. Jun-19-1877 d. May-01-1959 MIX 332

Tarrant, Linnie TAR D Aug-24-1896 Apr-05-1897 "Dau of SM & HE Tarrant"

Tarrant, Lue Ellen Sep-07-1871 d. Nov-21-1903 wife of H. JAR 3100

Tarrant, M.G. PLH E Nov-18-1866 Apr-17-1906 "Wife of RR Tarrant"

Tarrant, Mart Dennis LAR U Dec-24-1896 Nov-04-1935 "TX Seaman 2cl USNR"

Tarrant, Mary C. TAR E Jul-21-1855 Feb-24-1884 Beside Addie

Tarrant, Mattie PV1 L Dec-25-1890 Feb-03-1987 With Lee

Tarrant, Mattie TAR D Jun-06-1854 Apr-14-1900 With Minnie & Linnie; "Wife of HE Tarrant"

Tarrant, Menton LAR Q Apr-01-1917 May-17-1973

Tarrant, Milbergene LAR N Apr-23-1925 May-12-1997 TMP; "Age 72"

Tarrant, Minnie TAR D Aug-10-1894 Sep-29-1895 "Dau of SM & HE Tarrant"

Tarrant, Mintie TAR D Jul-23-1888 May-18-1958 Beside Clark

Tarrant, Myrtle Levasser TAR A Dec-02-1907 ...-..-.... With Robert Lee

Tarrant, Ola H LAR T 1899-1984 With Jasper L

Tarrant, Ovella Tyra Sep-16-1892 d. Mar-01-1948 MIX 332

Tarrant, Pernetia TAR E Jun-30-1833 Apr-30-1883 "Wife of ES Tarrant"

Tarrant, R.R. PLH E Aug-13-1859 Jul-23-1911 WOW Redoak Camp B 45

Tarrant, R.W. TAR F Dec-16-1886 Oct-28-1888 "Inf of SC & SL Tarrant"

Tarrant, Richard E LAR N 1893 Mar-13-1977 With Agnes A

Tarrant, Robert Lee TAR A Dec-20-1906 ...-..-.... "Mar Myrtle Levasser Apr-28-1928"

Tarrant, Roy Hulon TAR B Mar-30-1900 Dec-05-1981 Beside Earl Dickey

Tarrant, Ruth Ole Aug-28-1936 d. Aug-11-1939 dau of Clem & Gladys LAR 105

Tarrant, S. May TAR E Apr-24-1875 Sep-11-1876 Beside Pernetia

Tarrant, Sarah L. TAR E ...-..-.... Mar-21-1889 "Aged 56 years; Wife of ES Tarrant"

Tarrant, Steve H. Mar-23-1932 d. Mar-28-1932 MIX 332

Tarrant, Steve H. Feb-25-1870 d. Feb-14-1952 MIX 332

Tarrant, Unkn (broken stone) Husband JAR 3100

Tarrant, Werdna Inez Oct-30-1892 d. Oct-12-1896 dau of Hugh & L.E. JAR 3100

Tarrant, Willie Bell TAR C 1894-1959 With Hugh Tom "Peace be yours"

Tate, Dora E. GOS-09 Jul-09-1923 Jan-03-1996

Tate, E.L. Jul-21-1932 d. Mar-02-1962 Tex-Sgt-Co.B-7 Inf-3 Inf Div SAL 447

Tate, E.L. Sr. Nov-11-1891 d. .... SAL 447

Tate, Emma N. MTC L Apr-15-1877 May-03-1926 "Wife of W.F. Tate"

Tate, Emogene Dec-24-1913 d. Oct-09-1969 SAL 447

Tate, Frank T. MTC L 1897-1977 Beside Maxwell

Tate, Geneva Shirley PV2 2 Dec-14-1914 Aug-01-1996 TMP

Tate, James C. Oct-31-1912 d. .... SAL 447

Tate, Mamie Ada Mar-21-1895 d. .... SAL 447

Tate, Maxwell MTC L 1902-1938 Beside W.F.

Tate, Owen F. GOS-09 Sep-22-1918 Jun-20-1967

Tate, Owen Franklin d. Jun-20-1967 aged 48 yrs GOS 301

Tate, W.F. MTC L 1872-1937 Beside Emma N.

Tate, Willie Mae MTC L Dec-29-1911 Sep-30-1994 "Sgt USMC WWII" Beside Frank T.

Tatham, Charlie Francis Nov-26-1868 d. Sep-08-1876 son of J.F.& S.A. CDH 401

Tatham, J.F. b. Franklin NC Dec-15-1829 d. Jul-27-1905 Mason CSA CDH 401

Tatham, Minnie Jan-14-1905 d. Dec-10-1905 dau of J.B.& Burnette CDH 401

Tatham, Sarah b. Valey Town SC Sep-29-1847 d. Sep-24-1912 CDH 401

Tatum, Adeline RAG R ...-..-.... 1920 "God sent you to the Nellie Crim family"

Tatum, Charlie JCY B 1887-1972 ME

Tatum, Earline JCY C Sep-22-1931 Dec-30-1985 PCT

Tatum, F.P. EAC P Nov-01-1849 Sep-20-1885 "O death where is thy sting.."

Tatum, Joe Anna Sanders RAG R Sep-15-1910 Jan-16-1996 TMP; With Lee

Tatum, L.E. EAC O Mar-29-1861 Feb-15-1939 Wife of W.H. "Mother"

Tatum, Lee RAG R Sep-04-1883 Jul-03-1974 PCT; With Joe Anna Sanders

Tatum, Little May EAC P Oct-28-1879 May-08-1882

Tatum, Robert T. EAC P Feb-14-1886 May-08-1900 "Son of WH & LE Tatum"

Tatum, Robt. A. EAC P Dec-17-1843 Feb-01-1916

Tatum, W.H. EAC O Oct-23-1845 Feb-25-1909 Husband of L.E. "Father"

Taylor, (K.) LAR T Oct-16-1891 May-30-1962 With Bernice Myers

Taylor, (only - no dates) WLC 381

Taylor, Abe F. MTC K 1874-1956 With Margaret

Taylor, Addie David Apr-02-1886 d. Jun-07-1960 JAC 245

Taylor, Albert M. ME2-10 1891-1965 with Venus

Taylor, Albert N. 1891-1965 MEA 363

Taylor, Albert. ANT F Aug-20-1884 Feb-25-1933 With Mary

Taylor, Alford James d. Jun-11-1954; RSH 269

Taylor, Allie DAU E May-..-1897 Nov-03-1897 KTB "Dau of JR & ML Chapman Taylor"

Taylor, Altha Lee Sep-30-1883 d. Dec-01-1966; RSH 268

Taylor, Alvin. ANT F 1888-1951 With Mae

Taylor, Amanda Ophelia May-05-1859 d. May-04-1919 wife of William M. MIX 332

Taylor, Andrew J. Oct-21-1859 d. Jul-04-1904 WOW TAY 391

Taylor, Andrew J. TAY-21 Oct-21-1859 Jul-04-1904 Old Hickory Camp No 1510 WOW

Taylor, Andrew J. MS1-25 Sep-12-1889 Jul-28-1932 with Joseph & Luther

Taylor, Andrew Sep-12-1889 d. Jul-28-1932 MRS 371

Taylor, Annie Jacobs 1867-1954 ATY 456

Taylor, Auverne PV2 F 1905-1958 Beside Molcy A.

Taylor, Bernice Myers LAR T Mar-04-1898 Oct-31-1972 With (K.)

Taylor, Billie L. ANT B Jul-07-1930 Aug-24-1935 "darling" Beside Hubert

Taylor, Bonnie B. RS1 P 1891-1967 With George B

Taylor, Bonnie J. RS1 Q 1913-1985 With J Britton

Taylor, C.J. 1899-1964; RSH 268

Taylor, C.M. LAR R Nov-21-1840 May-28-1908 With O C

Taylor, Caladonia S.A.E. Nov-05-1834 d. Jul-22-1872 wife of G.W. CDH 401

Taylor, Cassie DAU E Dec-10-1898 Jan-10-1899 KTB "Dau of JR & ML Chapman Taylor"

Taylor, Charlie CR1 F May-24-1910 ...-..-.... "Dau of Dave & Burley Wofford" With Walter

Taylor, Cindrella C. Jul-29-1875 d. Sep-15-1876 dau of G.W.& C.S.A.E. CDH 401

Taylor, Clifton M. MTC H Mar-06-1914 Feb-08-1990 "Mar Gwendolyn R. Oct-24-1936"

Taylor, Dee Jan-07-1877 d. Apr-28-1969; RSH 269

Taylor, Delon DAU E Mar-28-1886 Jul-16-1889 KTB "Dau of JR & ML Chapman Taylor"

Taylor, Dentson Lee OAK F Jul-13-1918 Nov-05-1991 "MSgt US Army WWII" With Lorene

Taylor, Donald. ANT M Jan-26-1937 ...-..-.... KTB

Taylor, Dora E. ANT E May-30-1891 Sep-29-1928 "Wife of E.Y. Taylor"

Taylor, Dorothy Jan-11-1888 d. Jun-22-1955 HNC 311

Taylor, Earl A. MC2-03 Jan-24-1900 Jan-14-1989 with Elizabeth & Earl Davis

Taylor, Earl Davis MC2-03 Jun-28-1927 Dec-08-1985 `Cpl USA WWII'; with Elizabeth & Earl A.

Taylor, Edmond Coke 1864-1924 ATY 456

Taylor, Edward Coke 1900-1901 CDH 401

Taylor, Elbert W. Nov-19-1914 d. Mar-15-1943 HNC 311

Taylor, Elbert. ANT A Jun-09-1907 Feb-18-1981 "Singing Praises Unto the Lord"

Taylor, Eliza JCX A 1866-1941 Granny; broken

Taylor, Elizabeth MC2-03 Mar-28-1906 Mar-13-1999 with Earl Davis & Earl A.

Taylor, Ella Francis Jun-23-1866 d. Aug-07-1951 Mother MRS 371

Taylor, Ella Francis MS1-25 Jun-23-1866 Aug-07-1951 'Mother'

Taylor, Ethel EAC V 1885-1959 With James

Taylor, Etta Mae TAY-22 Jan-03-1915 Jul-05-1994 Beloved Mom

Taylor, Eunice Nesbit Dec-28-1913 d. Sep-04-1914 dau of J.B.& Maggie JAC 245

Taylor, Evelyn A. PV2 L Jun-06-1918 ...-..-.... With William A.

Taylor, Ezra E. Mar-27-1871 d. Feb-01-1928 GRF 350

Taylor, Flora. ANT B Nov-04-1909 ...-..-.... With Reginald & Johnnie

Taylor, Floyd B. RS1 B Jul-14-1907 Jul-03-1910 "Son of GB & MC Taylor"

Taylor, Francis Marion Sep-20-1890 d. Mar-10-1969 son of Henry Franklin & Sarah (Mack) Taylor; RSH 268

Taylor, George B. RS1 P 1882-1975 ME; "Mar Bonnie B Aug-16-1919"

Taylor, George W. LAR R Oct-30-1857 Nov-06-1917 "The best, the dearest, favorite..."

Taylor, George W. TAY-22 1858-....

Taylor, Gertie M. Sep-09-1899 d. Oct-25-1918 wife of Robert L. MTH 432

Taylor, Gertie M. MTH G Sep-09-1899 Oct-25-1918 'Wife of Robert L.Taylor'

Taylor, Gertrude Nov-08-1893 d. Jun-29-1895 JAC 245

Taylor, Grifford P. May-13-1896 d. Mar-24-1970 HNC 311

Taylor, Guy E LAR Q Aug-11-1899 Oct-22-1958 With Jewel V

Taylor, Gwendolyn R. MTC H Sep-23-1916 Aug-28-1995 With Clifton M.

Taylor, Hayden J. ANT M Nov-17-1909 Nov-23-1975 "Mar Lorene E. Nov 17, 1936"

Taylor, Helen Ruth VIN K Sep-24-1927 (only date); in rectangle; 'At rest with Mom and Dad'

Taylor, Henrietta Kirby MIL H Feb-26-1833 Apr-28-1900 "Hettie" KTB

Taylor, Henry C. Co F 35 Texas Cav CSA TAY 391

Taylor, Henry C. TAY-22 1820-1882 Co F 35th Rgmt TX Cav CSA

Taylor, Herbert K LAR T Jul-30-1923 Oct-10-1930 "Son of Mr & Mrs (K.)"

Taylor, Hollie Jane Jul-02-1875 d. Aug-30-1955 MIX 332

Taylor, Homer C. MTC K Nov-02-1903 Jan-25-1962 "TX Pvt US Army WWII" Beside Abe F.

Taylor, Hubert. ANT B Oct-11-1905 Jun-28-1991 With Mamie

Taylor, Hunter LAR Q 1896-1899

Taylor, infant DAU E ....-.... KTB "Child of A & MK Buckley Taylor"

Taylor, infant PCH I Jan-09-1996 Jan-09-1996 "Inf son of Kenneth & Beth"

Taylor, infant PV? ? Oct-..-1910 Oct-..-1910 inf of Mr&Mrs Johah; TTB; TT Fall 1998

Taylor, Irene Oct-30-1872 d. Jan-10-1952 MIX 332

Taylor, J. Britton RS1 Q 1909-1973 With Bonnie J.

Taylor, J.H. d. Feb-05-1943 LAR 105

Taylor, J.N. Jun-12-1869 d. Jul-26-1939 TAY 391

Taylor, J.T. ANT F 1916-1979 "US ARMY WORLD WAR II"

Taylor, James EAC V 1881-1969 With Ethel

Taylor, James G. Nov-30-1863 d. Apr-16-1964 son of G.W.& C.S.A.E. CDH 401

Taylor, James K.P. TAY-22 1856-....

Taylor, James R LAR Q 1866-1934 With Maggie D

Taylor, James. ANT M ....-.... KTB

Taylor, Jasper Newton TAY-22 Jun-12-1869 Jul-26-1939

Taylor, Jennie M. Nov-09-1892 d. .... m. Jun-14-1916 HNC 311

Taylor, Jewel V LAR Q Jul-01-1901 Apr-01-1976 With Guy E

Taylor, Jim Apr-14-1905 d. Feb-28-1969 TEC 303

Taylor, Jim TEC-04 Apr-14-1905 Feb-28-1969

Taylor, Joe Millard RS1 P Oct-26-1923 Oct-10-1980

Taylor, Joella 1884-1884 infant of W.W.& Mollie E. CDH 401

Taylor, John Brittain Mar-07-1884 d. Feb-16-1964; RSH 268

Taylor, John D. May-08-1867 d. Jan-21-1870 son of G.W. & C.S.A.E. CDH 401

Taylor, John Draton 1854-1933 JAC 245

Taylor, John Loran. ANT A 1912-1964 With Sybil Dickson

Taylor, John M. 1894-.... MIX 332

Taylor, John M. Mar-12-1826 d. Nov-26-1868 MIX 332

Taylor, John R. ANT E 1860-1957 With Mary L.

Taylor, John R. Nov-07-1864 d. Aug-13-1920 Father HEN 393

Taylor, John R. HEN4-13 Nov-07-1864 Aug-18-1920 - Father

Taylor, John Wesley 1876-1938 CDH 401

Taylor, Johnnie. ANT B Nov-07-1907 Sep-16-1982 With Reginald & Flora

Taylor, Joseph E. Jul-02-1895 d. Oct-29-1908 MRS 371

Taylor, Joseph T. MS1-25 Jul-02-1895 Oct-29-1908 with Luther & Andrew

Taylor, Judith Ann Jun-22-1826 d. Apr-07-1868 wife of John M. MIX 332

Taylor, Kathi Faye EAC E Apr-27-1957 Oct-01-1969 "Our special angel" PCT

Taylor, L.J. Aug-07-1863 d. Jan-06-1930 MIX 332

Taylor, L.T. Sep-07-1901 d. Jan-25-1959 MIX 332

Taylor, Leonard E. May-18-1908 d. Mar-24-1951 TX Pfc Deml WWII TEC 303

Taylor, Leonard E. TEC-04 May-18-1908 Mar-24-1951 `TX Pfc Deml WWII'

Taylor, Leonard U. PV2 F 1900-1970 With Pauline C.

Taylor, Leslie Gene Sep-03-1954 d. Jan-29-1957 HNC 311

Taylor, Lewis Henry Sr. Nov-27-1895 d. Feb-26-1968 TM ATY 456

Taylor, Lillie Jan-06-1887 d. Nov-02-1968 GRF 350

Taylor, Lorene E. ANT M Feb-18-1918 ...-..-.... With Hayden J.

Taylor, Lorene OAK F Dec-29-1938 ...-..-.... With Dentson Lee

Taylor, Lorene S. ANT A Apr-14-1908 ...-..-.... With Elbert

Taylor, Lucy H. Sep-25-1906 d. Mar-08-1916 dau of John R.& Rachel HEN 393

Taylor, Luker Jim. ANT A Mar-20-1903 ...-..-.... "Mar Velma Warren Odell June 20, 1925"

Taylor, Lula P. OAK G 1897-1975 With William H.

Taylor, Luther N. Jun-11-1898 d. Nov-27-1907 MRS 371

Taylor, Luther N. MS1-25 Jun-11-1898 Nov-27-1907 with Joseph & Andrew

Taylor, Mae. ANT F 1893-1961 With Alvin

Taylor, Maggie D LAR Q 1873-1951 With James R

Taylor, Mamie. ANT B Feb-03-1904 ...-..-.... With Hubert

Taylor, Margaret MTC K 1867-1934 With Abe F.

Taylor, Margret H. TAY-22 1866-....

Taylor, Mark Allen. ANT M Oct-11-1954 Aug-08-1993 KTB

Taylor, Mary Ann ANT E May-30-1852 Jun-25-1918 "Wife of W.B. Taylor"

Taylor, Mary Eudora LAR U Jun-18-1870 May-18-1932

Taylor, Mary J. Jul-22-1893 d. Aug-07-1895 MRS 371

Taylor, Mary J. MS1-02 Jul-22-1893 Aug-07-1895 between 2 rows (end of row 2)

Taylor, Mary L. ANT E 1867 May-03-1927 With John R.

Taylor, Mary. ANT F Apr-14-1889 Dec-09-1952 With Albert

Taylor, Mattie R LAR R ...-..-.... Sep-03-1912 "Dau of Capt OC & CM"

Taylor, May DAU E Sep-08-1887 Jul-24-1889 "Dau of WH & MA Taylor"

Taylor, Mildred Jan-20-1919 d. Sep-02-1922 dau of R.L.& Kate ATY 456

Taylor, Minnie Lee Dickinson b. Clay Co AL Feb-11-1879 d. Mar-24-1962 Moth of Morinne Taylor Perkins CDH 401

Taylor, Molcy A. PV2 F 1871-1954 With William A.

Taylor, Mollie E. 1863-1884 CDH 401

Taylor, Mrs. Dick Mar-09-1891 d. Mar-18-1970 JAC 245

Taylor, Mrs. Gertrude CR1 M May-18-1914 Feb-07-1984 TMP

Taylor, Neice LAR Q 1904-1906

Taylor, O.C. LAR R Oct-04-1830 Oct-13-1900 With C M "At rest"

Taylor, Oleta EAC V Dec-29-1913 Jul-06-1915 "Dau of JC & SE Taylor"

Taylor, Opal Moore d. Jul-28-1960 66 yrs TEC 303

Taylor, Opal Moore TEC-10 Jul-11-1904 Jul-28-1970

Taylor, Ora Mae Carroll ANT F Jan-04-1906 Jun-06-1993 Beside Richard Carroll

Taylor, Pauline C. PV2 F 1912-1987 With Leonard U.

Taylor, Rachael M. HEN4-13 Mar-12-1867 Apr-23-1935 - Mother

Taylor, Rachel M. Mar-12-1867 d. Apr-23-1935 Mother HEN 393

Taylor, Reginald. ANT B May-23-1930 Aug-24-1935 With Johnnie & Flora

Taylor, Robert L. OAK B Aug-18-1899 Aug-23-1967 With Thelma B.

Taylor, Robert M. Dec-31-1899 d. Jun-03-1929 CDH 401

Taylor, Roy S. Aug-05-1900 d. Feb-25-1971 TEC 303

Taylor, Roy S. TEC-03 Aug-05-1900 Feb-25-1971

Taylor, Ruby A. PVW-04 May-19-1924 Nov-17-1978

Taylor, Rufus JCZ F Jun-24-1894 Apr-02-1976

Taylor, Sarah A.N. TAY-22 1830-1913 dau of Freeman & Comfort Killingsworth

Taylor, Sarah A.R. TAY-23 1871-1888

Taylor, Sarah Caroline 1855-1956 JAC 245

Taylor, Son LAR R Dec-17-1910 Feb-27-1911 "Son of GW & Eddie"

Taylor, Streeter R. 1888-1953 JAC 245

Taylor, Susan Diane ANT H ....-.... Wooden Cross

Taylor, Sybil Dickson. ANT A 1910-1982 With John Loran

Taylor, Sylvester MIL H Aug-23-1824 Abt 1860 KTB

Taylor, Thelma B. OAK B Aug-03-1905 ...-..-.... With Robert L.

Taylor, Thomas Marlin Jul-18-1944 d. Jan-12-1951 MIX 332

Taylor, Utah Aug-29-1882 d. Sep-03-1954 JAC 245

Taylor, Velma Warren. ANT A Dec-26-1905 Jun-30-1992 With Luker Jim

Taylor, Venus 1900-.... MEA 363

Taylor, Venus ME2-10 1900-1975 with Albert

Taylor, Vester 1908-1927 GRF 350

Taylor, W.B. ANT E Jan-25-1855 Mar-17-1920 Beside Dora E.

Taylor, W.H. Feb-16-1850 d. Oct-26-1884 TAY 391

Taylor, W.H. TAY-23 Feb-16-1850 Oct-26-1884

Taylor, W.M. Aug-21-1850 d. Feb-26-1938 MIX 332

Taylor, W.W. Jan-10-1859 d. Nov-08-1892 CDH 401

Taylor, Walter CR1 F 1885 Jul-24-1960 With Charlie; also has single stone

Taylor, Walter CR1 F ...-..-.... Jul-24-1960 "God is our refuge and strength"

Taylor, Wiley Jul-25-1903 d. Dec-30-1917 son of J.B.& R.M. HEN 393

Taylor, William A. PV2 F 1870-1941 With Molcy A.

Taylor, William A. PV2 L Jan-04-1916 Oct-20-1986 "Mar Evelyn A. Feb-25-1933"

Taylor, William H. OAK G May-29-1896 Jul-14-1965 "TX Pvt 36 Co 165 Depot Bde WWI"

Taylor, William L. Mar-01-1873 d. Jan-05-1942 MIX 332

Taylor, William TAY-22 Oct-14-1910 May-29-1972 Beloved Dad

Taylor, Wm. Grady. ANT A Nov-15-1900 Mar-10-1966

Tedder, Claude W. BMM C Aug-16-1915 Oct-29-1991 "MSgt USAF WWII Korea Vietnam" With EQ

Tedder, Ermal Quinn BMM C Mar-01-1919 ...-..-.... With Claude W.

Teel, Ed L. 1880-1963 SAR 437

Teel, Maudie 1890-1919 SAR 437

Teer, Arthur C. PV1 D Aug-27-1915 Apr-07-1989 "SSgt US Army WWII" By Corine Moore

Teer, Corine Myrtle Moore PV1 D Jun-11-1889 Nov-17-1975 Beside Arthur C.

Teer, Elliott MC1-03 Aug-08-1913 Oct-03-1977 with Evelyn

Teer, Evelyn MC1-03 Sep-18-1918 Jun-17-1993 with Elliott

Temmons, Annie Deen OLA E Oct-27-1889 Mar-24-1900

Temmons, Infant OLA E Feb-07-1904 Feb-07-1904 "Dau of BT & Mary"

Temmons, Mary OLA E 1886 Mar-08-1904 "Wife of BT Temmons"

Temple, Elizabeth H. PLH B Aug-22-1822 Jul-29-1886 "His wife" With S.B.

Temple, Elizabeth Quimby PLH B 1852-1919 KTB Cher Co Hist pg 553

Temple, James Alexander PLH B 1841-1896 Beside Elizabeth H. "Erected 1984"

Temple, James E. PLH B 1878-1898 Beside James Alexander "Erected 1984"

Temple, Leavie L. REE G Jun-17-1875 May-21-1953 With Robert F.

Temple, Nick REE J Aug-23-1853 Nov-26-1934

Temple, Robert Bart? REE ? Sep-27-1901 Apr-16-2000

Temple, Robert F. REE G Oct-30-1872 Nov-07-1938 With Leavie L.

Temple, S.B. PLH B Nov-29-1812 Apr-21-1886 footer S.B.T.; with Elizabeth H.

Temple, Son PLH B 1901-1901 KTB son of Robt Fulton & Leavie Temple

Temple, Virginia Ruth REE K Dec-16-1931 Mar-13-1937 "Pure as a dewdrop, sweet as a..."

Temple, William Howard REE G Jun-05-1912 Oct-22-1946

Templeton, Adelia Francis Mar-24-1926 d. Jun-30-1944 dau of Theo C.& A.F. JAC 245

Templeton, Adolphus Paine EAC K 1860-1939

Templeton, Allen Fuller (Buss) Sep-17-1888 d. May-19-1950 JAC 245

Templeton, Ardelia J. Fuller Dec-23-1853 d. Oct-17-1910 wife of J.A. JAC 245

Templeton, D.G. (Plot-several unmarked graves-early pioneers) JAC 245

Templeton, Dr. John David Jul-16-1876 d. Sep-21-1900 JAC 245

Templeton, Ethel Lois EAC K 1897-1963

Templeton, Fannie Jul-08-1882 d. Jun-24-1883 dau of J.F.& H.D. JAC 245

Templeton, Floy Wall EAC J 1907-1938 "Gone but not forgotten"

Templeton, Frank, b. Benton Co AR Apr-25-1843 d. Houston TX Apr-24-1907 CSA JAC 245

Templeton, Frank Jun-30-1887 d. Jul-15-1887 son of J.A.& Adelia JAC 245

Templeton, Helena C. Dishman b. near Alto TX Feb-27-1856 d. Jacksonville TX Aug-30-1887 wife of Frank; Mother JAC 245

Templeton, infant d. Oct-20-1876 inf of John A.& Adelia J. JAC 245

Templeton, J.A. Dec-15-1844 d. May-08-1931 Southern Cross of Honor CSA JAC 245

Templeton, Joseph Brevard Feb-24-1865 d. Oct-18-1893 JAC 245

Templeton, Julia RAG S Jun-07-1852 May-12-1953 "Grandmother; Mother of Georgia Green"

Templeton, Lennie Myers EAC J May-23-1896 Jul-19-1975

Templeton, Lucy Mims EAC K 1874-1953

Templeton, Robert David EAC J 1904-1969 "Gone but not forgotten"

Templeton, Samuel A. EAC J Jan-23-1894 Apr-07-1983 "US Army WWII"

Templeton, Theo Crysup Aug-19-1888 d. Aug-21-1942 wife of A.F. JAC 245

Tenney, Deborah L. COR 9 Apr-03-1949 ...-..-.... "Mar Paul M. Apr-30-1992"

Tenney, Paul M. COR 9 Apr-25-1953 Oct-31-1994 "Mar Deborah L. Apr-30-1992"

Tennison, A.M. Nov-13-1852 d. Dec-20-1915 wife of J.K. GRF 350

Tennison, Billy Frank MC2-14 Jun-11-1953 Aug-17-1996 `Son/Brother/Uncle/Daddy'

Tennison, Boyce Edward MC2-13 Jun-28-1934 Aug-17-1989 with Mary; ME

Tennison, Boyd MC2-14 Apr-17-1914 Sep-27-1996 `Father'; with Ima

Tennison, Clara Jun-18-1892 d. Aug-06-1925 MCD 356

Tennison, Clara MC2-14 Jun-18-1892 Aug-06-1925 `Dad'; with Frank

Tennison, Clyde MC2-14 Feb-08 .... Feb-18-1990 with Ethel

Tennison, E.R. MC2-15 Oct-06-1859 Sep-21-1862 with Malissa,2 Inf,Thomas,TH,Eva & MS

Tennison, E.R. Oct-06-1859 d. Sep-21-1862 MCD 356

Tennison, E.V. Jan-24-1857 d. Jan-29-1924 MCD 356

Tennison, E.V. MC2-16 Jan-24-1857 Jan-29-1924 with W.R., Mary, Mathew & Eliza; ME

Tennison, Eliza Jane Gill MC2-16 Sep-25-1850 Aug-16-1876 with W.R., E.V, Mary & Mathew

Tennison, Elizabeth 1917-....; RSH 269

Tennison, Ethel MC2-14 Jun-24-.... Aug-28-1981 with Clyde

Tennison, Eva A. Jan-07-1879 d. Jul-08-1879 MCD 356

Tennison, Eva A. MC2-15 Jan-07-1879 Jul-08-1879 with MS,2 Inf,Malissa,Thomas, ER & TH

Tennison, Frank Aug-22-1889 d. Jan-16-1967 MCD 356

Tennison, Frank MC2-14 Aug-22-1889 Jan-16-1967 with Clara

Tennison, Gladys MC2-14 May-19-1922 .... `Mom'; with Glenn

Tennison, Ima MC2-14 Jun-07-1917 Jul-13-1997 `Mother; m. Jul-26-1933'; with Boyd

Tennison, infant d. Jan-03-1858 MCD 356

Tennison, infant d. Oct-27-1877 MCD 356

Tennison, Infant MC2-15 Oct-27-1877 with MS,Eva,Inf,Malissa,Thomas,ER & TH

Tennison, Infant MC2-15 Jan 03-1858 with Thomas,Malissa,Inf,MS,Eva,TH & ER

Tennison, infants d. Feb 1917 twin sons of Mr&Mrs Mack MCD 356

Tennison, Infants MC2-24 Feb-..-1917 `twin sons of Mr. & Mrs. Mack Tennison'

Tennison, J.K. Feb-01-1850 d. Jul-09-1923 GRF 350

Tennison, James H. 1912-1966; RSH 269

Tennison, Jewel MC2-04 Mar-06-1899 Jun-07-1982 `Mother'; uneven row

Tennison, Josephine V JCZ G Apr-28-1928 Feb-05-1986 'She is at peace'

Tennison, Leona Oct-31-1885 d. Apr-18-1925 GRF 350

Tennison, M. Glenn MC2-14 Sep-28-1920 May-17-1989 `Dad; PVT USA WWII'; with Gladys

Tennison, M.L. Apr-03-1852 d. Sep-23-1892 MCD 356

Tennison, M.L. MC2-15 Apr-03-1852 Sep-23-1892

Tennison, M.S. MC2-15 Sep-17-1854 Jul-12-1879 with Eva,2 Inf,Malissa,Thomas,ER & TH

Tennison, M.S. Sep-17-1854 d. Jul-12-1879 MCD 356

Tennison, Malissa MC2-15 May-24-1824 Dec-26-1862 with 2 Inf,Thomas,MS,TH,Eva & ER

Tennison, Marlin F. Jun-11-1918 d. .... MCD 356

Tennison, Marlin F. MC2-14 Jun-11-1918 Feb-04-1975 with Mary

Tennison, Mary Ann Nov-27-1828 d. Apr-12-1891 MCD 356

Tennison, Mary Earlene Cowan MC2-13 May-14-1937 .... with Boyce; RN

Tennison, Mary Jane MC2-16 Nov-27-1828 Apr-12-1891 with W.R., E.V., Mathew & Eliza

Tennison, Mary L. Sep-13-1922 d. Jul-05-1968 MCD 356

Tennison, Mary L. MC2-14 Sep-13-1922 Jul-05-1968 with Marlin

Tennison, Mathew MC2-16 Oct-10-1810 Feb-24-1903 with W.R., E.V., Mary & Eliza

Tennison, Matthew Oct-10-1810 d. Feb-24-1903 Mason MCD 356

Tennison, Mattie P. RHL D ...-..-.... Nov-01-1972 "At rest"

Tennison, Mellisa May-24-1824 d. Dec-26-1862 MCD 356

Tennison, Miss Vicki d. 1924 aged 61 yrs MCD 356

Tennison, Miss Vicki MC1-00 1924 - age 61 yrs.

Tennison, T. (no dates) MCD 356

Tennison, T.H. Feb-13-1848 d. Jul-15-1867 MCD 356

Tennison, T.H. MC2-15 Feb-13-1848 Jul-15-1867 with Malissa,2 Inf,Thomas,ER,Eva & MS

Tennison, Thomas Apr-26-1809 d. Dec-08-1864 MCD 356

Tennison, Thomas MC2-15 Apr-26-1809 Dec-08-1964 with 2 Inf,Malissa,MS,Eva,TH & ER

Tennison, Tom Jul-17-1887 d. Feb-26-1953 GRF 350

Tennison, Virgie K. Sep-13-1951 d. Dec-16-1954 MCD 356

Tennison, Virgil K. MC2-14 Sep-13-1951 Dec-16-1954

Tennison, W.R. Mar-18-1854 d. Nov-12-1936 Mason MCD 356

Tennison, Willard A JCZ G Jan-30-1932 Nov-29-1981

Tennison, William Reuben Dr. MC2-15 Mar-18-1854 Nov-12-1936; Historical Marker

Terrel, Kathleen bu. Dec-21-1990 OPA Helen Selman

Terrell, Allie Turney 1877-1960 OPA 501

Terrell, Almeda Mercer Jun-17-1861 d. Apr-14-1892 OPA 501

Terrell, Burena Jul-07-1898 d. May-25-1924 OPA 501

Terrell, Elizabeth Almeda Mar-17-1892 d. Oct-08-1892 OPA 501

Terrell, Francis d. Apr-14-1854 infant dau OPA 501

Terrell, G. Whit 1901-1948 OPA 501

Terrell, George B. 1862-1947 Mason OPA 501

Terrell, J.B. Apr-20-1856 d. Nov-09-1903 ALT 480

Terrell, Lewis Guinn Nov-24-1906 d. Dec-12-1972 OPA 501

Terrell, Mrs. Julia Butler Dec-02-1836 d. Nov-16-1905 Marriage records show that Julia B. Butler m. S.H. Terrell Jun-17-1855; TER 549

Terrell, Sallie Cary May-03-1861 d. Jul-30-1931 ALT 480

Terry, A. Ray COR H Jan-29-1936 Aug-02-1987 With L. Ann

Terry, Ava L. COR W 1894-1964 With Fred L.

Terry, Barbara B. COR W Sep-26-1905 ...-..-.... F.L.T. With Cecil J.

Terry, Ben A. COR Z May-25-1910 ...-..-.... "Mar Edna M. Jan-07-1935"

Terry, Bobby Joe COR U 1940-1942 Beside James M.

Terry, Carl W. COR H Aug-24-1908 Jul-02-1994 "Mar Gertrude L. Aug-08-1932"

Terry, Carmen Chitwood COR D Dec-08-1915 ...-..-.... Mar Edgar Lee Nov-11-1933 NIB

Terry, Cecil J. COR W Aug-27-1909 Jun-12-1988 With Barbara B. "TEC 5 US Army WWII"

Terry, Dorothy Louise Helms...PV2 R Jun-17-1924 ...-..-.... With Guffie Andrew

Terry, Drucilla COR H 1906-1913 Beside ie Terry

Terry, Edgar Lee "Ed" COR D May-17-1910 Jan-15-1997 NIB

Terry, Edna M. COR Z Jul-14-1913 Jun-07-1995 "Mar Ben A. Jan-07-1935"

Terry, Elizabeth Todd COR W 1846 Apr-..-1933 KTB

Terry, Eudora 1865-1951 NEM 326

Terry, Frank M. COR D Apr-14-1883 Apr-13-1962 Husband of Ida Ann

Terry, Fred L. COR W 1890-1957 With Ava L.

Terry, Gertrude L. COR H May-17-1909 Feb-27-1995 "Mar Carl W. Aug-08-1932"

Terry, Glenn E. COR J Aug-22-1923 ...-..-.... With Thelma M. "Thy kingdom come"

Terry, Guffie Andrew PV2 R Mar-02-1907 Jan-06-1980 With Dorothy Louise Helms "Pvt US Army

Terry, Gyndell Joyce Oct-23-1928 d. Apr-04-1929 CON 319

Terry, Harley L. COR U 1915-1936 Beside James M.

Terry, Homer H. Nov-09-1896 d. Oct-11-1963 JAC 245

Terry, Horace Porter COR U Nov-20-1928 Aug-02-1987 Beside Venia

Terry, Horace W. COR U Jul-26-1893 May-30-1970 "Mar Venia Ladonia Oct-05-1919"

Terry, Hubert Jan-08-1919 d. Jun-27-1966 JAC 245

Terry, Ida Ann COR D Jan-16-1888 May-13-1969 Wife of Frank M.

Terry, ie COR H 1909-1913 Beside Drucilla Terry

Terry, J.T. 1851-1916 NEM 326

Terry, James M. COR U 1880-1939 Beside Harley L.

Terry, John 1883-1959 JAC 245

Terry, John F. COR W Sep-17-1907 Dec-21-1986 With Mary Ethel

Terry, Johnny L. COR W Apr-10-1945 Sep-22-1965 Beside Mary Ethel "Till we meet again"

Terry, L. Ann COR H Apr-14-1939 ...-..-.... With A. Ray "Precious memories"

Terry, Lavetta F. COR X Jun-08-1923 ...-..-.... With Leo L.

Terry, Lee Ander COR W 1878-1959

Terry, Leo L. COR X Nov-04-1920 Feb-02-1986 With Lavetta "Pfc US Army WWII"

Terry, Mariah E. COR U 1846-1933 Beside Horace W.

Terry, Mary Ethel COR W Jul-15-1914 ...-..-.... With John F.

Terry, Myrts Piccola 1892 d. .... JAC 245

Terry, Nancy Sep-24-1895 d. .... CON 319

Terry, Nellie Aug-03-1900 d. Apr-15-1954 JAC 245

Terry, Pearl May Apr-20-1915 d. Mar-05-1968; RSH 269

Terry, Priscilla Janie PCH F Mar-23-1877 Apr-09-1960

Terry, Reuben H. Mar-31-1881 d. Feb-01-1919 WOW NEM 326

Terry, Thelma M. COR J Feb-06-1933 Oct-02-1982 With Glenn E. "Thy kingdom come"

Terry, Venia Ladonia COR U Jun-18-1899 Apr-25-1979 "Mar Horace W. Oct-05-1919"

Terry, Walton Francis COR W Nov-04-1902 Mar-12-1966 KTB

Terry, William Feb-27-1884 d. Sep-02-1950 CON 319

Thacker, Opal Marie Apr-18-1923 d. Jul-10-1948 MHP 550

Thacker, Preston R. Jan-10-1915 d. Dec-03-1963 MHP 550

Thames, John W. Jul-02-1887 d. Nov-18-1965 NEM 326

Thames, Maggie C. Aug-26-1888 d. .... NEM 326

Thames, Wiley Landon d. Jan-09-1917 inf of J.W.& Maggie NEM 326

Thanheiser, Kathleen Summers 1888-1912 CDH SIK

Tharpe, Annie Bowman 1887-1963 MHP 550

Tharpe, Wilford C. May-22-1889 d. Feb-01-1936 WOW MHP 550

Tharpe, Wilford Craig Jr. Mar-25-1920 d. Oct-29-1970 MHP 550

Thedford, Nathan T. 1908-1958 WOW MCD 356

Thedford, Nathan T. MC2-02 1908-1958 with Ophia; WOW

Thedford, Ophia H. 1916-1957 WOW Circle MCD 356

Thedford, Ophia H. MC2-02 1916-1957 with Nathan; WC

Theodore, Herbert Lee JCY F Mar-13-1923 ...-..-.... With Ida Mae

Theodore, Ida Mae JCY F Mar-10-1920 Dec-02-1982 With Herbert Lee

Thies, M Lois Gibson LAR I May-19-1909 ...-..-.... With Merlin Earl

Thies, Merlin Earl LAR I Aug-02-1912 Jan-25-1994 "Sgt US Army WWII" With M Lois Gibson

Thigpen, Leon bu. Nov-12-1989 OPA Helen Selman

Thirkill, Beauty L. JCY D 1919 ...-..-.... With E. Arluster

Thirkill, Della M JCZ B Jan-30-1949 ...-..-.... With Toliver R

Thirkill, E. Arluster JCY D 1916-1971 With Beauty L.

Thirkill, Toliver R JCZ B May-12-1952 Sep-30-1983 'Mar Della M May-25-1975'

Thomas, A.T. RHL K Jan-10-1882 Jan-27-1946

Thomas, Andrew Wyatt BMM A Apr-12-1995 Apr-12-1995

Thomas, B. Glenn TEC-17 Nov-24-1957 Sep-21-1999 with Linda

Thomas, Ben Nov-10-1888 d. Dec-15-1958 ARN 540

Thomas, Bennie A. Sep-02-1911 d. Nov-25-1966 ARN 540

Thomas, Bertha H. 1871-1956 Mama ALT 480

Thomas, Bessie M. 1879-1968 SHL 469

Thomas, Charles B. 1874-1939 ALT 480

Thomas, Decie RHL K Aug-18-1887 Apr-15-1941

Thomas, Dennis RHL K Sep-22-1876 Nov-04-1934 ME

Thomas, Doris bu. Feb-26-1999 OPA Helen Selman

Thomas, Elizabeth Mar-20-1879 d. Nov-28-1916(8)? wife of W.J.(broken) MTH 432

Thomas, Floyd Dec-07-1872 d. Mar-21-1896 JAC 245

Thomas, Frances 1916-.... ALT 480

Thomas, George W. Mar-10-1885 d. Sep-14-1967 THO 543

Thomas, infant (no dates) dau of Lula & Ben ARN 540

Thomas, J.J. 1846-1930 ALT 480

Thomas, James Milton bu. Jul-10-1997 OPA Helen Selman

Thomas, James W. Apr-25-1881 d. Aug-08-1906 ALT 480

Thomas, Jeffery A. Oct-04-1970 d. Oct-05-1970 ALT 480

Thomas, Joan RHL K ...-..-.... Jul-..-.... TMP "Age 57"

Thomas, John Blair MC1-06 Dec-01-1932 Mar-23-1996; with Loyce; PIC

Thomas, John Wesley d. Oct-30-1941 69 yrs TM WSG 139

Thomas, Larry D RAG G 1954-1962 "Son"

Thomas, Lewis H. 1907-1971 ALT 480

Thomas, Linda Berry TEC-17 Jul-15-1958 .... `m. Jul-12-1980'; with Glenn

Thomas, Louella Marie BMM E Jun-19-1947 Aug-04-1995 "In loving memory"

Thomas, Loyce Audrey MC1-06 Jan-19-1927 .... with John; PIC

Thomas, Lula D. Dec-22-1888 d. Apr-04-1938 ARN 540

Thomas, Lula May Apr-24-1885 d. Apr-11-1929 OPA 501

Thomas, Mary Nell Jul-06-1927 d. Feb-16-1929 dau of Lee & Inez ALT 480

Thomas, Mary ORH A ...-..-.... Dec-13-1912 "Wife of Wiley Thomas; age about 67 years"

Thomas Mayo, Stella E. Mar-04-1896 d. .... JAR 3100

Thomas, Mrs. R. 1843-1908 ALT 480

Thomas, Pearl Carr Sep-25-1886 d. Mar-05-1917 ALT 480

Thomas, Pearline Kyle PVW-14 1901-1972

Thomas, Sallie M. CR2 E Dec-05-1898 Jan-07-1968

Thomas, Sarah Ella Jan-29-1880 d. Oct-24-1914 wife of W.S. OPA 501

Thomas, William Jan-28-1967 only EAC 126

Thomas, William M. 1869-1952 Papa ALT 480

Thomas, Willie PVW-14 1911-1989

Thomason, Bessie Sep-14-1898 d. Nov-16-1898 dau of Henry & Sudie SGR 3114

Thomason, Charlie M. TEC-18 Jun-03-1884 Jul-09-1938

Thomason, Dora RS1 P Jan-06-1875 Jul-23-1910 "Thy rod and Thy staff shall comfort me"

Thomason, Earl C. RS1 O Jan-07-1921 Jan-13-1995 "1st Lt US Army Msgt US Air Force WWII"

Thomason, Elviray HSP J ...-..-.... Mar-31-1844 KTB pg 560 Cher Co History pub 1985

Thomason, G.W. RS1 G Jun-24-1831 Oct-03-1879 ME

Thomason, George Weldon RS1 Q Oct-05-1919 May-14-1990 "MM US Navy WWII" With Mary Ann

Thomason, H.C. Mar-09-1842 d. Feb-25-1928 I Regt GA Lt Duty Men CSA SGR 3114

Thomason, Hilry Hubbard May-12-1879 d. Nov-15-1959 MCD 356

Thomason, Hilry Hubbard MC2-09 May-12-1879 Nov-15-1959

Thomason, Inf Son RS1 Q Oct-24-1912 Oct-24-1912 "Inf son of JW & NF"

Thomason, Irma Bryce PV2 F Mar-29-1914 ...-..-.... With John Wylie

Thomason, Jackson RS1 Q Mar-19-1878 Jun-28-1965 ME; With Lillian

Thomason, John H. Mar-04-1868 d. Jul-31-1951 MCD 356

Thomason, John H. MC2-09 Mar-04-1868 Jul-31-1951 with Sarah

Thomason, John W. RS1 Q May-19-1869 Jun-03-1937 ME; With Nancy F.

Thomason, John W. HSP J ....-.... KTB pg 560 Cher Co History pub 1985

Thomason, John Wylie PV2 F Dec-17-1911 Sep-13-1993 "Mar Irma Bryce Nov-23-1932"

Thomason, Lillian RS1 Q Apr-17-1882 Jun-24-1967 With Jackson "Christ is our hope"

Thomason, Marsha Rene RS2 C Aug-17-1956 Aug-21-1956

Thomason, Mary Ann RS1 Q Feb-03-1922 ...-..-.... "Mar George Weldon May-10-1946"

Thomason, Nancy F. RS1 Q Aug-07-1879 Dec-15-1962 With John W.

Thomason, Oleta D. RS1 O Jan-30-1923 ...-..-.... "Mar Earl C Dec-18-1943"

Thomason, Sarah C. Harris RS1 P Aug-23-1841 Dec-09-1922 Wife of GW Thomason "At rest"

Thomason, Sarah E. Sep-15-1878 d. .... (filled) MCD 356

Thomason, Sarah E. MC2-09 Sep-15-1878 .... with John

Thomason, Sudie C. Oct-26-1854 d. Oct-19-1939 wife of H.C. SGR 3114

Thomason, W.B. MC2-09 1863-1938

Thomason, Wylie HSP J ...-..-.... 1873 KTB pg 560 Cher Co History pub 1985

Thompkins, Annie "Sissy" CR2 M Sep-15-1871 Oct-25-1956 "At rest"

Thompkins, Clell CR2 M Sep-29-1897 Jul-21-1979

Thompkins, Lois Ablina CR2 L ...-..-.... Oct-05-1934

Thompson, Agnes S. Nov-15-1867 d. Dec-12-1953 JAC 246

Thompson, Alfonso b&d Feb 1864 JAR 3100

Thompson, Alpha F. 1921-1921 JAR 3100

Thompson, Alpha J. 1889-1961 Mother JAR 3100

Thompson, Angeline Jul-03-1859 d. Jan-10-1913 wife of J.H. KNO 308

Thompson, Anna Hearne Jul-15-1887 d. Nov-11-1961 JAC 246

Thompson, Annie 1880-1955 JAC 245

Thompson, Arma R. 1878-1968 SHL 469

Thompson, Arthur (Dina) Mar-30-1892 d. Jun-24-1970 MIX 332

Thompson, Arthur B JCZ G Nov-26-1910 Nov-26-1967

Thompson, Auny Jane 1840-1918 KNO 308

Thompson, Beatrice Mae WSG J Mar-14-1919 Mar-15-1919 Beside Henry & Mary

Thompson, Benjamin W RS2 F Aug-06-1893 Jan-08-1977 With Nancy J.

Thompson, Benton S. Feb-05-1869 d. Jan-25-1950 Father CDH 401

Thompson, Bill PV2 S ....-.... With Lucille

Thompson, Billy B. 1896-1962 THO 543

Thompson, Bishop S. Mar-28-1873 d. Jul-08-1942 OPA 501

Thompson, Bruce A. 1905-1965 JAR 3100

Thompson, Burrel B. 1857-1927 MIX 332

Thompson, Burrell Allen Jan-20-1859 d. Jun-10-1935 WLC 381

Thompson, Byron RAG C Jun-19-1875 Feb-22-1911 "FCB Geyser City lodge no. 23 Waco, Texas"

Thompson, C. Maxine PVW-04 Sep-..-1931 Feb-21-1965 age 34; TFM

Thompson, Capt. Wm. F. Aug-29-1831 d. May-24-1883 Mason CSA JAC 245

Thompson, Carl G. Sep-20-1903 d. Jan-20-1967 Mason JAC 246

Thompson, Catherine E. VIN F Jan-05-1907 d. Jan-08-2000 'Mother'

Thompson, Celeste A. 1850-1927 JAC 246

Thompson, Charles E. 1886-1947 JAC 246

Thompson, Charles Mar-05-1861 d. Nov-05-1940 JAC 246

Thompson, Cinderella Mrs. HEN-04 Jan-13-1913 Jun-15-2000

Thompson, Clarinda Lee 1827-1911 JAC 245

Thompson, Claud 1881-1938 SIM 546

Thompson, Clifton May-10-1905 d. Aug-24-1974 CDH SIK

Thompson, Cody HEN-06 Jan-12-1870 May-24-1941 with Melvin

Thompson, Corbin R. 1909 d. Dec-25-1944 IOOF JAC 246

Thompson, Cozel Masters ME3-02 Jul-15-1926 .... 'm. Apr-19-1946'; with Miller

Thompson, Dallas Rollen Dec-25-1890 d. Jul-16-1918 IOOF JAR 3100

Thompson, Dena 1880-1959 SIM 546

Thompson, Don Mar-29-1869 d. May-09-1954 JAR 3100

Thompson, Dorothy Jean Nov-11-1920 d. Sep-12-1927 dau of W.B.& Ruby JAC 246

Thompson, Dura Aug-30-1898 d. Sep-16-1900 dau of W.V.& E.L. JAR 3100

Thompson, Eastril JCZ G Feb-27-1904 Jan-01-1991 With Pearlan

Thompson, Edith L. Feb-12-1930 d. .... SIM 546

Thompson, Edna Jul-04-1885 d. Aug-20-1887 dau of I.H.& S.G. JAC 245

Thompson, Edy Afelston Feb-17-1881 d. Jul-31-1884 son of W.M.& E.J. OPG 399

Thompson, Elijah PVW-04 1898-1959

Thompson, Eliza J. Mar-15-1859 d. Jun-26-1943 PGR 397

Thompson, Elizabeth H. Apr-29-1826 d. Dec-15-1906 wife of Thomas J. LOC 388

Thompson, Elizabeth H. LOC-00 Apr-29-1826 Dec-15-1906 wife of T.J. Thompson

Thompson, Elizabeth Jul-04-1883 d. Nov-19-1950 OPA 501

Thompson, Elsie D JCZ H Apr-23-1880 Nov-30-1957 With Will

Thompson, Emma B. KIL C Aug-19-1868 Nov-12-1868 KTB by Ogreta W. Huttash

Thompson, Emma Lee Nov-25-1877 d. Jan-14-1950 JAR 3100

Thompson, Esther d. Jun-17-1897 age 13 mos dau of Norman & Martina JAC 245

Thompson, Ethel 1883-1963 JAC 246

Thompson, Eula A. Jan-24-1901 d. .... (on Goodson marker) MEA 363

Thompson, Eula ME2-10 Jan-24-1901 Aug-29-1998 with Marguerite & J. Herschel Goodson

Thompson, Eunice W. PVW-16 Feb-12-1922 Jun-14-1995

Thompson, Eva RAG F 1896-1935 "Mother"

Thompson, F. Jennie LOC-00 1871-1936

Thompson, F.M. 1840-1867 THM 271

Thompson, Faye JCZ G Feb-26-1902 Oct-20-1984 'At rest'

Thompson, Flordia Mae JCZ H Aug-25-1914 Mar-03-1960 'Sister'

Thompson, Floyd 1898-.... MIX 332

Thompson, Frank A. 1885-1970 Father JAR 3100

Thompson, Frater Charlie F. Jan-01-1887 d. Aug-10-1907 son of B.B.& L.B. MIX 332

Thompson, Geneva ME1-15 Aug-10-1924 Jul-28-1999 'Mother'

Thompson, George W. Sep-06-1869 d. Aug-27-1928 JAC 246

Thompson, Georgie C. 1884-1967 HNC 311

Thompson, Grace D. ....-.... JAC 246

Thompson, Hazel O. Oct-27-1907 d. Mar-27-1926 SIM 546

Thompson, Henry WSG J 1886-1932 With Mary

Thompson, Homer PVW-17 Aug-29-1933 .... TX PFC 332 Serv Bn

Thompson, Horace B. 1911-1935 JAR 3100

Thompson, Ida J. Apr-10-1878 d. Mar-18-1951 MIX 332

Thompson, Ike PVW-16 b. 1867 Mar-28-1933

Thompson, infant (no dates) son of Mary & Wiley THO 543

Thompson, infant (no dates) son of Mary & Wiley THO 543

Thompson, infant Aug. to Sept. 1906, son of C.L.& Dena SIM 546

Thompson, infant b&d Jan-13-1919 son of W.B.& Rubye JAC 246

Thompson, infant baby no dates (on Philleo marker) CDH 401

Thompson, infant d. Jul-31-1920 son of Mr&Mrs R.H. MEA 363

Thompson, infant d. Sep-19-1941 child of Mr&Mrs John D. HNC 311

Thompson, Infant ME3-01 Jul-31-1920 'Son of Mr & Mrs R.H. Thompson'

Thompson, J. Arthur Nov-21-1887 d. Jun-22-1966 JAC 246

Thompson, J.A. Wayland May-12-1913 d. Jun-12-1971 MIX 332

Thompson, J.E. Everett ME3-02 Feb-19-1897 Dec-28-1993

Thompson, J.H. Dec-02-1890 d. Oct-01-1892 son of J.A.& L.J. MIX 332

Thompson, J.P. HSP B Dec-05-1889 Sep-28-1900 "Son of JP & ME Thompson" Broken stone

Thompson, J.W. "Winkie" Dec-17-1906 d. .... SHL 469

Thompson, James A. KIL C Jul-21-1853 Oct-17-1855 KTB by Ogreta W. Huttash

Thompson, James E. 1925-1933 SAL 447

Thompson, James P. 1820-1908 MIX 332

Thompson, Jane Mar-05-1845 d. Aug-13-1927 MHP 550

Thompson, Jane PVW-19 d. Jul-03-1907 age abt 60 yrs; wife of DW Thompson

Thompson, Jane Wallace Jan-15-1924 d. Feb-09-1967 CDH 401

Thompson, Jeff Armstead JCX C Oct-21-1900 Jun-30-1914 son of John & Lydia

Thompson, Jennie 1871-1936 Mother LOC 388

Thompson, Jessie (no dates) THO 543

Thompson, Jim 1878-1964 SIM 546

Thompson, Joe M. PV2 D Apr-20-1885 Apr-12-1959 Beside Mrs E.A.

Thompson, Joe W. 1885-1960 THO 543

Thompson, Joel A. Jun-24-1860 d. Feb-12-1939 MIX 332

Thompson, John (no dates) THO 543

Thompson, John A. 1832 d. Jul-23-1864 JAR 3100

Thompson, John Deckard Sep-07-1879 d. Dec-31-1903 son of W.M.& E.J. OPG 399

Thompson, John H. 1869-1945 Mason SHL 469

Thompson, John W. Sep-08-1853 d. Sep-20-1922 Father JAR 3100

Thompson, Josephas Oct-08-1824 d. Jun-06-1885 THP 354

Thompson, Josephine 1856-1932 KNO 308

Thompson, Julia Ann d. Aug-31-1909 aged 90 yrs; wife of John A. JAR 3100

Thompson, Kenneth E. Dec-17-1929 d. Jul-23-1968 SIM 546

Thompson, L.E. Mar-15-1904 d. Mar-12-1938 OPA 501

Thompson, Lena 1878-1917 Our Mother SIM 546

Thompson, Lenora 1888-.... SIM 546

Thompson, Leslie Jun-28-1914 d. Jul-03-1914 JAC 246

Thompson, Leta M. ME3-02 Nov-07-1929 .... with Sherrill

Thompson, Lewis JCX B Nov-26-1823 Apr-12-1900 Husband of Jane

Thompson, Lewis Pate Feb-14-1899 d. Aug-25-1968; RSH 269

Thompson, Lida Mar-30-1876 d. Jan-30-1896 JAC 246

Thompson, Liddie J. Sep-01-1874 d. Feb-27-1963 MIX 332

Thompson, Lillie B. Apr-04-1895 d. Feb-22-1950 MEA 363

Thompson, Lillie B. ME3-02 Apr-04-1895 Feb-22-1950 PIC (broken)

Thompson, Lillie Tomlin Dec-26-1881 d. Jul-02-1939 WLC 381

Thompson, Linda L JCZ H 1906-1979

Thompson, Linnie (no dates) THO 543

Thompson, little Jewel Jan-19-1892 d. Jun-21-1898 son of W.A.& C.G. LOC 388

Thompson, Little Jewel LOC-00 Jan-19-1892 Jun-21-1898 son of W.A. & C.C. Thompson

Thompson, Lola Mae PV2 S 1897-1970 Beside Bill & Lucille "Precious memories"

Thompson, Lola Pearl Sep-06-1899 d. Apr-03-1952; RSH 269

Thompson, Lottie (no dates) THO 543

Thompson, Lucille PV2 S ....-.... With Bill

Thompson, Lucy Gray 1864-1933 MIX 332

Thompson, Lucy J. Sep-25-1860 d. Oct-14-1950 Mother JAR 3100

Thompson, Luvater RHL J Nov-30-1925 Nov-19-1968

Thompson, M.L. Apr-22-1844 d. May-05-1915 MHP 550

Thompson, Maggie Lee Dec-25-1877 d. Dec-15-1919 SIM 546

Thompson, Major M RAG D Dec-04-1840 May-27-1922 ME

Thompson, Margaret Ora Anner 1834 d. Sept 1857 wife of John A. JAC 245

Thompson, Marion D. Jan-07-1840 d. Jan-24-1909 Father JAR 3100

Thompson, Martha A. Feb-23-1839 d. Jan-21-1907 Mother JAC 245

Thompson, Martin A. 1890-1961 son of B. Franklin & Sara; Papa MCD 356

Thompson, Martin A. MC2-14 1890-1961 `Pa-Pa; Son of B. Franklin & Sara Thompson'; with Rosie

Thompson, Martina 1873-1952 IOOF JAC 246

Thompson, Mary Ann Jan-28-1861 d. Apr-06-1939 JAC 245

Thompson, Mary E. 1836-1905 MIX 332

Thompson, Mary Ethel Jan-05-1886 d. 1907 HNC 311

Thompson, Mary J. Mar-21-1843 d. Apr-10-1933 Mother JAR 3100

Thompson, Mary J. Apr-24-1869 d. Jul-24-1963 Mother CDH SIK

Thompson, Mary Robertson no dates (on Philleo marker) CDH 401

Thompson, Mary WSG J 1896-1990 With Henry

Thompson, Mattie D. 1861-1949 Mother MIX 332

Thompson, Mattie Lamb HEN-07 May-25-1906 Jan-26-1978

Thompson, Melvin HEN-06 Mar-13-1867 May-12-1940 with Cody

Thompson, Mildred Jan-29-1904 d. Mar-01-1908 dau of John A.& Donie A. ALT 480

Thompson, Miller ME3-02 Apr-06-1922 .... with Cozel

Thompson, Minnie P. MC2-11 Dec-22-1906 Oct-20-1993 with Willie; rock covered

Thompson, Modene 1917-1917 SIM 546

Thompson, Mr. Charlie CR2 J Feb-27-1902 Feb-05-1978 Headstone made of steel plate

Thompson, Mrs. E.A. PV2 D ....-.... "Aged 73 years" Beside Joe M.

Thompson, Mrs. S.J. 1814-1862 THM 271

Thompson, Nancy J RS2 F Feb-25-1893 Jun-12-1978 With Benjamin W.

Thompson, Nancy W. KIL C Dec-08-1833 Jul-11-1855 near crypts

Thompson, Narcis RAG D Aug-08-1848 Dec-29-1924 "Wife of Major M"

Thompson, Nellie Mae 1891-1967 JAC 246

Thompson, Newton F. LOC-00 Nov-11-1856 Jul-25-1897

Thompson, Noah C. Dec-11-1885 d. Jul-05-1951 SAL 447

Thompson, Nona L. Jul-29-1910 d. Nov-02-1965 SHL 469

Thompson, Norman B. 1869-1930 JAC 246

Thompson, Opal A. PVW-04 b. 1922 Feb-14-1976 age 53 yrs 1mo 26 dys; TFM

Thompson, Ophelia G. 1926-1944 JAR 3100

Thompson, Pearlan JCZ G Dec-06-1922 ...-..-.... With Eastril

Thompson, Printess 1901-1960 Pvt 1908 Svc Comd Unit JAR 3100

Thompson, R. Gladstone Jr. Nov-28-1920 d. .... CDH 401

Thompson, Rebecca RAG F 1842-1912 "In loving memory"

Thompson, Rev. P. JCY A 1908-1953

Thompson, Rev. P. JCY A 1905-1954 TMP

Thompson, Richard D JCY B Jan-15-1911 Mar-31-1984 Pvt US Army WWII

Thompson, Robert Allen Jul-23-1937 d. Jul-09-1994 CDH SIK

Thompson, Robert E. Nov-05-1901 d. Feb-17-1948 TX Pvt Engr WWII MIX 332

Thompson, Robert L. 1882-1962 HNC 311

Thompson, Robert OLA K ...-..-.... Jul-22-1930 "At rest"

Thompson, Rose Margaret Dec-05-1914 d. Feb-20-1950 SAL 447

Thompson, Rosie M. 1889-1948 dau of Thos.J.& Rachel Womack; Mama Rosa MCD 356

Thompson, Rosie M. MC2-14 1889-1948 `Mama Rosa; dau of Thomas J.& Rachel Womack'; with Martin

Thompson, Rube 1890-1965 JAR 3100

Thompson, Rufus A. May-09-1869 d. Jan-17-1959 MIX 332

Thompson, Rufus JCY E Apr-11-1896 Jul-23-1974 Brother

Thompson, Russell Melvin HEN-06 Oct-11-1908 Sep-12-1938

Thompson, S.E. HSP B ....-.... "Dau of JP & ME Thompson" Broken stone

Thompson, Sadie Bell Jan-11-1879 d. Nov-18-1949 JAC 246

Thompson, Sallie Jan-14-1877 d. .... MEA 363

Thompson, Sallie ME3-01 Jan-14-1877 Oct-14-1974 with Woody

Thompson, Samuel A. 1839-1918 Pvt Tex Arty CSA JAC 246

Thompson, Samuel Clayton no dates (on Philleo marker) CDH 401

Thompson, Sherrill R. ME3-02 Mar-09-1920 Aug-12-1978 with Leta

Thompson, Tenia G. Jul-05-1908 d. .... CDH SIK

Thompson, Tennille Hope TEC-04 Nov-18-1976 Apr-17-1995

Thompson, Texana Lamb HEN-07 Jan-11-1888 Mar-19-1954 'Aunt Dobe'

Thompson, Thomas Fletcher Jan-06-1884 d. .... HNC 311

Thompson, Thomas J. Mar-27-1826 d. Feb-18-1881 LOC 388

Thompson, Thomas J. LOC-00 Mar-27-1826 Feb-18-1881

Thompson, Tom F. Nov-11-1856 d. Jul-25-1897 (broken; stacked under Crepe Myrtle tree) LOC 388

Thompson, Tom F. LOC-00 Nov-11-1856 Jul-25-1897 (broken stone)

Thompson, Unknown PVW-19 b. 1877 May-02-1916 wife of Coon Thompson

Thompson, Verna 1899-.... MIX 332

Thompson, Vertie B. PVW-04 1902-1994

Thompson, Victory PVW-19 Jul-20-1826 Nov-18-1906

Thompson, W.J. 1830-1863 THM 271

Thompson, W.M. Dec-15-1841 d. Feb-09-1909 TIL 307

Thompson, W.M. VIN E Dec-15-1841 d. Feb-09-1909

Thompson, Walt C. Jan-04-1869 d. Mar-30-1937 SAR 437

Thompson, Walter S. 1899-1941 Brother MIX 332

Thompson, Will JCZ H Dec-12-1886 May-13-1963 With Elsie D

Thompson, William DAU D ....-.... "Deceased"

Thompson, Willie 1902-1903 SHL 469

Thompson, Willie E. MC2-11 Oct-06-1906 Nov-11-1981 with Minnie; rock covered

Thompson, Woodie Dec-06-1874 d. Aug-07-1961 MEA 363

Thompson, Woody ME3-01 Dec-26-1874 Aug-07-1961 with Sallie

Thompson, Zoa E. PV2 D Nov-23-1880 Jun-29-1972 Beside Joe M.

Thorn, Charlie 1880-1936 JAC 246

Thorn, Lonnie b&d Apr-30-1910 JAC 246

Thorn, Lyda Ann d. Apr-01-1969 76yrs 9mos 6das TM JAC 246

Thornton, Albert W. Sep-23-1860 d. Nov-30-1915 OPA 501

Thornton, Charles Kyle Sep-06-1914 d. Oct-15-1914 son of Virgil&Violet OPA 501

Thornton, Cley 1880-1965 by Maggie MTH 432

Thornton, Cley MTH I 1880-1965 'C.T.' beside Maggie

Thornton, Fidelia Jan-06-1856 d. Feb-27-1940 OPA 501

Thornton, G.W. bu. Jun-05-1994 OPA Helen Selman

Thornton, George E. Sep-22-1899 d. Oct-01-1899 son of L.J.& Sallie GRF 350

Thornton, George Ezra Dec-07-1891 d. Jul-07-1969 OPA 501

Thornton, George W. Dec-09-1850 d. Oct-31-1929 OPA 501

Thornton, infant Feb-15-1898 d. Feb-18-1898 son of Mr&Mrs A.W. OPA 501

Thornton, J.L. 1923-1925 by Maggie & Cley MTH 432

Thornton, J.L. MTH I 1923-1925 buried beside Cley & Maggie

Thornton, J.W. 1925-1925 by Maggie & Cley MTH 432

Thornton, J.W. MTH I 1925-1925 buried beside Cley & Maggie

Thornton, James Willis b&d Nov-16-1947 OPA 501

Thornton, Jesse G. Feb-21-1887 d. Jan-24-1973 OPA 501

Thornton, Lester OAK H Jan-06-1906 Nov-26-1979 "Pa-Paw; Mar Vallie Feb-01-1928"

Thornton, Lizzie Mar-12-1845 d. Nov-25-1911 OPA 501

Thornton, Loyd D. OAK H Dec-23-1909 Jul-13-1963 Beside Mary Sue

Thornton, Maggie 1886-1954 by Cley MTH 432

Thornton, Maggie MTH I 1886-1954 'M.T.' beside Cley

Thornton, Martha E. Feb-03-1867 d Jan-17-1945 OPA 501

Thornton, Mary Edna Jul-02-1888 d. .... m. Dec-24-1913 OPA 501

Thornton, Mary Sue OAK H Nov-19-1928 ...-..-.... Beside Vallie

Thornton, Mattie H. Oct-10-1897 d. .... m. May-03-1913 OPA 501

Thornton, Opal bu. Mar-22-1990 OPA Helen Selman

Thornton, Vallie OAK H Jul-11-1908 Jun-11-1980 "Ma-Maw" With Lester

Thrash, George Autry Feb-22-1908 d. Jun-09-1941 WLC 381

Thrash, James Michael May-14-1965 d. May-16-1965 son of Mike&Anette OPA 501

Thrash, Mary Ida Apr-03-1874 d. Oct-05-1946 OPA 501

Thrash, Thomas Jeff Mar-24-1872 d. Jun-05-1962 OPA 501

Thrasher, Billie Marie PLH C 1932-1951 "R.E.G. - U.S.D."

Threadgill, Charles bu. Jan-28-1994 OPA Helen Selman

Thrift, Robert Garland "Bear".PV2 2 Aug-14-1913 Nov-25-1986

Thurman, Ada B. Nov-04-1892 d. .... m. Feb-23-1911 (Tom) MIX 332

Thurman, Albert G. Aug-06-1900 d. Jun-24-1965 JAC 246

Thurman, Allie Mae GRI-07 Mar-23-1906 May-13-1982

Thurman, Charles H LAR O Sep-09-1895 Oct-31-1974 "F1 US Navy"

Thurman, Cora E. Jun-08-1869 d. Aug-06-1929 wife of J.M. JAC 246

Thurman, Cordelia LAR O Nov-13-1875 Jun-12-1960 With Lon

Thurman, Earl D. GRI-07 Sep-05-1924 Jul-16-1981 Cpl US Army WWII

Thurman, Edith Agnes Dec-13-1885 d. .... MIX 332

Thurman, Eunice Mabel Hall LAR O Jan-30-1900 Feb-19-1997 TMP; "Age 97"

Thurman, George E. Jan-28-1891 d. Apr-24-1967 TX Pvt 32 Co 165 Depot Bde GRI 302

Thurman, George, E. GRI-07 Jan-28-1891 Apr-24-1967 TX PVT 32 Co 165 Depot Brig WWI

Thurman, Gerald E. Jul-10-1921 d. May-23-1953 Sgt 536 Serv Sq AAF GRI 302

Thurman, Gerald E. GRI-07 Jul-10-1921 May-23-1953 TX Sgt 536 Svc Sq AAF WWII

Thurman, Irene H. Aug-10-1901 d. .... JAC 246

Thurman, J.M. 1860-1948 JAC 246

Thurman, Lon LAR O Sep-04-1873 Sep-23-1950 With Cordelia "At rest"

Thurman, Mary E. Aug-26-1861 d. Feb-12-1937 MIX 332

Thurman, Mrs. Clyde K. d. Apr-22-1965 aged 76 yrs MIX 332

Thurman, Norman H. Nov-13-1920 d. Feb-24-1936 JAC 246

Thurman, Olen Lee d. Feb-03-1951 MIX 332

Thurman, Otis Lee Feb-04-1914 d. Jun-22-1952 MIX 332

Thurman, Raymond Wm. d. Aug-05-1971 aged 65 yrs TEC 303

Thurman, Tom Aug-18-1881 d. Mar-16-1961 MIX 332

Thurman, William A. Dec-01-1858 d. Dec-17-1935 MIX 332

Thurman, William Ben Apr-03-1882 d. Feb-28-1961 MIX 332

Thurmond, Albert Porter 1854-1921 MIX 332

Thurmond, Corine C. 1884-1956 OPA 501

Thurmond, Edwin W. 1877-1947 OPA 501

Thurmond, Elizabeth Ann 1855-1929 MIX 332

Thurmond, Frank 1885-1935 (only date) JAC 246

Thurmond, Frank Jr. Sep-18-1932 (only date) JAC 246

Thurmond, infant d. Dec-28-1872 son of A.J.& M.E. MIX 332

Thurmond, James Gilbert Oct-31-1933 (only date) JAC 246

Thurmond, Lee May-06-1874 d. Aug-08-1878 son of A.J.& M.E. MIX 332

Thurmond, Vivian Sep-14-1909 d. Nov-06-1911 dau of S.P.& B.M. (on Howard marker) MIX 332

Thweatt, Elizabeth M. Feb-17-1890 d. Oct-28-1965 CDH 401

Tidrow, J.W. Feb-13-1904 d. .... CDH 401

Tidrow, James Walter Jr. Dec-26-1930 d. Apr-19-1984 CDH SIK

Tidrow, Mary Burns Feb-16-1936 d. .... CDH SIK

Tidrow, Ora A. Aug-24-1909 d. Sep-15-1967 CDH 401

Tidwell, Alice Marie. ANT C Nov-04-1930 Dec-01-1970 "Thy will be done" With Norman E.

Tidwell, C.L. MIL H Feb-18-1882 Oct-04-1902 1st name not on Header, C.L.T. on footer

Tidwell, Charlie Lonzo Feb-18-1882 d. Oct-04-1902 MIL 136

Tidwell, Clinnon E. ANT F Sep-10-1923 Mar-12-1994 "Father; CPL US ARMY AIR CORPS WWII"

Tidwell, Clyde Carter Jul-12-1895 d. Oct-03-1959 Tex Pfc Co E 56 Inf 7 Div; RSH 269

Tidwell, Dallas 1890-1959 OPA 501

Tidwell, Doris Ann ANT C Jan-25-1932 ...-..-.... "forever in our hearts"

Tidwell, E.A. PV1 F May-23-1885 Dec-20-1891

Tidwell, Edward R. ANT C Oct-11-1908 Dec-15-1968

Tidwell, Edwin N. (baby) ANT C Dec-13-1956 Dec-13-1956

Tidwell, Edwin. ANT C Oct-11-1908 Sep-22-1929 "father" With Ethel

Tidwell, Estella Doris Sep-03-1918 d. Feb-18-1921 dau of J.D.&Ida OPA 501

Tidwell, Ethel. ANT C Oct-30-1907 Mar-09-1937 "mother" With Edwin

Tidwell, Frances Elizabeth Oct-18-1848 d. Oct-19-1918 OPA 501

Tidwell, Gladys Davis UGR L Mar-17-1901 Aug-29-1982

Tidwell, Harvey Theodore. ANT H Aug-28-1917 Jan-11-1981 "S2 US NAVY WW II"

Tidwell, Ida G. 1894-.... OPA 501

Tidwell, Ima Belle. ANT D Nov-24-1905 Oct-01-1946 With Melvin Thomas

Tidwell, Inez Jane. ANT C Nov-12-1883 Dec-18-1963 With William F.

Tidwell, infant. ANT C Jun-05-1962 Jun-05-1962 "Inf son of Mr & Mrs. N.E. Tidwell"

Tidwell, Ira T. ANT H Feb-04-1894 Mar-30-1980 "Mar Ruth Bradley July 13, 1912"

Tidwell, J.E. 1867-1945 OPA 501

Tidwell, John bu. Jul-23-1990 OPA Helen Selman

Tidwell, John Finis 1901-1944 Daddy OPA 501

Tidwell, John M. Sep-25-1868 d. Jul-23-1936 OPA 501

Tidwell, Kate V. Jun-06-1872 d. Jun-04-1946 OPA 501

Tidwell, Leonard Lambert Aug-07-1910 d. May-14-1922 OPA 501

Tidwell, Mary bu. Feb-17-1995 OPA Helen Selman

Tidwell, Melvin Ira. ANT H Apr-23-1962 Jul-04-1962 "In loving memory"

Tidwell, Melvin Thomas. ANT D Jun-19-1896 Jul-28-1975 With Ima Belle

Tidwell, Mozelle Pope. ANT F Feb-02-1928 ...-..-.... "Mother; mar Clinnon E. Jan 9, 1948"

Tidwell, Norman E. ANT C Aug-22-1927 ...-..-.... With Alice Marie

Tidwell, Ruth Bradley. ANT H Jan-05-1893 Oct-15-1974 With Ira T.

Tidwell, William F. ANT C Nov-08-1880 Aug-04-1962 With Inez Jane

Tihdoald, M.A. HSP D 1856 Jul-09-1885 Sandstone marker; Last name very tenuous

Till, L.A. Dec-16-1854 d. Mar-22-1932 HNC 311

Till, L.O. Dec-23-1890 d. Aug-06-1904 HNC 311

Till, M.S. Jul-22-1865 d. Oct-06-1906 HNC 311

Till, P.S. Aug-03-1887 d. Feb-16-1888 HNC 311

Tillery, Alvin S. ME2-04 Jul-29-1895 Jun-17-1971

Tillery, Alvis S. d. Jun-17-1971 aged 75 yrs MEA 363

Tillery, Essie Agnes ME2-04 Sep-27-1917 Oct-14-1990 'Mother'

Tilley, Agartha PVW-16 Sep-28-1930 Apr-10-1993 PIC; 'Mother'

Tilley, Allie 1860-1899 MEA 363

Tilley, Allie ME3-08 1860-1899

Tilley, Ammye L. 1888-.... JAC 246

Tilley, Anna M JCZ F Sep-19-1915 Apr-18-1990

Tilley, B.S. Nov-30-1827 d. Jun-10-1888 Capt. CSA JAC 246

Tilley, baby boy d. Aug-02-1908 JAC 246

Tilley, Beatrice Sanders JCY H Apr-09-1926 ...-..-.... With Melton

Tilley, Bernard Jefferson RAG C Aug-08-1925 May-04-1994 TMP; "Jr., age 68"

Tilley, Bernester OLA M May-16-1928 May-26-1979 "Father"

Tilley, Bloomy JCY H Apr-09-1914 ...-..-.... With R.E.

Tilley, Byron Demon OLA N May-16-1970 May-12-1971 "I pray thee Lord my soul to keep"

Tilley, Byron Jr. OLA N Aug-15-1927 Sep-14-1971

Tilley, Byron OLA M Mar-11-1883 Mar-03-1963 Cement covered

Tilley, Callie JCY G Jan-09-1900 Nov-06-1990 With Ozie

Tilley, Canary JCZ F Jul-17-1902 Jan-25-1996 'Granny'

Tilley, Clyde PVW-03 Aug-08-1907 Apr-16-1975 sandstone marker & TFM

Tilley, Cora E. Feb-22-1860 d. May-21-1891 JAC 246

Tilley, Dorothy Mae RAG K Jan-01-1921 Nov-20-1993 With Levi P. (Jack) "In Gods care"

Tilley, E J OLA M Oct-04-1921 Nov-19-1950

Tilley, Elizabeth L. JCY H Aug-07-1913 Jul-28-1993 With Ernest D.

Tilley, Emily Foster Nov-18-1831 d. Oct-09-1902 wife of B.S. JAC 246

Tilley, Emmett Bunn Apr-02-1911 d. May-01-1914 JAC 246

Tilley, Emmett D. 1883-1960 JAC 246

Tilley, Ernest D. JCY H Apr-26-1911 Jul-27-1988 With Elizabeth L.

Tilley, Eugene J OLA F Nov-22-1877 Dec-12-1973 With lillie V.

Tilley, Everline RAG Q 1887-1959 PCT

Tilley, Frank Gordon Nov-13-1904 d. Nov-07-1969 JAC 246

Tilley, George L. Jul-28-1879 d. Dec-18-1928 JAC 246

Tilley, George Oct-26-1848 d. Jul-11-1902 JAC 246

Tilley, Guy C. Nov-06-1896 d. Jul-23-1969 JAC 246

Tilley, Harry Park Jan-14-1878 d. Jan-30-1948 JAC 246

Tilley, Henry OLA Q Oct-12-1910 Mar-13-1989 With Selener "In Gods care" Cement covered

Tilley, Ina JCZ F 1910-1960 With James

Tilley, J. Foster 1885-1962 JAC 246

Tilley, James JCZ F 1902-1960 With Ina

Tilley, Jessie Maud PVW-05 Jul-08-1918 Sep-09-1978

Tilley, Jimmie OLA M Jul-11-1888 May-21-1972 With Luke "Mother"

Tilley, John B. Oct-12-1875 d. May-05-1934 JAC 246

Tilley, John Edd JCZ F Feb-28-1893 Jun-28-1974 'At rest'

Tilley, Joseph Henry 1858-1922 JAC 246

Tilley, Josiah Aug-10-1824 d. May-05-1896 CSA JAC 246

Tilley, Lester OLA F Mar-03-1901 Sep-26-1987 TMP

Tilley, Lester PVW-15 Sep-20-1919 Jun-20-1995 age 73; TFM

Tilley, Levi P (Jack) RAG K Jul-20-1917 ...-..-.... With Dorothy Mae

Tilley, Lexton JCZ F Dec-09-1908 Sep-20-1991 With Anna M 'Beloved father' PCT

Tilley, Lillie V OLA F May-27-1876 Sep-15-1965 With Eugene J.

Tilley, Luke OLA M Feb-07-1885 Jul-14-1964 With Jimmie "Father"

Tilley, Mable Clark May-16-1908 d. .... JAC 246

Tilley, Marie JCZ G Oct-09-1903 Jul-27-1991 'Age 87; Mother'

Tilley, Mary OLA M ...-..-.... 1929 "Grandma" Cement covered

Tilley, Maude P. 1889-1960 JAC 246

Tilley, Melton JCY H Oct-02-1913 Aug-28-1978 With Beatrice Sanders Pvt US Army WWII

Tilley, Miss Effie Jan-15-1858 d. Sep-31-1909 JAC 246

Tilley, Mr Frank JCZ A Jun-05-1889 Jun-08-1986 TMP 'Age 97'

Tilley, Mrs. Maria 1858-1937 JAC 246

Tilley, Olivie PVW-05 Mar-20-1936 Feb-11-1990 TFM

Tilley, Ollye Aug-01-1879 d. Sep-16-1939 JAC 246

Tilley, Opal Tipton MC2-06 Jan-14-1899 Jan-17-1990

Tilley, Ozie JCY G May-29-1899 Nov-09-1987 With Callie

Tilley, Prester PVW-16 Sep-15-1934 .... 'Father'

Tilley, R.E. JCY H Apr-17-1904 Mar-15-1988 'Mar Bloomy Sep 13-1942'

Tilley, Robert Louis JCZ E Oct-02-1924 Nov-23-1986 US Army WWII

Tilley, Roe PVW-15 Jan-15-1917 Jul-15-1966 with Rosie Tilley

Tilley, Rosie Lee PVW-15 Apr-10-1909 Dec-11-1973 with Roe Tilley

Tilley, Ruben JCY G Apr-14-1906 May-05-1993

Tilley, Sarah (Nelson) 1832-1907 JAC 246

Tilley, Selener OLA Q Jan-10-1912 Jul-25-1990 With Henry Cement covered

Tilley, Thomas G. Apr-15-1860 d. Jan-27-1889 JAC 246

Tilley, Victoria Latrice OLA M Sep-29-1957 Mar-20-1972 "Daughter"

Tilley, Virginia May-17-1852 d. Sep-26-1922 JAC 246

Tilley, Warren Sr JCZ E Nov-30-1901 Jun-26-1974 'Father'

Tilley, Will PVW-05 Mar-18-1939 Feb-05-1978

Tilley, Willie Knight JCZ E ....-.... With Robert Louis

Tilley, Zelvin PVW-17 Jun-22-1957 Jan-30-1999 age 41; TFM

Tillis, Callie Dec-13-1886 d. Jan-08-1968 MHP 550

Tillman, Alpha L. WSG I Aug-07-1897 Apr-18-1992 With H. Marvin

Tillman, Arthur M. PCH B Dec-28-1892 Oct-19-1987 "Mar Lottie C. Mar-09-1913"

Tillman, Bart WSG T May-30-1912 Jun-21-1991 Beside Roy H.

Tillman, Carolyn Sue ANT E Mar-27-1940 ...-..-.... With E.D. "Joe Boy"

Tillman, Clyde Thomas TMN C 1908-1970 "Brother"

Tillman, Dorothy Fae PCH K Jun-01-1941 Aug-09-1941 Beside Richard Wilburn

Tillman, E.D. "Joe.Boy" ANT E Feb-26-1938 ...-..-.... With Carolyn Sue

Tillman, E.N. Billy PCH L Oct-20-1892 Oct-18-1991 With Pearl

Tillman, Edgar Milton TMN C 1895-1918 "Brother"

Tillman, Edna R. Oct-14-1945 d. Nov-07-1967 SHL 469

Tillman, Elizabeth Mae WSG S Oct-15-1935 Oct-02-1993 With Ralph Wayne Sr.; Other name "Abbott"

Tillman, Ella Nora Mrs. d. Feb-18-1941 73 yrs TM TMN 138

Tillman, Eugene BNG D Jul-28-1895 Aug-08-1896 "Son of EH & MA Tillman"

Tillman, H. Marvin WSG I Jul-12-1887 Dec-22-1976 "Mar Alpha L. Feb-20-1916"

Tillman, infant WSG T ....-.... "Dau of Mr & Mrs JF Tillman"

Tillman, infant WSG T ....-.... "Son of Mr & Mrs JF Tillman"

Tillman, James E. TMN B Dec-06-1903 ...-..-.... With Maudie E. "Rest in peace"

Tillman, Jessie Jr. Sep-24-1967 (infant) SHL 469

Tillman, John F. WSG T Jan-25-1875 Dec-24-1959 With Laura Ann

Tillman, John T. TMN C 1870-1957 With Octavy J. "In our memory"

Tillman, Josie Madelia WSG R Mar-02-1883 May-21-1973 With William Calvin

Tillman, Kathryn Udora WSG V Mar-17-1926 Mar-21-1926 "Dau of CL & Lillian, sis of RV & BD"

Tillman, Laura Ann WSG T Oct-08-1877 May-27-1940 With John F.

Tillman, Lenard Richard PCH B Mar-08-1919 Sep-03-1926

Tillman, Lester "Chief" WSG V Nov-06-1900 Sep-21-1979 With Lillian

Tillman, Lillian WSG V Feb-06-1905 Sep-29-1988 With Lester

Tillman, Little Ramey Woodrow.Wsg R Sep-03-1912 Sep-14-1918 "Son of WC & JM" PCT

Tillman, Lorene PCH K Mar-13-1898 Jan-08-1996 With O.W.

Tillman, Lottie C. PCH B Dec-15-1893 Jun-12-1970 With Arthur M.

Tillman, Mary Ray PCH B Jan-20-1890 May-05-1976 "Mother" Beside Lottie C.

Tillman, Maudie E. TMN B Jan-07-1910 Oct-17-1995 With James E. TMP says Maudie Estelle

Tillman, O.W. "Babe" PCH K Apr-14-1898 May-23-1983 With Lorene "Pvt US Army WWI; Oscar W."

Tillman, Octavy J. TMN C 1871-1918 With John T. "In our memory"

Tillman, Patricia Ann PCH K Nov-14-1947 Mar-19-1952 Beside Dorothy Fae

Tillman, Pearl PCH L Aug-01-1905 Dec-31-1987 With E.N. Billy

Tillman, Ralph Wayne Sr WSG S ....-.... With Elizabeth Mae

Tillman, Richard Wilburn PCH K Aug-22-1921 Dec-26-1982 Beside O.W. "Pvt US Army WWII"

Tillman, Roy H. WSG T Dec-22-1909 Aug-03-1949 Beside Bart

Tillman, Russell Feb-27-1923 d. .... m. Feb-23-1944 LYC 528

Tillman, Sybil Mar-03-1924 d. Apr-11-1972 LYC 528

Tillman, Virgil B. WSG S Oct-22-1903 Jun-11-1985 Beside Ralph Wayne Sr.

Tillman, William Calvin WSG R Jan-23-1879 Sep-28-1972 "Mar Josie Madelia Dec-22-1907" ME

Tillmon, A.M. WSG T 1915-1942 Beside Laura Ann Tillman

Tillmon, Carrie L. WSG B Feb-26-1890 Dec-28-1979 "Mar George W. Dec-15-1912"

Tillmon, Evan H. WSG T Dec-25-1853 Dec-15-1931 "Father" With Matilda A.

Tillmon, George W. WSG B Aug-09-1888 Jun-09-1982 With Carrie L.; ME

Tillmon, Maggie E. WSG G Oct-26-1900 Apr-23-1985 With Oscar B. "In His will is our peace"

Tillmon, Matilda A. WSG T Sep-22-1854 Feb-17-1927 "Mother" With Evan H.

Tillmon, Mozell WSG B Dec-09-1919 May-09-1970 Beside George W.

Tillmon, Oscar B. WSG G Jul-05-1893 Nov-18-1963 "Mar Maggie E. Dec-25-1916"

Timmons, Charlie OLA G Sep-28-1896 May-13-1970 "TX Pvt Co K 815 Inf WWI"

Timmons, Joseph L. Apr-28-1859 d. Feb-24-1868 (oldest marked grave) LND 387

Timmons, Joseph L. LND-00 Apr-28-1859 Feb-24-1868

Timmons, Mary Lue CR1 G Jun-12-1899 Dec-29-1973 "Our beloved Mother" Cement covered grave

Timmons, Sally CR2 G Mar-03-1945 Apr-15-1959 TMP

Timmons, Sarah C. Dec-08-1837 d. Jul-16-1879 wife of Eli LND 387

Timmons, Sarah C. LND-00 Dec-08-1837 Jul-16-1879 wife of Eli

Tims, Daisy Lee Sep-17-1887 d. Oct-28-1962 MHP 550

Tims, James O. Feb-28-1923 d. Feb-25-1963 MHP 550

Tims, Mrs. Janie MC1-00 Feb-09-1968 - age 82 yrs.

Tims, William S. Oct-25-1873 d. Dec-15-1940 MHP 550

Tims?, Mrs. Janie d. Feb-09-1968 82 yrs MCD 356

Tindall, Mary Reba Dec-02-1916 d. Sep-14-1970 HND 442

Tindel, James B. 1877-1938 JAC 247

Tindel, Linnie V. 1881-1938 JAC 247

Tindel, Thomas 1902-1935 JAC 247

Tindel, Tommy T. 1931-1935 JAC 247

Tinsley, Aaron JCY C Nov-17-1902 Oct-17-1989

Tinsley, Cordelia RAG A Oct-24-1959 Jun-18-1988 "Daughter"

Tinsley, infant 1939 child of J.H. JAR 3100

Tinsley, Johnny A. Oct-24-1946 d. Jun-01-1960 JAR 3100

Tinsley, Ollie JCY C Jan-17-1910 ...-..-.... With Aaron

Tinsley, Robert Thomas 1875-1947 Father JAR 3100

Tinsley, Sarah Alice 1881-1967 Mother JAR 3100

Tipps, Mary E. Mar-10-1834 d. Aug-16-1909 wife of George MIX 332

Tipton, Albert Gallatin MS1-16 ...-..-1820 Dec-22-1901 with Mary E.

Tipton, Albert May-..-1819 d. Dec-22-1901 Mason MRS 371

Tipton, Albert T. MC1-02 1894-1973 `Father'; with Bertie; PIC

Tipton, Alex G. Oct-06-1865 d. Apr-24-1941 MCD 356

Tipton, Alex G. MC2-13 Oct-06-1865 Apr-24-1941 with Lula

Tipton, Alice Stella MC1-02 Apr-15-1924 .... `m. Mar-21-1940'; with Carl

Tipton, Alvie G. Sep-25-1902 d. May-05-1959 m. Dec-29-1922 Daddy MCD 356

Tipton, Alvie G. MC2-18 Sep-25-1902 May-05-1959 with Velma

Tipton, Ava (no dates) MRS 371

Tipton, Ava MS1-10 (no dates)

Tipton, Bertie B. MC1-02 1896-1971 `Mother'; with Albert; PIC

Tipton, Carl Minon MC1-02 Jun-19-1918 May-23-1987 `Maj USA WWII Korea'; with Alice

Tipton, Carl `Dick' MC2-17 Jan-07-1908 May-02-1975 with Cora Helen

Tipton, Clavis Carson d. Nov-25-1971 aged 60 yrs MCD 356

Tipton, Clavis Carson MC2-14 Mar-20-1911 Nov-25-1971 `Son of John H.& Texia Moore'; with Ruby

Tipton, Cora Helen MC2-17 Jul-09-1920 Feb-19-1989 with `Dick'

Tipton, Dallas Jan-01-1884 d. Apr-27-1951 MCD 356

Tipton, Dallas MC2-13 Jan-01-1884 Apr-27-1951 with Mary

Tipton, Dewey M. MC1-02 Mar-19-1920 Nov-30-1985 with Rossie

Tipton, Douglas D. MC1-05 Nov-28-1902 Jul-16-1986; with Minnie

Tipton, Edward Baxter 1881-1962; RSH 269

Tipton, Edwin T. May-05-1927 d. May-06-1970 MCD 356

Tipton, Edwin T. MC2-13 May-05-1927 May-06-1970

Tipton, Ellie Ophelia Apr-02-1879 d. Jun-25-1879 MRS 371

Tipton, Ellie Ophelia MS1-08 Apr-02-1879 Jun-25-1879

Tipton, Elmer D. MC2-13 Sep-15-1919 Jun-06-1973 `TX TEC4 USA WWII'

Tipton, Elven Lee May-20-1922 d. May-25-1922 MCD 356

Tipton, Elven Lee MC2-09 May-20-1922 May-25-1922

Tipton, Eugene MC2-17 Apr-17-1937 Aug-24-1948

Tipton, Frances M. Benthall-MC1-05 Dec-21-1924 Dec-27-1993 `m. Jun-17-1939'; with William

Tipton, George Carl MC2-17 Dec-22-1939 Jul-17-1994 `m. Feb-24-1958'; with Judy

Tipton, Hollis D. Apr-04-1909 d. Aug-22-1966 Tex S2 USNR MCD 356

Tipton, Hollis D. MC2-17 Apr-04-1909 Aug-22-1966 `TX S2 USNR WWII'; with Opal

Tipton, Howard L. Sep-11-1885 d. May-19-1910 ECB JAC 247

Tipton, Howell MC2-17 Sep-11-1932 Nov-19-1940

Tipton, Ila Bobbitt Feb-08-1887 d. Feb-11-1964 MRS 371

Tipton, Ila Bobbitt MS1-02 Feb-08-1887 Feb-11-1964 with John

Tipton, Inez MS1-16 Jun-15-1886 Jun-12-1971

Tipton, Ira Magee Jul-07-1898 d. May-25-1955 Daddy Pfc US Army MCD 356

Tipton, Ira Magee MC2-14 1898-1955 `Father; TX PFC USA WWI'

Tipton, Isaac MS1-25 Oct-12-1825 Nov-11-1881

Tipton, Isaac Oct-12-1825 d. Nov-11-1881 MRS 371

Tipton, Isaac W. Feb-14-1864 d. Feb-06-1928 (buried at El Paso) MCD 356

Tipton, Isaac W. MC2-21 Feb-14-1864 Feb-06-1928 memorial only, buried in El Paso, TX

Tipton, Isabell 1859-1932 JAC 247

Tipton, James Alvie Jan-26-1924 d. Jul-26-1924 MRS 371

Tipton, James Alvie MS1-17 Jan-26-1924 Jul-26-1924 concrete covered

Tipton, James W. Aug-19-1942 son NEM 326

Tipton, Jewel C. 1900-1967 Mother MCD 356

Tipton, Jewell C. MC2-14 1900-1967 `Mother'

Tipton, Jimmy Alice Oct-17-1925 d. Aug-22-1942 Mother NEM 326

Tipton, John Delmar Jan-01-1884 d. Feb-07-1966 MRS 371

Tipton, John Delmer MS1-02 Jan-01-1884 Feb-07-1966 with Ila

Tipton, John H. May-29-1885 d. Mar-24-1965 MCD 356

Tipton, John H. MC2-09 May-29-1885 Mar-24-1965 `Father'; with Texia; PIC

Tipton, John V. Oct-01-1880 d. Oct-26-1880 MRS 371

Tipton, John V. MS1-16 Oct-01-1880 Oct-26-1880 son of T.J. & M.E. Tipton; Death date questionable

Tipton, Judy Stewart MC2-17 Apr-21-1942 .... with George; engraved PIC

Tipton, Laura A. Mar-11-1865 d. Jun-16-1957 wife of Isaac W.; Mother MCD 356

Tipton, Laura A. MC2-21 Mar-11-1865 Jun-16-1957 `Mother; Wife of Isaac W.'

Tipton, Lorina C. Oct-27-1868 d. Mar-31-1886 dau of T.J.& M.E. MRS 371

Tipton, Lorina C. MS1-23 Oct-27-1868 Mar-31-1886 dau of T.J. & M.E. Tipton

Tipton, Lula T. Sep-29-1865 d. Sep-10-1952 MCD 356

Tipton, Lula T. MC2-13 Sep-29-1865 Sep-10-1952 with Alex

Tipton, Lynette Mar-30-1917 d. Jul-07-1918 UCH 355

Tipton, M.A. May-29-1831 d. May-28-1891 wife of Isaac MRS 371

Tipton, M.A. MS1-25 May-29-1831 May-28-1891 wife of Isaac Tipton

Tipton, M.E. Jul-16-1842 d. Apr-02-1885 MRS 371

Tipton, M.E. MS1-23 Jul-16-1842 Apr-02-1885

Tipton, Mable Dona Mar-02-1882 d. Feb-10-1968 MCD 356

Tipton, Mable Dona MC2-06 Mar-02-1882 Feb-10-1968 with William

Tipton, Madge 1882-1903 MCD 356

Tipton, Madge MC2-21 1882-1903

Tipton, Marie Murray MC1-09 Apr-06-1924 .... `Mother' `m. Apr 05, 1943'; with W.R.

Tipton, Mary E. Dotson MS1-16 b. abt 1825 d. abt 1855 with Albert

Tipton, Mary Lee Feb-02-1888 d. .... MCD 356

Tipton, Mary Lee MC2-13 Feb-02-1889 May-28-1976 with Dallas

Tipton, Minnie G. MC1-05 Feb-27-1906 Dec-21-1998 `m. May-16-1923'; with Douglas

Tipton, Miss Inez Jun-15-1886 d. Jun-12-1971 Sister MRS 371

Tipton, Mollie E. Sep-16-1859 d. Mar-10-1946 MRS 371

Tipton, Mollie E. MS1-16 Sep-16-1859 Mar-10-1946 'Mother'

Tipton, Mrs. Bertie Bell d. Oct-03-1971 aged 75 yrs TM MCD 356

Tipton, Oliver Weldon MC1-03 Jul-04-1916 Dec-27-1989 `Pfc. US Army WWII'

Tipton, Opal B. Limbaugh MC2-17 Aug-02-1913 Aug-22-1994 with Hollis

Tipton, Ralph MC2-17 Dec-15-1944 Nov-04-1946

Tipton, Rossie L. MC1-02 Sep-29-1922 .... `m. Sep-09-1939'; with Dewey

Tipton, Ruby Odessa MC2-14 Dec-26-1911 .... `Mother; dau of Martin A.& Rosa; with Clavis

Tipton, S. Rogers Jan-05-1890 d. Sep-19-1918 Pvt HQ Co 359 Inf JAC 247

Tipton, S.E. Sep-09-1883 d. Apr-30-1952 UCH 355

Tipton, Sallie E. 1859-1940 JAC 247

Tipton, T.J. Feb-15-1830 d. Oct-07-1883 MRS 371

Tipton, T.J. May-22-1850 d. Feb-23-1902 MRS 371

Tipton, T.J. MS1-16 May-22-1850 Feb-23-1902

Tipton, T.J. MS1-23 Feb-15-1830 Oct-07-1883

Tipton, Teemeth E. Apr-10-1889 d. Jul-21-1889 dau of S.H.& Z.C. CDH 401

Tipton, Texia M. Nov-08-1891 d. .... MCD 356

Tipton, Texia M. MC2-09 Nov-08-1891 Jun-16-1976 `Mother'; PIC

Tipton, Travis Mar-20-1911 d. Mar-23-1911 MCD 356

Tipton, Travis MC2-09 Mar-20-1911 Mar-23-1911

Tipton, Velma Jul-17-1904 d. .... MCD 356

Tipton, Velma Morris Feb-28-1886 d. May-06-1967 Mother MCD 356

Tipton, Velma Morris MC2-14 Feb-28-1886 May-06-1967

Tipton, Velma Watt MC2-18 Jul-17-1904 Jun-19-1994 `m. Dec-29-1922'; with Alvie

Tipton, W. MS1-11 ....-.... unreadable between rows

Tipton, W.R. MC1-09 Nov-20-1919 Aug-16-1974 `Father'; with Marie

Tipton, William D. `Dell' Jr. MC1-05 Jun-12-1914 May-18-1993; with Frances

Tipton, William Dellis Oct-22-1878 d. .... MCD 356

Tipton, William Dellis MC2-06 Oct-22-1878 Aug-19-1976 with Mable

Tipton, William H. 1857-1943 JAC 247

Tipton, William I. (no dates; cut stone marker) MRS 371

Tipton, Wilmer Feb-14-1917 d. Feb-25-1917 MCD 356

Tipton, Wilmer MC2-09 Feb-14-1917 Feb-25-1917

Tisinger, Fanny B. Harrison Aug-09-1869 d. Apr-23-1896 wife of J.R. dau of A.C.& Jennie ARH 467

Titcomb, Era bu. Mar-18-1990 OPA Helen Selman

Tittle, Cora L. Aug-23-1861 d. Jul-03-1873 OPA 501

Tittle, infant Dec-19-1897 d. Dec-23-1897 son of L.W.&J.W. OPA 501

Tittle, Jennie U. Jan-18-1840 d. Mar-26-1874 OPA 501

Titus, Clarence R. Oct-03-1917 d. 1962 TX Cpl US Army WLC 381

Tobias, Avalona bu. Sep-24-1988 OPA Helen Selman

Tobias, Bobbie Louise Jul-26-1902 d. Dec-25-1973 OPA 501

Tobias, Charles Rayburn Aug-20-1937 d. May-01-1938 OPA 501

Tobias, Clifton (H.C.) Nov-07-1925 d. Jan-01-1968 OPA 501

Tobias, Emmitt O. 1886-1961 OPA 501

Tobias, Helen Nov-22-1919 d. .... OPA 501

Tobias, James V. Jul-15-1914 d. Dec-21-1963 Tex-Pfc-Co.D-145 Fld.Arty RTC OPA 501

Tobias, John E. (no dates) Co.C-46 Ala. Inf-CSA OPA 501

Tobias, John Harvey Jun-23-1907 d. .... OPA 501

Tobias, Louise bu. Jul-01-1999 OPA Helen Selman

Tobias, Ruby E. 1916-.... OPA 501

Tobias, Susie L. 1888-1940 OPA 501

Tobias, Tom Edward (dates underground) Tex-Sl-USNR OPA 501

Tobias, W.L. 1913-1970 OPA 501

Todd, A.L. 1892-1946 JAC 247

Todd, A.R. 1853-1922 JAC 247

Todd, Andrew Wade 1888-1955 MHP 550

Todd, Annie A. Sep-25-1888 d. .... MTZ 461

Todd, Bonnie Jul-16-1911 d. .... MTZ 461

Todd, Brenda UGR D May-28-1943 ...-..-.... With Carroll

Todd, Cale R. 1885-1957; RSH 269

Todd, Carroll UGR D Oct-14-1939 ...-..-.... With Brenda

Todd, Cora Dell 1879-1960 MHP 550

Todd, Davidson Mar-15-1820 d. Oct-29-1906 MTZ 461

Todd, Davis Harrison Oct-11-1884 d. Nov-01-1967 MTZ 461

Todd, H.P. Oct-28-1880 d. Apr-05-1947 MTZ 461

Todd, Harrison May-08-1911 d. .... MTZ 461

Todd, James P. 1850-1923 TEC 303

Todd, James P. TEC-25 1850-1923

Todd, Jeff D. 1861-1946 MTZ 461

Todd, Jessie 1853-1924 wife of A.R. JAC 247

Todd, Jewel 1908 d. .... MTZ 461

Todd, Lee H. ME4-03 Jun-09-1918 Feb-18-1992

Todd, Lee Roy 1858-1941 MTZ 461

Todd, Margaret Vera Aug-20-1919 d. Nov-23-1924 dau of Sam & Alice JAC 247

Todd, Marietta Reed Jan-17-1880 d. Dec-17-1942 SAL 447

Todd, Martha 1887-1970; RSH 269

Todd, Martha Ellen Oct-29-1831 d. May-08-1905 wife of Marion JAC 247

Todd, Mary A. 1862-1932 MTZ 461

Todd, Mrs. Mary A. Jan-10-1856 d. Mar-17-1902 MTZ 461

Todd, Nonames 3 of Davidson Todds children TOD 527

Todd, Opal 1908 d. 1964 MTZ 461

Todd, Orlena Nov-05-1822 d. Aug-12-1907 wife of Davidson MTZ 461

Todd, Robert Jan-25-1885 d. Sep-07-1886 son of L.R.& M.A. MTZ 461

Todd, Robert K. Jan-16-1932 d. May-16-1933 MTZ 461

Todd, Robin Duane UGR D Aug-10-1975 Aug-12-1975 "Precious"

Todd, W.M. 1876-1961 JAC 247

Tolbert, Alice Mae 1899-1948 Mother JAR 3100

Tolbert, Ora Fay Wallace PV1 F Aug-15-1908 ...-..-.... DAR; ME

Tolbert, Volley F. Aug-16-1889 d. Apr-25-1969 Daddy JAR 3100

Toliver, Harry F. COR R Mar-14-1888 Jun-06-1936

Tomerlin, E.D. Dec-22-1879 d. Feb-27-1926 UCH 355

Tomerlin, Montie E. Nov-04-1880 d. Nov-02-1965 UCH 355

Tomlin, Bess H LAR U Sep-14-1890 Apr-04-1976

Tomlin, John G LAR U Dec-25-1887 Aug-02-1962

Tomlin, Verna Lee 1888-1961 MIX 332

Tomlinson, Junell dau of Mr&Mrs J.W. (no dates) Child TEC 303

Tonahill, Lila M. Sep-04-1902 d. Feb-07-1955 CDH 401

Toney, Tully Woodrow Jul-22-1915 d. Nov-19-1918 SHB 535

Torbet, Brad Dec-18-1878 d. Sep-24-1906 CON 319

Torbet, Ommie Oct-10-1881 d. May-29-1967 wife of Sam C Martin & Brad Torbet CON 319

Torrance, Claude C. Jr. Nov-15-1914 d. May-22-1917 JAC 247

Torrence, Claude C. Oct-05-1884 d. Jan-23-1928 Mason JAC 247

Torrence, Ima A. Oct-29-1880 d. Jul-17-1957 JAC 247

Tosh, Estelle W. 1879-1966 LOC 388

Tosh, Estelle W. LOC-00 1879-1966

Tosh, Harry S. Jul-13-1914 d. Dec-25-1988 CDH SIK

Tosh, Leo W. Jr. Nov-28-1930 d. Jun-19-1932 CDH 401

Tosh, Leo W. Sr. Apr-02-1908 d. Jul-11-1977 CDH SIK

Tosh, Maude May-30-1905 d. Dec-13-1987 CDH SIK

Tosh, Ruth Fulton Jun-25-1927 d. .... CDH SIK

Tosh, Walter W. 1903-1920 LOC 388

Tosh, Walter W. LOC-00 1903-1920

Tosh, William J. 1861-1920 LOC 388

Tosh, William J. LOC-00 1861-1920

Totty, Eleanor Allen 1898 d. .... JAC 247

Totty, Maerice W. 1889-1943 JAC 247

Touchy, Harry T. BMM E Aug-03-1922 ...-..-.... With Joicie B. "Pops"

Touchy, Joicie B. BMM E Aug-05-1922 Jan-01-1993 With Harry T. "Mimi"

Towe, Houston H. BMM B Jun-02-1915 May-29-1994

Townley, Emily C. 1876-1951 OPA 501

Townley, Homer bu. Jun-19-1989 OPA Helen Selman

Townley, Leola bu. 1987 OPA Helen Selman

Townley, Robert W. 1876-1964 OPA 501

Townley, Rose bu. Aug-12-1998 OPA Helen Selman

Townsend, Bessie 1875-1964 CDH 401

Townsend, Claude Aug-29-1901 d. .... JAR 3100

Townsend, Eddie S. Apr-12-1879 d. Sep-26-1900 WOW CDH 401

Townsend, Ethel M. Mar-28-1902 d. May-13-1968 CDH 401

Townsend, George S. 1868-1940 CDH 401

Townsend, Gladys Jan-05-1903 d. Mar-14-1903 dau of Shep & Annie CDH 401

Townsend, Gladys Sep-23-1904 d. Dec-29-1969 JAR 3100

Townsend, John A. Oct-29-1864 d. Dec-21-1936 THO 543

Townsend, Lena A. Apr-19-1872 d. Jun-22-1958 THO 543

Townsend, Little Bunnie Aug-16-1900 d. Aug-20-1900 son of G.S.& B. CDH 401

Townsend, Maggie C. May-10-1866 d. Jun-18-1892 dau of T.S.& M.J. MHP 550

Townsend, Mark Anthony Nov-11-1980 d. Dec-02-1993 CDH SIK

Townsend, Mary J. Aug-24-1838 d. Jan-07-1907 CDH 401

Townsend, Maude S. 1892-1945 THO 543

Townsend, Sheppard H. Nov-07-1874 d. Jan-17-1944 Tex-Pvt-2 Tex Inf CDH 401

Townsend, Sue Ann Aug-05-1918 d. .... CDH SIK

Townsend, Thomas S. 1st Lt. no dates Co.E-7 Tex Inf-CSA CDH 401

Townsend, Tom H. Jul-21-1898 d. .... CDH 401

Townsend, Zoe Willson 1881-1929 CDH 401

Trammell, Cecil C. Sep-28-1916 d. May-03-1918 son of R.H.& Viola JAC 247

Trammell, George W. Apr-11-1872 d. Dec-20-1960 JAC 247

Trammell, Ricky Alan RS2 C Mar-16-1956 Mar-17-1956

Trammell, Robert Lee ME2-01 Feb-14-1978 (one date)

Trammell, Sugene Oct-28-1880 d. Oct-06-1910 JAC 247

Trantham, B.F. PCH P Jun-28-1863 Feb-11-1913 WOW "Camp 228G Ironton" Beside Margarette

Trantham, Carrie Belle PCH P 1907-1929 "Wife of WS Douglas"

Trantham, Harvy J. d. Jul-30-1967 63 yrs TM JAC 247

Trantham, Homer Oscar PCH O Sep-10-1906 Aug-30-1907 "Son of RL & SJ Trantham"

Trantham, Jack Jun-21-1918 d. Nov-20-1943 Tarawa Atoll Corp USMC 2nd Marine Div JAC 247

Trantham, John (Bill) 1900-1965; RSH 269

Trantham, Laura PCH P Apr-20-1878 May-29-1969 Beside Sam W.

Trantham, Laura Victory PCH P Mar-25-1904 Mar-18-1913 "Dau of SW & LV Trantham"

Trantham, Lola Ann 1892-1914 JAC 247

Trantham, Lottie Katherine PCH O Mar-28-1893 Feb-20-1910 "Dau of Robert L. & Sara J. Trantham"

Trantham, M.A. PCH O Dec-26-1833 Mar-06-1896 With W.J. "Mother"

Trantham, Margarette E. PCH P Mar-26-1866 Apr-23-1922 WOW "Age 56 yrs, 28 das"

Trantham, Matie A. PCH P Apr-14-1897 Apr-21-1971 Beside Margarette E

Trantham, Myrtle L. 1907-....; RSH 269

Trantham, Robert E. Jul-19-1894 d. Mar-19-1969 Tex Cpl Btry B 133 Fld Arty; RSH 269

Trantham, Robert Lee Jun-28-1865 d. Mar-20-1942 JAC 247

Trantham, S.J. Jr. 1922-1946 JAC 247

Trantham, Sam W. PCH P Feb-18-1872 Oct-10-1953 Beside Laura

Trantham, Sandra Darlene d. Mar-29-1964 infant MCD 356

Trantham, Sandra Darlene MC1-00 Mar-29-1964 - infant

Trantham, Sarah Jane Feb-17-1868 d. Jun-27-1960 JAC 247

Trantham, Sidney J. 1867-1944 JAC 247

Trantham, Solomon S. PCH O Jan-19-1891 May-25-1907 "Son of RL & SJ Trantham"

Trantham, W.C. "Jack" PCH P Apr-16-1914 Mar-05-1996 Beside Sam W.

Trantham, W.J. PCH O Feb-06-1828 Nov-29-1896 With M.A. "Father"

Trantham, William T. PCH P Aug-07-1891 May-20-1962 Beside B.F.

Trauter, Mary S. CR2 L 1842-1925 Scratched on cement

Travis, Dr. John Mastin Jan-25-1877 d. Dec-07-1964; RSH 269

Travis, Dr. Roland Toney Aug-03-1890 d. Apr-17-1964 JAC 247

Travis, Garnet (no dates) CDH SIK

Travis, Myrtle Payne PV1 E Jan-14-1889 Nov-21-1978 Beside Maud Payne

Travis, Nora Corbett May-09-1893 d. Feb-29-1940 JAC 247

Travis, Ralph (no dates) CDH SIK

Travis, Roland Francis Jun-01-1921 d. Aug-07-1944 JAC 247

Trawder, Emma CR2 L May-20-1880 Mar-05-1890 "Dau of Perry & Mary S. Trawder"

Trawick, Catherine PV1 1 1868-1958 With Jim L.

Trawick, Ella Lee PV2 S Mar-20-1907 Jun-15-1976 With Willie Chester

Trawick, Jim L. PV1 1 1859-1936 With Catherine

Trawick, Unknown (no headstone) CDH SIK

Trawick, Unknown d. 1991 CDH SIK

Trawick, William P. PV1 1 Dec-20-1887 Mar-07-1967 Beside Catherine

Trawick, Willie Chester PV2 S Aug-28-1896 Apr-14-1981 With Ella Lee

Traylor, Alvin T. PLG F Mar-25-1920 ...-..-.... "Father"

Traylor, Bettie Kinney PLG F Aug-14-1890 Nov-12-1982 With Robert Thomas

Traylor, Bobby Jul-03-1946 d. Aug-13-1964; RSH 269

Traylor, Carole Diane MTC L 1945-1946

Traylor, Clara E. MTC K Aug-06-1893 Mar-24-1974 With Walter W.

Traylor, Derylen Thomas MC2-23 Oct-11-1935 Feb-18-1995 `Son/Husband/Father/Friend'

Traylor, Dorothy PLG M Nov-18-1929 Nov-18-1929 Beside J.J.

Traylor, Douglas Ray MTC U Jul-04-1935 Sep-04-1938 "Beloved son of Walter & Clara"

Traylor, Eliga T. PLG K 1865-1943 With Georgia A.

Traylor, George E. Dec-03-1916 d. Jan-04-1917 ROA 435

Traylor, Georgia A. PLG C Sep-02-1902 ...-..-.... With Willie D. "In loving memory"

Traylor, Georgia A. PLG K 1893-1962 With Eliga T.

Traylor, J.J. "Jim" PLG M Jan-03-1885 Oct-21-1936 With Rhodia L.

Traylor, Jessie H. MTC M 1919-1944

Traylor, Jewel PLG L 1894-1921 "Wife of RT Traylor"

Traylor, John `Boe' MC2-23 Jan-22-1942 Oct-19-1996 `Son/Husband/Brother/Friend'

Traylor, Mack Aug-08-1905 d. May-05-1970 MCD 356

Traylor, Mack MC2-23 Aug-08-1905 May-05-1970

Traylor, Marvin S. Feb-15-1903 d. .... Mason MCD 356

Traylor, Marvin S. MC2-23 Feb-15-1903 Sep-04-1984 with Velma; ME

Traylor, Merle PCH I Nov-07-1920 ...-..-.... With R.L.

Traylor, Nicky Alvin PLG F Jun-07-1950 Jun-07-1950 Beside Bettie & Robert

Traylor, Oda 1904-1971 SHL 469

Traylor, Peggy Bolton TEC-26 Nov-21-1946 .... `m. Jul-21-1961'; with Roy

Traylor, R.L. PCH I Mar-26-1915 Aug-12-1983 "Wed Merle Dec-07-1940"

Traylor, Raymon "Son" PLG D Mar-21-1915 Nov-18-1969 Beside Robert Virgil

Traylor, Rhodia L. PLG M Oct-04-1888 Sep-23-1941 With J.J. "Jim"

Traylor, Robert Thomas PLG F Dec-21-1885 Dec-16-1957 With Bettie Kinney

Traylor, Robert Virgil PLG D Jan-26-1931 Nov-19-1961 Beside Raymon

Traylor, Roy Cobble TEC-26 Dec-01-1939 .... with Peggy

Traylor, Ryan Scott TEC-21 May-09-1985 `infant son'

Traylor, Velma A. Dec-29-1912 d. Nov-27-1966 MCD 356

Traylor, Velma A. MC2-23 Dec-29-1912 Nov-27-1966 with Marvin

Traylor, Walter W. MTC K Jul-03-1892 Apr-30-1972 With Clara E. "Thy kingdom come"

Traylor, Willie D. PLG C Aug-12-1895 Jan-18-1971 "TX Pvt Co D 46 Inf WWI" With Georgia A.

Treadaway, B.T. PLG I Feb-28-1866 Feb-12-1930 Beside Matilda A.

Treadaway, Matilda A. PLG I Mar-14-1834 Jan-31-1914 "Wife of RB Treadaway"

Treadaway, Richard B. PLG I Aug-18-1832 Dec-28-1885 Beside Matilda A.

Treadway, Alvin Apr-16-1885 d. Oct-10-1923 JAC 247

Treadwell, Bonner MS1-16 Mar-06-1903 Jan-20-1973 with Jewel

Treadwell, George W. 1885-1935 JAC 247

Treadwell, Georgia B. 1861-1929 JAC 247

Treadwell, Harvey M. Jul-30-1891 d. Jul-15-1965 Tex-Sea-US Navy ALT 480

Treadwell, Harvey M. Jr. Jan-06-1927 d. Jun-10-1953 Tex-FT3-USNR ALT 480

Treadwell, Jewel Bowling MS1-16 Jul-30-1901 Mar-26-1901 with Bonner

Treadwell, Lilimae M. ....-.... ALT 480

Treadwell, Rev. Joseph W. 1861-1957 JAC 247

Treeney, Carolyn J. MNV A Sep-03-1957 Feb-23-1994 TMP; name may be Freeney

Trezise, Nettie 1872-1961 Mother; RSH 269

Tribble, infant son & dau of R.C.& M.E. JAR 3100

Tribble, Mary E. Sep-20-1873 d. Feb-16-1904 wife of R.C. JAR 3100

Trible, Alice L. Jun-01-1884 d. Jul-11-1909 wife of C.J. HEN 393

Trible, Alice L. HEN4-04 Jun-01-1884 Jul-11-1909 `Wife of J. Trible

Trible, Charlie Jackson d. June 1925 CDH 401

Trible, Herndon d. Oct-16-1891 age 73 yrs CDH 401

Trible, Mary J. Mar-20-1829 d. Jan-20-1907 wife of Herndon CDH 401

Trighel, Mrs. Mary no dates CDH 401

Trimble, Mrs. N.C. 1828? d. May-26-1887 (broken across b. dates) CDH 401

Trinkle, Lawrence Nov-15-1891 d. Oct-05-1956; RSH 269

Triplet, B.M. Sep-05-1873 d. Dec-12-1958 ATY 456

Triplet, Ellen B. May-23-1877 d. Apr-19-1925 ATY 456

Triplet, Gladys PV? ? Jun-01-1908 Dec-12-1934 nee Page; TTB; TT Fall 1998

Triplet, Ruth Henly Apr-09-1883 d. Jul-10-1947 LYC 528

Trotter, Adron E. Sep-21-1906 d. Dec-16-1986 CDH SIK

Trotter, B.E. Mar-30-1921 d. Jun-19-1922 HNC 311

Trotter, babies (no dates) JAC 247

Trotter, Bee Jun-22-1883 d. Feb-28-1933 HNC 311

Trotter, Bill MS1-17 Oct-24-1915 Sep-21-1991 with Marie

Trotter, Billy Wayne MS1-17 Aug-03-1945 Jun-23-1998 Sgt US Army Vietman

Trotter, C. Alton Oct-19-1904 d. Jul-23-1974 CDH SIK

Trotter, Dorothy M. Nov-01-1918 d. .... HNC 311

Trotter, Elizabeth Mar-01-1907 d. Dec-11-1994 CDH SIK

Trotter, Elsie A RS2 F Sep-28-1901 Feb-28-1979 With J C.

Trotter, George W. 1857-1942 Father JAR 3100

Trotter, Green Clinton 1881-1961 MRS 371

Trotter, Green Clinton MS1-04 1881-1961

Trotter, J.C. RS2 F Jan-08-1894 Oct-03-1985 With Elsie A.

Trotter, Jesse L. Apr-10-1918 d. Nov-14-1962 HNC 311

Trotter, Joe B. EAC Z Sep-10-1929 May-14-1988 "Wed Martha Marie Feb-28-1957"

Trotter, Joseph A RS2 F 1891-1952 With Lillie M.

Trotter, Joseph Benjamin EAC Z Dec-21-1890 Apr-04-1969 "Big Dad; Wed to Mina S. 45 years"

Trotter, Lillian B. Aug-27-1912 d. .... CDH SIK

Trotter, Lillie M. RS2 F 1890-1965 With Joseph A.

Trotter, Luanne EAC Z Sep-29-1959 Sep-30-1959 With Suzanne

Trotter, M.E. Sep-26-1856 d. Jun-14-1900 JAR 3100

Trotter, Marie MS1-17 Dec-09-1920 Dec-09-1996 m. May-14-1939; with Bill

Trotter, Martha Marie EAC Z Nov-05-1935 ...-..-.... "Mother; Wed Joe B. Feb-28-1957"

Trotter, Mina S. EAC Z Oct-14-1891 Jan-13-1961 "Big Mom; Wed to Joseph Benjamin 45 years"

Trotter, Paul C. Jan-02-1896 d. Jul-24-1921 son of R.M.& S.F. MEA 363

Trotter, Paul C. ME3-10 Jan-02-1896 Jul-24-1921 'Son of R.M. & S.F. Trotter'

Trotter, Robert M. 1865-1938 MEA 363

Trotter, Robert M. ME3-10 1865-1938 with Sarah F.

Trotter, Russell A. MS1-04 Dec-15-1923 Feb-22-1996 US Marine Corp WWII

Trotter, Sarah F. 1872-.... MEA 363

Trotter, Sarah F. ME3-10 1872-1962 with Robert

Trotter, Susan R. 1873-1957 Mother JAR 3100

Trotter, Suzanne EAC Z Sep-29-1959 Sep-29-1959 With Luanne

Troublefield, Cora Jun-19-1891 d. Jul-04-1944 CDH 401

Troublefield, Jo Ann Jul-10-1855 d. Feb-26-1914 CDH 401

Troublefield, Mae Belle Aug-04-1901 d. Aug-04-1988 CDH SIK

Troublefield, Marvin M. Mar-26-1892 d. Sep-25-1953 CDH 401

Troublefield, William G. Jul-27-1853 d. Mar-02-1935 CDH 401

Troublefield, William P. Jan-30-1889 d. Oct-31-1957 CDH 401

Troupe, Earl Akin Jr TAY-20 Jul-31-1959 Jul-08-1982

Trout, James Vance 1864-1940 JAC 247

Trout, Linda ME2-04 Jun-04-1955 Nov-06-1999

Trout, Robert ME2-04 Oct-13-1922 .... with Ruth

Trout, Ruth R. ME2-04 Oct-20-1928 May-29-1991 'm. Aug-15-1951'; with Robert

Trout, Sallie Eddy 1876-1943 JAC 247

Troutman, Bruce A. 1887-1949 WOW JAC 247

Troutman, infant Jun-07-1895 dau of R.E.& R.M. JAC 247

Troutman, James L. 1896-.... TEC 303

Troutman, James L. TEC-10 1896-....

Troutman, John Hubert Mar-13-1893 d. Nov-09-1927 JAC 247

Troutman, Mrs. Sarah A. Dec-19-1835 d. Jan-31-1897 age 61 yrs TM JAC 247

Troutman, Orean L. 1895-1968 TEC 303

Troutman, Orean L. TEC-10 1895-1968

Troutman, Ralph Thomas (Blue) 1888-1946 JAC 247

Troutman, Rebecca M. Nov-05-1864 d. May-31-1934 WOW Circle JAC 247

Troutman, Reese E. Aug-24-1859 d. Feb-06-1936 JAC 247

Troutt, Martin Edward Mar-22-1874 d. Feb-19-1959 Mason; RSH 269

Truett, Katherine Mar-04-1898 d. .... JAC 247

Truett, Robert E. Oct-06-1886 d. Oct-21-1967 JAC 247

Truitt, Dorothy Fay ME1-22 Aug-27-1931 Jun-09-1994 TFM

Truitt, Junior Thomas ME1-22 Aug-27-1934 Mar-14-1998 TFM

Trujillo, Juan d. Mar-30-1970 90 yrs TM; RSH 269

Tubbs, John William 1885-1966 MRS 371

Tubbs, John Wm. MS1-10 1885-1966 with Martha

Tubbs, Matilda 1897-1933 MRS 371

Tubbs, Matilda MS1-10 1897-1933 with John Wm.

Tucker, A.S. Nov-09-1832 d. Nov-25-1907 THO 543

Tucker, Anna Aug-26-1874 d. May-03-1934 JAC 248

Tucker, Annie Lee EAC G May-05-1905 Nov-08-1985 "Loving mother to all"

Tucker, Ardell Sep-10-1837 d. Nov-20-1922 wife of A.S. THO 543

Tucker, baby b&d Dec-26-1894 CDH 401

Tucker, baby b&d Apr-22-1905 CDH 401

Tucker, baby no dates CDH 401

Tucker, baby no dates CDH 401

Tucker, Bonnie Apr-10-1881 d. Nov-06-1968 JAC 248

Tucker, Burl MTM-00 Jan-..-1896 age 5 mos

Tucker, Cottie B. Dec-06-1894 d. .... JAC 248

Tucker, Dan MTM-00 Dec-..-189. age 10 yrs

Tucker, Daniel B. Jun-15-1849 d. Feb-24-1920 Mason JAC 248

Tucker, Daniel H. May-06-1891 d. Nov-19-1936 JAC 248

Tucker, Elinor Johnson Jun-21-1915 d. May-02-1964; RSH 269

Tucker, Elizabeth Aug-30-1897 d. .... OES JAC 248

Tucker, Elizabeth J. Feb-02-1857 d. Apr-14-1945 JAC 248

Tucker, Emma Daffin COR H Mar-11-1855 Dec-10-1902

Tucker, Eva Marie Aug-20-1895 d. Apr-09-1924 wife of Paul JAC 248

Tucker, Gladys Dec-05-1897 d. Dec-23-1928 wife of J.H. MTH 432

Tucker, Gladys MTH E Dec-05-1897 Dec-23-1928 'Wife of Jordan H. Tucker'

Tucker, Hannah F. Mar-02-1845 d. Jul-18-1922 JAC 248

Tucker, Jack Jun-26-1922 d. Jun-09-1924 JAC 248

Tucker, John 1881-1915 JAC 248

Tucker, Jordan H. MTH E Jan-21-1892 Oct-24-1961 beside Gladys

Tucker, Jordon H. Jan-21-1892 d. Oct-24-1961 with Gladys MTH 432

Tucker, Kathryn Elizabeth Ford Feb-06-1897 d. Mar-04-1979 CDH SIK

Tucker, Knox Dec-26-1883 d. Dec-08-1960 Mason JAC 248

Tucker, Lela 1876-1946 CDH 401

Tucker, Lela 1883-1963 JAC 248

Tucker, Linda Jan-31-1910 d. Feb-12-1910 JAC 248

Tucker, Linna A. Dec-12-1880 d. Apr-01-1971 CDH 401

Tucker, Lizzie Garner 1874-1940 OPA 501

Tucker, Lt. L.C. Jr. May-19-1918 d. Sep-18-1942 JAC 248

Tucker, Lt. Raymond Leon 1920-1943 Lost in Latin Amer. on routine flight JAC 248

Tucker, Lt.Col. Daniel W. Feb-13-1908 d. Sep-07-1970 son of Joseph & Sigur (Burlison); RSH 269

Tucker, Lucretia Ann Jun-28-1855 d. May-23-1933 THO 543

Tucker, Maggie MTM-00 1902 (only date) wife of B.?. Tucker

Tucker, Mandie I. Feb-21-1895 d. Dec-23-1895 THO 543

Tucker, Mollie Jan-21-1873 d. Jan-23-1913 CDH SIK

Tucker, Nettie d. Jan-07-1971 CDH 401

Tucker, Nora Ardell Mar-22-1891 d. Sep-07-1931 THO 543

Tucker, Olivia E. Oct-08-1835 d. Jul-30-1925 CDH 401

Tucker, Oma Murle Sep-21-1915 d. Oct-12-1970; RSH 269

Tucker, Paul Dec-26-1883 d. Dec-08-1969 Mason JAC 248

Tucker, Pearl Aug-24-1883 d. Sep-24-1883 dau of Louvisia M. Tucker MER 455

Tucker, Philip L. Jun-09-1847 d. Dec-25-1941 JAC 248

Tucker, Richmond C. 1878-1961 CDH 401

Tucker, Richmond C. Dec-17-1826 d. Dec-08-1903 CDH 401

Tucker, Robert 1903-1908 CDH 401

Tucker, Robert Lee 1870-1951 CDH 401

Tucker, Sallie Margaret Harris Oct-24-1868 d. Feb-21-1912 wife of W.H. CDH 401

Tucker, Stanley ....-.... CDH 401

Tucker, Virginia Elvira b&d Nov-28-1879 (unmarked) MER 455

Tucker, W.A. Aug-31-1855 d. Mar-20-1919 THO 543

Tucker, William Francis Apr-27-1879 d. Jan-19-1943 JAC 248

Tucker, William Harper Dec-31-1864 d. Jan-21-1943 CDH 401

Tullis, Hattie Jan-01-1877 d. Jan-30-1965 SHL 469

Tullis, Henry S. Nov-22-1876 d. Dec-26-1915 SHL 469

Tullis, J.H. 1907-1973 ALT 480

Tullis, James J. 1879-1956 ALT 480

Tullis, James M. Jan-27-1839 d. Mar-08-1879 Father SHL 469

Tullis, Kila Marie b&d Jul-29-1939 SHL 469

Tullis, Mary A. 1879-1957 ALT 480

Tullis, son d. Aug-31-1936 TM unreadable SHL 469

Tullis, Thomas H. Jul-18-1907 d. Jul-14-1946 SHL 469

Tullis, Thomas M. Jul-15-1871 d. Mar-25-1921 SHL 469

Tunnell, B.A. Apr-23-1888 d. Jun-14-1921 TIL 307

Tunnell, B.A. VIN C Apr-23-1888 d. Jun-14-1921

Tunnell, Nancy Worthington b. Richmond Va Jun-11-1784 d. Aug-12-1857 wife of John KNO 308

Turk, Claude Marvis Apr-26-1930 d. Dec-22-1942 JAC 247

Turner, Ager P. Sep-22-1908 d. Jul-18-1964 LYC 528

Turner, Annie B. PVW-15 Jan-10-1925 Aug-01-1984 with Fred Turner

Turner, Bill 1898-1958 SHL 469

Turner, Carrie Phillips 1885-1936 JAC 248

Turner, Claudie B. MTM-00 Jan-19-1929 Mar-16-2000

Turner, Ellie M. May-01-1875 d. Oct-12-1947 MHP 550

Turner, Fay G. Feb-08-1887 d. Mar-14-1918 wife of E.W.; WOW Circle; Mother JAC 248

Turner, Fred PVW-15 Nov-12-1921 Apr-11-1985 m. Jan-03-1944; with Annie B. Turner

Turner, G.W. Aug-09-1852 d. Mar-28-1927 OPA 501

Turner, George bu. Jul-01-1991 OPA Helen Selman

Turner, Ibie L. PVW-15 Apr-04-1931 Jun-11-2000 age 68; TFM

Turner, infant dau PLG N Jul-27-1901 Jul-27-1901 "Inf dau of JC & Ophelia" Broken stone

Turner, James L. MTM-00 Sep-14-1918 .... (no death date)

Turner, James PVW-16 Mar-26-1879 Mar-04-1928 ME

Turner, Joe W. Nov-01-1884 d. Jan-06-1955 LYC 528

Turner, John Edwin Jul-09-1909 d. Feb-09-1911 son of E.W.& F.G. JAC 248

Turner, Johnny PVW-17 Jan-30-1935 Jul-10-1995

Turner, Katherine S. Sep-16-1890 d. Jan-11-1967; RSH 269

Turner, Kathy Ann PVW-15 Dec-18-1960 Oct-16-1997 Beloved sister

Turner, Laura B. Jan-15-1843 d. Jan-11-1913 wife of Dr. R.J. JAC 248

Turner, Lewis Davis Dec-31-1903 d. Dec-04-1928 JAC 248

Turner, Linda Gail Jun-25-1962 d. Jun-28-1962 MCD 356

Turner, Linda Gail Jun-25-1928 d. 1962 MCD 356

Turner, Linda Gail MC2-02 Jun-25-1962 Jun-28-1962 with Terry Lynn

Turner, Lizzie Aug-28-1863 d. Feb-07-1945 SHL 469

Turner, Lucy Jul-01-1855 d. Dec-31-1923 OPA 501

Turner, Mary Jane PVW-16 Nov-09-1880 Feb-08-1935 HJE

Turner, Mrs. Mary Lee EAC V Mar-28-1906 Feb-15-1993 TMP "age 86"

Turner, Murdys Jennette Jul-09-1907 d. Feb-20-1909 dau of Dr.& Mrs R.G. JAC 248

Turner, Omar K. Sr. Jun-08-1872 d. Oct-02-1951 MHP 550

Turner, Powhattan Davis Dr. 1875-1961 JAC 248

Turner, Robena Jan-10-1887 d. Oct-06-1966 LYC 528

Turner, Robert Gregory Oct-23-1919 d. Feb-25-1920 son of P.D.& W.M. JAC 248

Turner, Ruby Marie d. Feb-12-1969 77 yrs TM JAC 248

Turner, S.D. (Buddy) PVW-16 May-08-1909 Oct-31-1990 Beloved Father

Turner, T. Jan-06-1918 d. Jan-07-1918 LYC 528

Turner, Terry Lynn Jun-25-1962 d. Jun-26-1962 MCD 356

Turner, Terry Lynn Jun-25-1926 d. 1962 MCD 356

Turner, Terry Lynn MC2-02 Jun-25-1962 Jun-26-1962 with Linda Gail

Turner, W.E. 1884-1941 OPA 501

Turner, Walter Ray d. Feb-16-1972 aged 34 yrs MCD 356

Turner, Walter Ray MC2-02 Jul-27-1937 Feb-16-1972 `TX A3c USAF'

Turner, William Jul-30-1853 d. Feb-14-1931 SHL 469

Turner, Willie Beatrice Nov-27-1913 d. Jan-20-1918 dau of P.D.& W.M. JAC 248

Turner, Willie Mae 1885-1946 JAC 248

Turney, A.D. Apr-26-1878 d. Jul-22-1879 dau of D.H.& M.M. JAC 247

Turney, Betty Bolton (early l900's-1908?; unmarked) JAC 247

Turney, Betty Jo Dec-27-1929 d. May-13-1949 JAR 3100

Turney, Beulah Lattimore 1877-1900 JAR 3100

Turney, Billy Tatum Jan-08-1912 d. Apr-23-1956 JAR 3100

Turney, Caroline d. Jun-26-1853 age 32 yrs (red rock vault) JAC 247

Turney, Claudie Lattimore May-08-1881 d. Sep-17-1964 JAR 3100

Turney, David Everett Dec-23-1907 d. Jun-04-1909 son of J.A.& Lula JAR 3100

Turney, infant of Mr&Mrs W.F. JAR 3100

Turney, James A. Feb-22-1845 d. Aug-10-1918 JAR 3100

Turney, James Ernest Jul-25-1922 d. .... CDH SIK

Turney, John Earnest Dec-29-1873 d. May-02-1936 JAR 3100

Turney, Mary L. Brannam Aug-25-1925 d. Apr-22-1993 CDH SIK

Turney, Mary Rice Jul-17-1852 d. Oct-10-1902 JAR 3100

Turney, N.G. Nov-18-1870 d. Sep-07-1872 dau of D.H.& M.M. JAC 247

Turney, Nathan Jan-10-1874 d. Nov-13-1918 WOW JAC 247

Turney, O.H. 1889-1933 JAR 3100

Turney, Virgil Apr-07-1899 d. Nov-17-1961 TX Cpl Co D 19 Inf JAR 3100

Turney, William Franklin 1872-1957 JAR 3100

Turney, Willie Tatum 1883-1943 JAR 3100

Turrentine, John C. Aug-31-1888 d. .... MEA 363

Turrentine, John C. ME2-06 Aug-31-1888 Mar-10-1976 'Daddy'; with Johnnie

Turrentine, Johnnie Pearl Jan-09-1902 d. Feb-02-1969 MEA 363

Turrentine, Johnnie Pearl ME2-06 Jan-09-1902 Feb-02-1969 'Mother'; with John

Turrubiates, Samuel JCX A Feb-06-1938 Jun-11-1938 Inscriptions in Spanish

Tutor, Edward PLH G ...-..-.... May-..-185. Sandstone marker near cedar tree; Last name tenuous

Tutt, Augustus C LAR J Oct-02-1914 Aug-21-1920 "Son of CM & FV"

Tutt, Cyrus Marvin LAR J 1881-1954 "Father" With Fannie V

Tutt, Dora McCullough JCY H Jan-20-1934 Dec-06-1988 Mother

Tutt, Fannie V LAR J 1890-1965 "Mother" With Cyrus Marvin

Twine, Nellie HSP H 1874-1940 "Mother"

Tynes, Callie C. Jan-01-1888 d. .... JAR 3100

Tynes, Walter W. Oct-15-1889 d. .... JAR 3100

Tyra, Arthur T. Aug-20-1901 d. Jun-02-1958 son of J.W.& G.J. MHP 550

Tyra, Betty T. Aug-08-1860 d. Sep-03-1945 MIX 332

Tyra, D.R. (Dock) Aug-18-1895 d. Apr-10-1966 TX Pfc Co G 64 Inf WWI MIX 332

Tyra, Elisha M. 1844-1918 SIM 546

Tyra, Geneva bu. Feb-13-1999 OPA Helen Selman

Tyra, Georgia Jane Feb-27-1886 d. Sep-03-1935 wife of J.W. MHP 550

Tyra, Georgie E. 1854-1949 wife of Rev. H.M. Mother MIX 332

Tyra, Joe Curtis 1881-1940 MIX 332

Tyra, John May-30-1857 d. Nov-13-1938 MIX 332

Tyra, Johnnie R. LOC-00 May-30-1934 (no death date)

Tyra, Libbie M. Jul-31-1915 d. .... MIX 332

Tyra, Louise L. 1852-1943 SIM 546

Tyra, Mildred Aug-16-1908 d. Oct-06-1908 dau of J.C.& Pearl MIX 332

Tyra, Millie Jane Hale d. Nov-19-1871 aged 80 yrs TM JAR 3100

Tyra, Nettie Lou 1895-.... MIX 332

Tyra, O.L. Luster 1878-1923 MIX 332

Tyra, Paul R. Apr-10-1922 d. Jun-13-1933 son of H.& M.O. MIX 332

Tyra, Rachael E. Gordon ca 1822-1861 Ala wife of E.H. (no marker info by grson J.W.) MIX 332

Tyra, Rev. H.M. Aug-04-1852 d. Dec-07-1930 MIX 332

Tyra, Sherrie B. LOC-00 Jul-14-1937 Jun-15-1989

Ullrich, Paul Albert Sep-12-1907 d. Apr-05-1985 CDH SIK

Underhill, infant son d. Jan-14-1940; RSH 269

Underhill, Mary Elizabeth Jul-26-1909 d. Nov-08-1947; RSH 269

Underwood, Ada MC2-01 Sep-29-1899 Oct-26-1987 `Mother'; with Henry

Underwood, Albert E. 1894-1967 MHP 550

Underwood, Annie Jul-26-1880 d. Jan-14-1919 wife of H.T. MRS 371

Underwood, Annie MS1-04 Jul-26-1880 Jan-14-1919 wife of H.T. Underwood

Underwood, Annie Nick Feb-28-1923 d. Oct-19-1923 MRS 371

Underwood, Annie Nick MS1-14 Feb-28-1923 Oct-19-1923

Underwood, Annie Z. 1884-1966 MRS 371

Underwood, Annie Z. MS1-14 1884-1966 with Harbert

Underwood, Dorothy Fay d. Oct-31-1939 aged 3 mos PGR 397

Underwood, Edgar V. TAY-21 1903-1980 Uncle

Underwood, G.S. d. Jan-03-1942 aged 66 yrs TAY 391

Underwood, Grady H. MC1-01 Nov-17-1907 Apr-08-1979 `Daddy'; with Odelle; rock covered

Underwood, Harbert T. 1882-1967 MRS 371

Underwood, Harbert T. MS1-14 1882-1967 with Annie Z

Underwood, Henry Aug-11-1911 d. Nov-12-1911 SGR 3114

Underwood, Henry E. MC2-01 Jun-23-1894 Mar-01-1981 `Father'; with Ada

Underwood, Janet MC1-01 May-04-1939 .... with Larry - rock covered

Underwood, Jimmy Dewayne TAY-01 Jul-10-1968

Underwood, Jimmy Dwain b&d Jul-10-1963 TAY 391

Underwood, John Franklin MC2-01 Feb-15-1899 Sep-14-1983

Underwood, John Thomas MC1-02 Jul-02-1924 Feb-07-1976 with Nellie Bea

Underwood, Larry MC1-01 Jul-22-1938 Mar-16-1997 `m. Jul-12-1958'; with Janet; rock covered

Underwood, Leala Dec-10-1890 d. Feb-15-1919 dau of C.E. Jenkins HEN 393

Underwood, Leala HEN4-07 Dec-10-1890 Feb-15-1919 `Dau of C.E. & T.A. Jenkins'

Underwood, Marzell Jun-16-1912 d. Dec-27-1920 MRS 371

Underwood, Marzell MS1-04 Jun-16-1912 Dec-27-1920

Underwood, Matilda Allen TAY-02 Jul-11-1899 Feb-26-1988 m. Oct-29-1927 with Robert

Underwood, Mavis 1931-1941 Daughter of Florence Bailey Underwood Cox HES Wayne Edwards 1997

Underwood, Mavis 1931-1941 HES 538

Underwood, Merle Lee TAY-25 Aug-25-1925 Sep-10-1991

Underwood, Mrs. Rebecca Moselle d. Feb-24-1967 aged 82 yrs PGR 397

Underwood, Nellie Bea MC1-02  ....-.... with John Thomas

Underwood, Odelle J. MC1-01 Aug-29-1906 Sep-29-1993 `Mother'; with Grady; rock covered

Underwood, Pauline 1894-.... MHP 550

Underwood, Robert Edgar TAY-02 Jul-20-1887 Jan-27-1973 with Matilda

Underwood, Ruby Lee Oct-15-1914 d. Dec-27-1914 dau of R.E.& L.M. HEN 393

Underwood, Ruby Lee HEN4-07 Oct-15-1914 Dec-27-1914 `Dau of R.E. & L.M. Underwood'

Underwood, Susan E. 1870-1957 MCD 356

Underwood, Susan E. MC2-01 1870-1957

Underwood, Vishti 1891-1911 SGR 3114

Unknown, .aria. HEN-03 (stone covered with earth)

Unknown, Annie MTH N TMP in plot with G.Phillips & JT Bradshaw

Unknown, baby DAU L ....-....

Unknown, Baby grave near Van Orden thats unmarked HOO 538

Unknown, Baby REE I ....-.... Beside Carr Hunter Reagan

Unknown, Becky Jean BMM A ....-.... TMP unreadable; cement block says Becky

Unknown, Charlie Jr. RAG C ....-....

Unknown, Dock H. MNV D ....-.... Broken stone

Unknown, F.H. HSP I ...-..-.... Aug-..-1887 Sandstone almost unreadable

Unknown, Infant TEC-11 ...-02-1900 broken marker

Unknown, M.L. COR B ....-.... Right of Lona Gray, scratched on SS

Unknown, Martha first name only (between Beckham & Barrons) CON 319

Unknown, Mary Ann (on broken stone on red stone vault) JAC 230

Unknown, Mary CR1 F ....-.... Cement covered grave; beside Tobe unknown

Unknown, Mary first name only (between Beckham & Barrons) CON 319

Unknown, Mittie C LAR O ...-..-.... Apr-26-1865 "Age 2yrs, 6mos, 20days"

Unknown, Tippy TMN C May-05-1964 Oct-17-1977 Behind Bozarth; Tillman pet dog

Unknown, Tobe CR1 F ....-.... Cement covered grave; beside Mary unknown

Unknown, twin girls KIL C approx 1880 ...-..-.... "Died of Typhoid fever as children"

Unknown, Unkn HEN-05 d. Jun-06-18.6 Broken stone; 'age 25 yrs.'

Unknown, Unkn HEN-07 b. 1861 Broken marker; (unable to read)

Unknown, Unkn PVW-06 1903 U/I cement marker date of 1903 only inscription readable

Unknown, Unkn PVW-17 .... Oct-06-2001 U/I New grave

Unknown, Unkn PVW-24 Oct-..-1848 Oct-26-1924 brkn cement marker

Unknown, Unknown ....-.... Marker, iron cross south side of road from gate in center

Unknown, Unknown CR1 E ...-..-.... Mar-01-1932 Cement covered grave

Unknown, Unknown HEN4-05 Jul-26-1879 Apr-04-1895 - stone broken into 3 pieces

Unknown, Unknown LAR S Dec-26-1834 Oct-10-1894 Marble marker with name broken off

Unknown, Unknown MIL K ....-.... Broken "Weep not papa & mama for me..."

Unknown, Unknown MIL B ....-.... Broken stone, poss Jul 22 on one piece

Unknown, Unknown MNV H ...-..-.... May-08-1925 TMP Pinkerton & Tho. Und Co. Tyler, TX

Unknown, Unknown MTC V ....-.... TMP; in enclosure with Hollen Stewart

Unknown, Unknown MTH J ....-.... Markers, iron stone rocks between Roberson & Dement graves

Unknown, Unknown MTH J Marker, metal TMP between Wallace & Bairfield graves

Unknown, Unknown MTH H ....-.... iron ore flat rocks between Ford and J.T.P. graves

Unknown, Unknown MTH J Markers(2) TMP & concrete block beside Millard Bowden

Unknown, Unknown MTH J Markers, iron stone rocks (2) between James and Millard Bowden

Unknown, Unknown MTH G ....-.... Marker, iron Pipe next to grave of Gertie Taylor

Unknown, Unknown MTH G ....-.... Marker, iron Pipe next to grave of Gertie Taylor

Unknown, Unknown MTH G Marker, metal TMP about 36' from north fence near Sadler grave

Unknown, Unknown MTH P Markers, (5) concrete blocks, south end starting 10' from fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH M Markers, (3) between Newman & DeFoor

Unknown, Unknown MTH O ?-22-1813 Oct-07-1910 (????) beside Donald Meares

Unknown, Unknown MTH F Marker, iron stake North side of road from gate in center

Unknown, Unknown MTH L Marker, iron pot beside James Royce Davis

Unknown, Unknown MTH K Markers, TMP/granite (2) between John & Rosie Rogers

Unknown, Unknown MTH K Marker, ironstone beside Cummings

Unknown, Unknown MTH K Markers (7) bricks, iron rock, cement block btwn Edsell&Rogers

Unknown, Unknown MTH K Markers, (2) concrete & TMP beside Annie Lee Lusk

Unknown, Unknown MTH K ....-.... Marker concrete & TMP between Clayton Rogers&Thomas Lusk

Unknown, Unknown MTH F Marker, iron stake North side of road from gate in center

Unknown, Unknown MTH C Marker, galvanized pipe, next to Wilbert Lee Pryor

Unknown, Unknown MTH C no data, stone marker about 12' from fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH D ....-.... Marker, Metal Pipe about 32' from North fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH D ....-.... Marker, Metal Pipe about 38' from North fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH C ....-.... Metal marker (can't read) about 8' from fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH C ....-.... Metal marker (can't read) about 4' from fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH F Marker, iron cross about 28' from north fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH B ....-1951 Concrete block

Unknown, Unknown MTH B Metal marker (rusty)

Unknown, Unknown MTH D ....-.... Marker, Metal Pipe about 42' from North fence

Unknown, Unknown MTH D ....-....Marker, Metal TMP in 8' plot..can't read

Unknown, Unknown MTH F ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Hassel & Willis

Unknown, Unknown MTH F ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Hassel & Willis

Unknown, Unknown MTH F ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Hassel & Willis

Unknown, Unknown MTH E ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Wallace graves

Unknown, Unknown MTH E ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Wallace graves

Unknown, Unknown MTH E ....-.... Marker, Metal TMP beside John S. Wallace

Unknown, Unknown MTH E ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Wallace graves

Unknown, Unknown MTH E ....-.... Marker, Pipe between Wallace graves

Unknown, Unknown OLA E ....-.... Crypt of sandstone blocks, no ID

Unknown, Unknown OLA E ....-.... Crypt of sandstone blocks no ID

Unknown, Unknown OLA I ...-..-.... 1968 Name looks like SAPI7EMGADI; Cement

Unknown, Unknown ORH A ...-..-.... May-03-1926 Near Mary E. Braggs "Gone but not

Unknown, Unknown PLH G ....-.... Rectangular crypt of cut sandstone blocks

Unknown, Unknown PLH F ....-.... Rectangular crypt of cut sandstone blocks

Unknown, Unknown PLH F ....-.... Rectangular crypt of cut sandstone blocks

Unknown, Unknown PV1 S Aug-27-1918 Feb-16-1926 TMP name illegible unmark stone set 9/94

Unknown, Unknown TMN C ....-.... Small granite marker with Cherub

Unknown, Unknown VIN Q ....-.... TM unreadable

Unknown, Unknown VIN Q ....-.... TM unreadable

Unknown, Unknown VIN Q ....-.... TM unreadable

Unknown, Unknown VIN B ....-.... marked only with a cement block.

Unknown, Unknown VIN H ....-.... Grave marked by cement block

Unknown, Unknown VIN B ....-.... marked only with a cement block.

Upchurch, J.S. 1812 d. Aug-31-1888 KNO 308

Upchurch, Jesse Stacey 1854-1942 MCD 356

Upchurch, Jesse Stacey MC2-13 1854-1942 with Minnie

Upchurch, Martha 1828 d. Sep-18-1879 KNO 308

Upchurch, Minnie 1882-1968 MCD 356

Upchurch, Minnie MC2-13 1882-1968 with Jesse

Upchurch, T.M. Dec-01-1863 d. Feb-14-1922 KNO 308

Upshaw, Bobby R. 1927-1959 MEA 363

Upshaw, Bobby R. ME3-07 1927-1959 with Elsie

Upshaw, Elsie 1933-.... MEA 363

Upshaw, Elsie M. ME3-07 1933-.... 'Mother'; with Bobby

Urdal, Sigfred PLG G Mar-30-1915 Jul-13-1963 "TX TSgt CO A 386 MP Svc Bn WWII"

Urdiales, Benita Arispe Mar-21-1874 d. Feb-26-1914 ALT 480

Urquhart, Ella Jan-19-1880 d. Oct-15-1964 CDH 401

Usher, Amanda E. Jan-10-1856 d. Jan-17-1937 EVA 525

Usher, Hattie L. 1894-1958 dau of Jesse C. & Alice (Ashmore) Davidson ATY 456

Usher, infant 1877-1879 inf of Robert&Amanda EVA 525

Usher, Little Esma Evan Aug-10-1874 d. Jun-28-1876 son of Robert&Amanda EVA 525

Usher, Mrs. Allie d. May-28-1968 age 74 yrs TM ALT 480

Usher, Parizade Apr-19-1852 d. Nov-12-1924 Mother ALT 480

Usher, Robert F. May-03-1851 d. Jun-22-1896 EVA 525

Usher, Robert L. 1892-1957 ATY 456

Usher, Robert Mar-16-1879 d. Sep-18-1881 son of Robert & A.E. EVA 525

Usher, W.H. Mar-25-1854 d. Nov-07-1925 Father ALT 480

Usry, Basil Floyd Mar-14-1897 d. Jul-11-1966 TX Pvt US Army WWII JAC 248

Usry, Dora L. 1874-1930 JAC 248

Usry, W.A. 1870-1925 JAC 248

Utley, George E. Sep-03-1858 d. Sep-11-1928 ALT 480

Utley, Lillie Oct-15-1864 d. Dec-09-1938 ALT 480

Utz, G.L. Feb-10-1895 d. Mar-09-1953 Father OPA 501

Uzzle, H.T. RS1 A Oct-20-1827 Dec-20-1910 "Co D Wood's Miss Cav CSA"

Vaden, & Hazel, Always together (no other information) SHL 469

Vaden, Ellen Simpson Sep-04-1898 d. Jun-16-1966 MEA 363

Vaden, Ellen Simpson ME3-12 Sep-04-1898 Jun-16-1966

Vail, Alonzo B. Dec-23-1921 d. Jun-23-1944 Tex-Pfc-Med.Dept MHP 550

Vail, Alonzo W. 1892-1952 MHP 550

Vail, Bobbie Lee (no dates) son of L MHP 550

Vail, Dora lee 1891-1938 MHP 550

Vail, Elmer E. Aug-02-1915 d. Jun-30-1927 MHP 550

Vail, Elmer Eli Jan-02-1898 d. Jan-28-1953 La-Pvt-1 Corps Arty Park AAF MHP 550

Vail, Margaret Evelyn Aug-09-1921 d. Jan-05-1944 MHP 550

Vales, Kermit PVW-20 Aug-16-1903 Aug-04-1908 son of Lewis & Magdalene Vales

Vales, Lewis PVW-20 Jul-04-1875 Dec-27-1927

Vales, Magdalene PVW-20 Nov-12-1878 Jan-21-1931 'Mother'

Van Cleave, Thomas Dwayne ME2-05 Apr-15-1954 Mar-31-1990 'Bubba'

Van De Gaer, Lenora.Mae PLG M Aug-17-1953 Sep-03-1960 With James Ila & P.A.

Van De Gaer, James.Ila PLG M May-28-1906 Sep-03-1960 With P.A.

Van De Gaer, P.A."Pete" PLG M Sep-05-1902 Sep-03-1960 With James Ila

Van Hagen, H.W. (no dates) JAC 248

Van Orden, Ada Grave Feb-02-1890 d. Aug-18-1961 HOO 538

Van Wagner, Buford E. May-22-1880 d. Mar-29-1967 JAC 248

Van Wagner, Rupert Mar-09-1871 d. Aug-03-1947 JAC 248

Van Wagner, Rupert Jan-05-1907 d. Nov-26-1910 son of Rupert & Buford JAC 248

Van Wagner, Ruth Gwyn Jun-14-1921 d. Feb-12-1923 dau of Rupert & Buford JAC 248

Van Zandt, Abraham b. Apr-17-1804 d. at age 64 yrs OPG 399

Van Zandt, Fred N. Nov-06-1889 d. Mar-31-1955; RSH 269

Van Zandt, Meneme b. Aug-14-1802 d. at age 64 yrs OPG 399

Van Zant, Burma 1856-1933 MEA 363

Van Zant, Burma ME3-09 1856-1933 with John

Van Zant, Herbert Jul-11-1906 d. Oct-18-1967 MEA 363

Van Zant, John E. 1857-1945 MEA 363

Van Zant, John E. ME3-09 1857-1945 with Burma

Van Zant, Mary Ovon Sep-23-1920 d. .... MEA 363

Vance, Callie Jan-19-1893 d. .... LYC 528

Vance, Emma Lou Mar-16-1904 d. Dec-17-1905 MTZ 461

Vance, Jim Apr-28-1887 d. Jul-26-1963 LYC 528

Vance, Martha Ann Murray Apr-19-1859 d. Apr-24-1947 ATY 456

Vance, William Melton Aug-06-1862 d. Mar-16-1909 MTZ 461

Vandigriff, Christopher P. 1849-1937 JAC 248

Vandigriff, Sarah Jane 1866-1957 JAC 248

Vann, Billie Allen EAC I ....-.... "Billie Allen Vann & infant son"

Vann, Christine Jul-24-1955 d. Jun-05-1965 MHP 550

Vann, Edward D. Jan-07-1880 d. Mar-10-1951 Father MHP 550

Vann, Glenn Ray d. June 1948 MHP 550

Vann, Joe W. bu. Dec-20-1998 OPA Helen Selman

Vann, Mandy E. Feb-20-1885 d. Sep-16-1962 Ma MHP 550

Vann, Ruby Oct-03-1915 d. Nov-28-1918 dau of Mr&Mrs Ed MHP 550

Vansickle, Dellis 1899-1928 MRS 371

Vansickle, Dellis MS1-09 (no date)

Vansickle, Martha Ann Feb-23-1898 d. Nov-05-1951 wife of L.V. WLC 381

Vansickle, Revis MS1-10 Nov-01-1895 Jan-28-1896

Vansickle, Rosie MS1-10 Jun-25-1897 Dec-14-1897

Vanzandt, Ollie Mae Smith WEE A 1920-1958 TT Vol 24 No 1 Fall 1998

Vanzant, Herbert ME2-05 Jul-11-1906 Oct-18-1967 with Mary

Vanzant, Mary Ovon ME2-05 Sep-23-1920 Jan-27-1985 with Herbert

Vardeman, Katty Smith Jan-16-1905 d. Jun-23-1954 OPA 501

Vaughan, Annell ME2-01 Sep 03-1928 Feb-24-1995 'Out of gas'; with J.E.

Vaughan, Annette Jul-14-1882 d. May-14-1965 JAR 3100

Vaughan, J.E. ME2-01 Jan-12-1925 .... with Annell (gas pump emblem)

Vaughan, Leva Marie Jan-31-1911 d. May-29-1938 JAR 3100

Vaughan, N. Jean BMM H 1920 ...-..-.... With Weldon

Vaughan, W. Malone Jan-22-1880 d. Sep-07-1964 JAR 3100

Vaughan, Weldon BMM H 1921 ...-..-.... "Mar N. Jean Jun-28-1981"

Vaughn, B. Cecil Aug-28-1915 d. Feb-28-1953 Brother OPA 501

Vaughn, Bettie Oct-24-1881 d. Jan-20-1957 JAR 3100

Vaughn, Calvin May May-14-1889 d. Apr-23-1959 ATY 456

Vaughn, Emily F. Mar-26-1857 d. May-09-1916 Mother JAR 3100

Vaughn, Jamie Murphy Nov-10-1882 d. Feb-17-1958 JAR 3100

Vaughn, Joe Ethel Jan-26-1885 d. May-09-1959 SAL 447

Vaughn, Lewis A. Jun-04-1885 d. Aug-03-1962 ATY 456

Vaughn, Louis A. Jr. Nov-23-1921 d. Feb-09-1963 S/Sgt-3565 Air base Gr AF ATY 456

Vaughn, Mona L. Nov-27-1919 d. .... CDH SIK

Vaughn, Nancy Ann TM unreadable SAL 447

Vaughn, Samuel G. May-19-1886 d. .... SAL 447

Vaughn, Tarias G. Oct-17-1907 d. Oct-13-1993 CDH SIK

Vaughn, W.A. Dec-20-1854 d. Dec-03-1927 Father JAR 3100

Vaught, Billie Ruth Jan-12-1932 d. Jan-23-1932 LYC 528

Vaught, Carlton Ray b&d Feb-15-1950 ATY 456

Vaught, Henry A. Jan-29-1887 d. Feb-23-1968 ATY 456

Vaught, Mary E. 1891 d. .... ATY 456

Vaught, Mrs. Margarett J. Jan-29-1817 d. Jul-04-1849 CDH 401

Veagara, Porficio OAK N Sep-15-1912 Jun-02-1992 TMP hard to read

Veal, Charley Mar-10-1885 d. Jul-04-1914 WOW HND 442

Velmer, Unknown CR2 B 1913-1932

Vercher, Gertie B. Oct-30-1907 d. .... CDH SIK

Vercher, Leo Paul Jul-28-1901 d. Oct-17-1990 CDH SIK

Verheyden, Gladys Irene Nash Oct-18-1915 d. Oct-30-1961; RSH 269

Vermillion, Edward Allgood Nov-10-1899 d. May-29-1900 son of J.V.& Emma JAC 248

Vermillion, Emma Allgood Dec-15-1870 d. Sep-12-1919 JAC 248

Vermillion, F. Raymond 1893-1933 CDH 401

Vermillion, J.I. Sep-11-1857 d. Nov-07-1907 WOW JAC 248

Vermillion, Jesse Virgil Jul-21-1862 d. Dec-04-1931 Father JAC 248

Vermillion, Lucy B. 1892-1952 CDH 401

Vermillion, Thomas M. 1920-1921 CDH 401

Vest, Andrew A. EAC H 1915-1982 "Our beloved"

Vest, Eddie D. EAC H 1911-1944 "Father, Gone so soon"

Vest, Eddie Daniel EAC H Jul-10-1911 Aug-16-1944 Husband of Hazel Pope

Vest, Eddie Gaylen EAC H 1944-1959 "Son" "Our darling Gay" PCT

Vest, Hazel Pope EAC H Dec-24-1919 ...-..-.... Wife of Eddie Daniel

Vest, Martha Elizabeth EAC H 1877-1962 "Granny"

Vestal, Alice M. 1915-.... JAC 248

Vestal, Martha M. 1892-.... JAC 248

Vestal, Thomas A. 1887-1960 JAC 248

Vickers, Bobby Glen MS2-01 Oct-10-1955 .... with Sharon

Vickers, Gladys M. Judkins MS2-01 Jan-11-1935 Jun-13-1995 with Glen W.

Vickers, Glen W. MS2-01 Mar-13-1936 .... with Gladys

Vickers, Sharon L. Blount MS2-01 Aug-12-1966 Jul-09-1991 with Bobby Glen; PIC

Vickery, L G (Vick) RS2 D Jun-22-1913 Oct-08-1988 With Odell Acker

Vickery, Odell Acker RS2 D Oct-11-1912 Nov-27-1987 With L G (Vick)

Vincent, Thomas J. PV1 3 Jan-23-1885 Jul-17-1957 Unmarked stone placed 2/95

Vining, Albert M. 1867-1936 CDH 401

Vining, Amanda J. Sep-02-1897 d. Jan-26-1980 CDH SIK

Vining, Belle T. 1870-1959 CDH 401

Vining, Ben Crosby May-26-1860 d. Feb-25-1918 Mason CDH 401

Vining, Callie E LAR T Oct-27-1900 Feb-18-1975

Vining, Capt. B.F. Jun-02-1834 d. Oct-25-1914 CSA CDH 401

Vining, Charles A. 1870-1903 CDH 401

Vining, Chester C. Jul-17-1897 d. Jun-24-1978 CDH SIK

Vining, Clay LAR T Dec-14-1948 Feb-02-1957 With David C and Inez Brown

Vining, D.C. LAR T Mar-30-1862 Feb-20-1924

Vining, David C LAR T Dec-21-1924 Feb-02-1957 With Clay and Inez Brown

Vining, Eldon Edington Jun-28-1903 d. Feb-12-1908 CDH 401

Vining, Hugh Mar-29-1898 d. Aug-21-1902 CDH 401

Vining, Inez Brown LAR T Aug-18-1931 Feb-02-1957 With David C and Clay

Vining, Janett & her Brothers; children of B.F.& L.C. (no dates) CDH 401

Vining, Jesse Minyard LAR T May-03-1898 Nov-28-1958 "TX Pvt US Army WWI"

Vining, Laura K. Feb-19-1879 d. .... CDH 401

Vining, Lloyd PLG S Oct-07-1914 Jan-01-1980 With Vina M.

Vining, Lucy Pearson Feb-17-1864 d. Jan-20-1928 his wife (Capt B.F.) CDH 401

Vining, Maris Eldon Jul-08-1924 d. Jul-11-1926 CDH 401

Vining, Maud Carr 1889-1910 CDH 401

Vining, Melvin Patrick PV2 Q Mar-17-1909 Apr-30-1951

Vining, Vina M. PLG S Nov-09-1919 ...-..-.... With Lloyd

Vining, William Ed Jun-02-1874 d. Jul-14-1961 CDH 401

Vinning, Albert M. 1867-1936 CDH SIK

Vinning, Belle T. 1870-1959 CDH SIK

Vinson, Betty Jo "Bebe" COR R Nov-12-1926 Jan-18-1988 Beside Zell Knous

Vinson, J.M. 1881-1929 Papa MHP 550

Vinson, Martha 1884-.... Mama MHP 550

Vinson, Thelma JCY B Sep-25-1916 Oct-05-1992 wife of Troy L. Vinson

Voncannon, Charlotte Nov-22-1970 d. Oct-23-1986 COO Sylvia Acker

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