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Cherokee County, Texas



Hitchcock's New and Complete Analysis
 of the
Holy Bible:
or;The whole of the
Old and NewTestaments
arranged according to the subjects
In Twenty Seven Books

New York
Alvin J. Johnson and Son, 11 Great
Jones St. (near Broadway)
W. D. Cummings, Pittsburg, PA - E.P.
Kingsley, Chicago, Ill
Family Record
Feb 15 - 1883 'Tis a lovely evening.  How well suited to the contemplation of the works of nature! The one eternal, omnipotent, and omnipresent God is one of the most sublime topics on which a rational mind can meditate.  The development of nature itself is enough to frown infidelity out of existence.  S. E. Skeeters
Father, forgive our thoughts and actions,  wandering from thee.  O Lord create within us a hungering and thirsting after righteousness that we may be filled in the name of Jesus, hear my prayer for I trust in Thee!
Wesley Legg Skeeters was born Dec the 25, 1829
Rutha Ann Skeeters was born Jan 27th 1835
Mary Alice Skeeters was born Oct 19th 1857
Sarah Ellen Skeeters was born Jan the 28th 1862
William Thomas Skeeters was born March the 15th 186(5?)
Eliza Eugenia Skeeters was born Feb the 25th 1866
James Wesley Skeeters was born Oct the 6th 1868
John David Skeeters was born Feb the 21st, 1871
Joseph Edward Skeeters was born Apr 28th 1875
Patrense(? sp) Exana Skeeters was born July 1, 1873
Franklin Fletcher Skeeters was born July the 7th 1878
Thira Masie Skeeters was born Aug the 12th, 1903
W. L. Skeeters and R. A. Tindall were married July the 30th 1856
J. R. Mixon and M. A. Skeeters were married Sept. the 5th 1888
Boyd Haney and Eliza E. Skeeters were married Mar the 30th, 1890
W. T. Skeeters and Ella Thomason were married May the 4th 1890
M. L. Compton and S. E. Skeeters were married Sept the 8th (at 8 o'clock P.M.) 1892
J. D. Skeeters and Nora Powers was married Nov 30th 1893
C. G. Haney and Annie Skeeters was married Feb 4, 1894
F. F. Skeeters and Bettie Tucker was married June 15th, 1902
Polly A. Skeeters was born Oct 27th / 1832 and died Nov 30 / 1902
J. E. Skeeters died June 29th, 1894
J. W. Skeeters died Aug 8, 1894
Exanna Haney died June 24, 1903
F.F. Skeeters died Sept. 6, 1906