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Cherokee County, Texas



Information and photos from Edna LaFour.

Calvin C. Phillips (Father of the children) Born Aug. 9, 1951 - (he was born in Butler County, Alabama).
Louisa A. (Howard) Phillips(mother of children)  born Feb. 17, (born in Cherokee County, Texas to AGW and Louiza Evins Howard)
Beulah D. Phillips born Sept. 1, 1876
Osmond D. Phillips born July 25, 1878
Nina L. N. Phillips born November 11, 1880(her name was Nina Lenora Phillips Evans and she went by the name of Nora and was married to James Warren Evans from Navaroo County.)
Willie H. Phillips born Nov. 14, 1882
Bessie J. (Jane) Phillips born April 8, 1885
Calvin L. Phillips born January 26, 1887
Oscar H. Phillips born March 23, 1889
Flora Phillips born October 29, 1891
Jessie C. Phillips born March 5, 1894
Homer  B. Phillis born Oct 25, 1896
Beulah Phillips was married to  _____Dyer July 5, 1899
William Phillips was married to Alice McElroy November 10, 1904
Bessie Phillips was married to Tom Henderson December 15, 1904
Flora Phillips was married to ______ Forshaw January 26, 1908
Nora Phillips was married to J. W. Evans August 14, 1910
Jesse Phillips was married to Annie Robberson August 31, 1914
Osmond D. Phillips was married to Loma Walker on November 14, 1918
 Calvin L. Phillips died May 31, 1889
Homer B. (Burette) Phillips died March 21, 1899
Flora Forshaw died September 27, 1921
Louisa Alice Phillips died April 13, 1944
Calvin C. Phillips died March 31, 1926
Jessie C. (Clarence) Phillips died July 8, 1965
Will H. Phillips died January 19, 1966
Nora (Nina Lenora) Phillips Evans died January 25, 1975
Douglas H. Phillips born August 2, 1934 and died September 23, 1997 (son of Jessie C. and Annie Robberson Phillips)



Left to right - Clint Howard, Nolan Phillips, standing Jessie Phillips, lady                      Left to right - Alice Louisa Howard Phillips, Nine Lenora "Nora" Phillips Evans,  

at right Annie Robberson Phillips and seated eating watermelon is                               Bess Phillips Henderson and Flora Phillips Forshaw.

Calvin Constantine Phillips.