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Cherokee County, Texas



Holsomback is located on the old Highway north of Wells about 1 miles on Melvin Burroughs farm. There is also two other burial plots on the same farm. The graves are unmarked, but they are suppose to be the original settlers and a child.

Holsomback, Nancy 1873-1930
Holsomback, Ada 1884-1887
Holsomback, Bertie 1907-1914
Holsomback, infant 1915
Holsomback, Archie 15 Jan 1914 d. 24  Apr 1965
Holsomback, J.J. 1833-1899
Holsomback, Lue Crity 1830-1901
Holsomback, G.T. 1 Dec 1873 d. 2 Feb 1960
Holsomback, Debbie Ann 31 Oct 1881 d. ?
Holsomback, Joe 1901-1952
Wise, Theressa birth & death 13 Mar 1964

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