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John Anthony Tittle

The Cherokee County Genealogical Society thanks Jack F. Tittle, 35 Tewkesbury Cir. Dr., Bella Bista, AR 72714-3129 for permission to publish his family on our web site.


1. John Anthony TITTLE [S1,N1] He married Rosa MCFARLAND about 1785 in South Carolina. Rosa MCFARLAND [N2] They had the following children: +2 i. Nancy TITTLE 3 ii. Elizabeth TITTLE was born in 1792. Died [S2]. +4 iii. John Archibald TITTLE +5 iv. Betsy TITTLE +6 v. Mary Polly TITTLE


2. Nancy TITTLE [S3,N3] was born about 1790 in S.C. Died in 1858 [S4]. She married Fleming DAVIS. Fleming DAVIS [S5,N4] They had the following children: +7 i. William DAVIS 8 ii. George Austin DAVIS 9 iii. James DAVIS 10 iv. Peggy DAVIS [N5] 11 v. Mary DAVIS [S6]

4. John Archibald TITTLE [S3,N6] was born on 20 Sep 1800 in Abbeville, S.C. Died on 21 Jan 1865 in Near Rome, Ga. [S7]. Buried in Pleasant Hope Baptist Church grounds [S8,N7]. He married Jane DEVLIN in 1828 in Abbeville, S.C. Jane DEVLIN [S9,N8] was born in 1805 in Abbeville S.C. Died on 19 Aug 1844 in Abbeville S.C. Buried in Long Canes ARP. They had the following children: +12 i. James Bowman TITTLE +13 ii. John Louis TITTLE +14 iii. Sarah TITTLE +15 iv. Mary TITTLE +16 v. James Madison TITTLE +17 vi. Lucretia TITTLE 18 vii. Anthony TITTLE was born in 1841 in Abbeville. Died in Jun 1850 in Abbeville [S10,N9]. 19 viii. Archibald TITTLE [N10] was born in 1842 in Abbeville [S11]. Died on 23 Apr 1864 in Galveston, Texas [S12,N11]. +20 ix. Leroy TITTLE +21 x. Martha TITTLE +22 xi. Margaret TITTLE 23 xii. TITTLE 24 xiii. TITTLE 25 xiv. TITTLE He also married Peggy DEVLIN in 1845. Peggy DEVLIN was born in Abbeville District, S.C. Christened [N12]. Died in 1846. They had the following children: +26 i. James TITTLE He also married Elizabeth Jane WILSON in 1846. Elizabeth Jane WILSON was born in 1824. Died in 1894. Buried in Yorkville Methodist Church Cem., Yorkville, Ga. They had the following children: 27 i. Robert TITTLE was born in 1850 in Abbeville. Died in Jul 1850 in Abbeville [S13,N13]. 28 ii. Arabella TITTLE 29 iii. Caroline TITTLE 30 iv. William TITTLE 31 v. Nancy TITTLE 32 vi. Anthony TITTLE 33 vii. John TITTLE +34 viii. John Wilson TITTLE 35 ix. Julia TITTLE 36 x. TITTLE 5. Betsy TITTLE She married ? WATKINS. They had the following children: 37 i. Wilson WATKINS 6. Mary Polly TITTLE [S3,N14] was born [S3,N15]. She married Andrew WEED. They had the following children: +38 i. Rose WEED +39 ii. Elizabeth WEED +40 iii. Mary WEED +41 iv. Sarah WEED +42 v. Margaret WEED +43 vi. Reuben WEED 44 vii. John WEED [S14,N16] +45 viii. William(Billy) WEED


7. William DAVIS was born in 1804. Died on 6 Jan 1883. Buried in Amphill graveyard. [S15,N17]. He married Mattie ROBINSON.

12. James Bowman TITTLE [N18] was born about 1830 in Abbeville Dist. S.C. [S16,N19]. Died in May 1864 in Mansfield, La. [S17,N20]. Buried in Unknown. He married Jane Usher FINDLEY on 5 Oct 1856 in Cherokee Co. Tex. [S18]. Jane Usher FINDLEY [N21] was born on 18 Jan 1840 in Holmes Co., Miss. [S19,N22]. Died on 26 Mar 1874 in Cherokee Co., Tex. [N23]. Buried in Alto, Tex. They had the following children: +46 i. Samuel Houston TITTLE +47 ii. Louis Wardlaw TITTLE 48 iii. Oney Cora Lee TITTLE was born on 23 Aug 1861 in Alto, Cherokee Co., Tex. Died on 3 Jul 1873 in Cherokee Co., Tex. [N24].

13. John Louis TITTLE [S20,N25] was born about 1832 in Abbeville S.C. Died in Bastrop Co., Texas. He married Isabella Louise TITTLE. Isabella Louise TITTLE was born on 7 Jul 1828. Died on 25 Jul 1854. Buried in Cedar Springs Churchyard [N26]. They had the following children: 49 i. Mattie TITTLE He also married Mary Jane COPE on 3 Feb 1858. They had the following children: 50 i. Alice TITTLE [S21,N27] 51 ii. Mary TITTLE 52 iii. Alex TITTLE [S22,N28]

14. Sarah TITTLE was born in 1833 in Abbeville. Christened [S23]. She married James EDWARDS.

15. Mary TITTLE was born on 27 Apr 1835 in Abbeville [S24]. Died on 14 Dec 1903. She married Samuel E. BROWN.

16. James Madison TITTLE [S25,N29] was born in Sep 1837 in Abbeville. Died on 15 Aug 1907 [S26]. He married Sarah Ann OGBURN on 7 Nov 1866 in Macon, Bibb Co. Ga. They had the following children: 53 i. John Archer TITTLE was born in 1868. 54 ii. Delia TITTLE was born in 1872. 55 iii. William Price TITTLE was born in 1874. Died in 1922. 56 iv. Eula TITTLE was born in 1877. +57 v. Devlin Dunbar TITTLE

17. Lucretia TITTLE was born in 1840 in Abbeville [S27]. She married ? SKINNER in Yazoo City, Miss.

20. Leroy TITTLE was born about 1843 in Abbeville. He married Peggy DEVLIN.

21. Martha TITTLE She married ? AGNEW.

22. Margaret TITTLE She married Alex STUART.

26. James TITTLE was born in 1846. Died in 1893. He married Julia TITTLE. Julia TITTLE was born in 1847. Died in 1922.

34. John Wilson TITTLE He married. He had the following children: 58 i. Lenora Tittle DUDLEY was born on 10 Oct 1883. Died on 9 Mar 1978 in Macon, Ga.

38. Rose WEED She married John BROWNE.

39. Elizabeth WEED She married Archie BOYD.

40. Mary WEED She married Robert DRENNAN.

41. Sarah WEED She married John BICKET.

42. Margaret WEED [S28] She married Abner Perrin YOUNG. She also married Tom CRESWELL. She also married Rob CRAWFORD.

43. Reuben WEED He married Kate UNDERWOOD.

45. William(Billy) WEED He married Margaret STURKEY.


46. Samuel Houston TITTLE [N30] was born on 30 Nov 1856 in Rusk, Cherokee Co., Tex. [S29]. Died on 18 Jul 1951 in Granite, Okla. Buried in Granite, Okla. He married Laura Frances HENSLEY in 1887 in Doans Crossing, Wilbarger Co., Texas. Laura Frances HENSLEY [S30,N31] was born on 5 Jan 1868 in Near Hartville, Wright Co., Missouri. Died on 14 Jul 1942 in Granite, Okla. Buried in Granite, Okla. They had the following children: +59 i. Louis Madison TITTLE +60 ii. Lemuel Hensley TITTLE +61 iii. Leo Findley TITTLE +62 iv. Jennie Mae TITTLE

47. Louis Wardlaw TITTLE [S31,N32] was born on 3 Sep 1859 in Alto, Cherokee Co., Tex. [N33]. Died on 16 Aug 1932 in Austin , Tex [N34]. He married Virginia A.(Jenny) WOOD on 10 Mar 1881 in Rusk, Texas. Virginia A.(Jenny) WOOD [S32,N35] was born on 25 Jan 1863. Died after 1932. They had the following children: +63 i. Daisy Usher TITTLE +64 ii. Cora Elizabeth(Lizzie) TITTLE 65 iii. Sammie L. TITTLE [N36] was born on 11 Jul 1890 in Texas. +66 iv. Mary Myrtle TITTLE 67 v. Virginia Louis TITTLE [S33,N37] was born on 26 Jun 1895 in Texas [S34,N38]. Christened [N39]. Died [S35]. 68 vi. Pauline TITTLE [S36,N40] was born on 19 Dec 1897 in Texas. Christened [S37,N41]. Died in May 1980 in Austin, Texas [S38]. 69 vii. Jayne Joyce TITTLE was born on 12 Dec 1900 in Texas.

57. Devlin Dunbar TITTLE was born in 1880. Died in 1930 [N42]. He married Allie DANIEL. Allie DANIEL was born in 1878. Died in 1947.


1. The book "Hard Labor Section" by H.T. Cook with added indices by Kirkland, 1993- states that John was the only child of a Scotch-Irish family and was left an orphan at an early age. "He was reared by two old ladies, out of the goodness of their hearts." (In a conflict with the Cherokees in 1760 at Long Canes creek, 40 settlers were killed. In another in 1763, Creeks crossed the Savannah River and killed 14 people .( One can only conjecture if his parents may have been among the victims) His name appears on the Abbeville 1830 census, but not on the 1840 census. Our Anthony appears in the 1790 census in Old 96 Dist., South Carolina.The name Tittle is derived from Titley "Titta's wood" in Herefordshire in the north of England as people from there were called Tittles. The first mention of the name is in 1086,in the domesday book and was known as Titel, on the property of Osbern FitzRichard, formerly Earl Harold. A note of interest, a William Tittle was sentenced in London to "Transportation to the Colonies for 14 years" in May 1718. He shipped on the Tryal in August 1718 to Charlestown, S.C. Early Tittles in the US are: 1740-Peter, George and Henry inPenn. or Patrick Co.,Va. 1718-William Tittle in Charlestown SC c1782-1787. a John Tittle appears in Henry Co. taxpayer's list. 1791-William Tittle in Virginia, moved to Tenn,1810-1837, died after 1850. 1790-John Anthony Tittle in Old 96 Dist,SC. 1791-Samuel Tittle in Franklin Co., Ga.(It is about 50 miles as the crow flies between the center of Franklin Co., and Abbeville. I believe there is a connection between John A. and Samuel. 1790-Anthony Tittle in Henry Co., Va. Anthony, George and John Tittle signed an oath of allegiance to the United States sometime during the revolution. 1812 Private Anthony,Private John and Ens. James were in the East Tenn. Inf. during the War of 1812. 1830-James Tittle and father came from England. James was aged 10. Father of Dr. C.C. Tittle of Ark. 1850-A bunch of Tittles in Dade Co., Ga. -from the Tenn. clan.

2. The book "Hard Labor Section" indicates she had a sister named Jane.

3. . She was a model housekeeper, and gave rise to a family observation "as immaculately clean as Aunt Nancy."

4. He was a cooper and later a miller in the area. He was in the U.S. infantry in the war of 1812.

5. A spinster

6. Rosa, his mother, had an older brother named Archibald.He bragged that he had had 25 children (many of whom died in infancy).One report says "Archie was a well-to-do high tempered man and impetuous, yet very generous. His farm was very fertile, had 60 slaves and raised much cotton. He went security and was left to pay the note. His years crop of 90 bales, when the price was low, did not liquidate the debt. Slaves were sold and these losses with the indulgence in strong drink and old age went against him.He moved to Georgia , leaving a daughter Mary who married Sam Brown." He appears in the 1860 Georgia census in Floyd County. He is in the 1850 census for Abbeville.

7. He was a farmer. Buried next to him is Robert Allen Tittle, 30 July 1851-16 Nov 1857.(one of his children?)

8. Four other children died in infancy. The fourteenth child was buried on her arm in the Long Canes ARP cemetery.

9. Died of "dropsy" at age nine.

10. Archy enlisted in Co. D, 2nd Texas Cavalry(Capt. Walker's Company) on May 23, 1861 at San Antonio. He enlisted as a private, was promoted to sergeant in 1863. He was placed on sick leave July, 1863 and died in the hospital in Galveston, Texas sometime between then and April 23.1864. He died within a month of his brother Bowman.

11. The 1860 Texas census indicates he was living with brother John Louis , who was in Texas.

12. She was a cousin of Col. James and granddaughter of James Devlin, Sr.

13. Died of "Liver disease" at age 1 month.

14. She was 22 years younger than her husband.

15. From letters written by Andrew in 1837-39, Andrew and Mary had charge of the farm at Lethe School,(later John De La Howe School).Weed and the "boys" tended 60 acres of corn, 30 of oats and 3 acres of sweet potatoes. "Mother and her little girls" manufactured over 100 yards of woolen and cotton cloth. There were 12 boys and 12 girls in the school, doing schoolwork half the time and farm work the other half. Andrew and Mary's salary was $550 per annum..

16. Died during the Civil War.

17. This couple was childless. He suffered greatly from blindness caused by cataracts.

18. A Confederate soldier. Was a cotton trader and school teacher by profession. Wounded in the Red River Campaign in 1864 at Sabine Crossroads.. An account of the action at Sabine Crossroads (April 8-9, 1864] indicates that "The Texas Infantry Brigade on the right flank was thrown forward and engaged the 19th Corps at Chapman's peach orchard. The Federals had 9000 fresh troops on the ground, but the Texans pressed them steadily until darkness put an end to the fight. Under cover of night, the 19th Corps retreated, leaving many supplies in the field. Col. Raines of the 8th Texas Infantry was perhaps the 1st Texan killed in the battle, as he was struck by a Federal gun just after the charge had begun. Col. King of the 18th Infantry did gallant service at the Chapman peach orchard, when with own regiment(the 18th) and the 8th Texas, he furiously assaulted the whole 19th Corps, and was specially commended by Gen. Dick Taylor in general orders." Ironically enough, James Bowman Tittle was the only man of Co. A, 18th Texas Infantry to lose his life during this campaign(Mansfield-Pleasant Hill.]The 18th Texas Infantry Regiment was organized at Jefferson, Texas in May, 1862 and W.B. Ochiltree was elected the 1st Colonel. James Bowman enlisted as a private on April 5, 1862 in Co. A(Capt. G.W. Knox.] Soon thereafter, they reported to Gen. McCulloch at Camp Nelson, near White River, Ark. They were there organized into Waul's Brigade, Maj. Gen. John G. Walker's Division, and became known as "Walker's Foot Cavalry." Some of the Findley boys in the 4th Texas Cavalry were also on the flank during this engagement. Wardlaw family history states that John Wardlaw (Died Circa 1808) married Jane, Daughter of Wlliam Bowman.. James Bowman must have been named for his uncle, William Bowman Wardlaw, or his great-grandmother, Jane Bowman. Of interest, and possible connection, is that James Wardlow Findley was in Arkansas in 1840.

19. Born in Miss. according to S.H.Tittle Bio.

20. The exact date of his death is unknown.In a letter to Mrs Jane U. Tittle dated May 3,1864 , written from Mansfield, indicated "he has had considerable poison in his wound for about a week,but it has now left him and he is in every way doing well."

21. In interview #1432 S.H. Tittle calls her Jenny Findley Tittle. Birth is given as 1840 or 1841 in different sources.[probably 1841-see sister Elizabeth.] She was a teacher.

22. One source(Jimmy Grundy, PAF data base,aug 1993-from the internet gendex) shows birthplace Atlanta, Miss. This is on border of present day Calhoun and Chickasha Counties. There is also Attala County, which adjoins Holmes County. Source of his data is unknown. The 1860 Texas census states she was born in Texas.

23. Per S.H. Tittle Bio

24. Note that Sarah L. Findley had twin boy and girl named Samuel and Oney born in 1838.

25. One source states that John was twin with James B. However the 1850 census record from Abbeville indicates age of James Bowman as age 22 and John L. as aged 21. The 1860 Texas census indicates ages: J.B.-29 and John Louis-28. In the same census, Archibald Tittle was living in the same household as John John L. was apparently in the Texas Cavalry during the Civil War.(I have been unable to locate his service record, as yet.) In a letter to Jenny Tittle from Sabine Pass in July 1863, Louis states:"There is no other cavalry here but our company and our duty is very hard. We have six miles of picketing to ride. There is 12 men out every night through the boggiest country I ever saw in my life and the muskets are worse condition I ever saw. This the worst place I ever saw for a soldier we get nothing but cornbread and beef here There are two blockading vessels lying off the bar. The regiment that Archy belongs to was ordered from Galveston to Louisiana and they have had a hard fight already." He also states that he knew brother (Archy) was taken very sick and had stopped on the way to Louisiana.

26. Her infant daughter Isabella Louisa Tittle is buried at Cedar Springs

27. In letters from Mary Jane to Jane Usher, she is refered to as "Allie" or "Ally".

28. Alex appears in the Bastrop County records as having been married on Dec 25, 1876. As he and John L. are the only Tittles listed in these records, I believe this Alex is Johns' son.

29. The James Madison Tittle "Home Place" is said to have been in Berrien Co., Ga., present day Cooke Co., Ga. He must have moved there after 1880 per census report.

30. .. Was a rancher, marshall and Greer County sheriff for many years.Is called "The Grand Old Man of Greer" in National Hall of Fame. Extensive biographical material exists among his descendents.

31. Moved to Texas when 3 years old. Jack Tittle remembers her saying they first stopped in Montague Co., Texas

32. He was Alto postmaster in 1889 records and County Clerk in 1910 census. His wife is shown as Virginia in 1910 census, age 47. He was finance commissioner of the Prison System of Texas and had one of the most responsible positions in State government. He was educated by his mother and after her death worked on a farm in Alto. In 1876 he worked in Clay Co. for Mr. Hensley and later on the Pease River. He later returned to Alto and opened a store which he operated until 1902. For a full biography, see"Texas and Texans", page 2113. He was a Mason, Knights of Pythias and Woodmen of the World,

33. "Texas and Texans" list birthdate as Sept. 3, 1859

34. In a 1917 letter from Louis to Houston, Louis indicated that his five youngest( I think unmarried) daughters were employed as follows: Sammie: Teaching school in Houston. Myrtle: Working in state legislature. Louis: Working in fathers' office. Pauline: in university. Jayne: in high school.

35. She was the sister of Martha Wood who married George C. Findley

36. She was a teacher in Houston.

37. As there were no boys in the family, and she was a later child, she was named Louis in honor of her father. She worked in the State Capitol in Austin.

38. She was living in Austin in 1959.

39. She was given her father's name, Louis, as there were no boys in the family.

40. She had a twin brother who died Dec 23, 1897, just four days old.

41. She was head librarian at the Dallas Public Library for many years.

42. They had nine children. A complete list is available courtesy of Buddy Taylor.


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DAVIS, George Austin 8

DAVIS, James 9

DAVIS, Mary 11

DAVIS, Peggy 10

DAVIS, William 7

DUDLEY, Lenora Tittle 58





TITTLE, Alex 52

TITTLE, Alice 50

TITTLE, Anthony 18

TITTLE, Anthony 32

TITTLE, Arabella 28

TITTLE, Archibald 19

TITTLE, Betsy 5

TITTLE, Caroline 29

TITTLE, Cora Elizabeth(Lizzie) 64

TITTLE, Daisy Usher 63

TITTLE, Delia 54

TITTLE, Devlin Dunbar 57

TITTLE, Elizabeth 3

TITTLE, Eula 56

TITTLE, James 26

TITTLE, James Bowman 12

TITTLE, James Madison 16

TITTLE, Jayne Joyce 69

TITTLE, Jennie Mae 62

TITTLE, John 33

TITTLE, John Anthony 1

TITTLE, John Archer 53

TITTLE, John Archibald 4

TITTLE, John Louis 13

TITTLE, John Wilson 34

TITTLE, Julia 35

TITTLE, Lemuel Hensley 60

TITTLE, Leo Findley 61

TITTLE, Leroy 20

TITTLE, Louis Madison 59

TITTLE, Louis Wardlaw 47

TITTLE, Lucretia 17

TITTLE, Margaret 22

TITTLE, Martha 21

TITTLE, Mary 51

TITTLE, Mary 15

TITTLE, Mary Myrtle 66

TITTLE, Mary Polly 6

TITTLE, Mattie 49

TITTLE, Nancy 31

TITTLE, Nancy 2

TITTLE, Oney Cora Lee 48

TITTLE, Pauline 68

TITTLE, Robert 27

TITTLE, Sammie L. 65

TITTLE, Samuel Houston 46

TITTLE, Sarah 14

TITTLE, Virginia Louis 67

TITTLE, William 30

TITTLE, William Price 55

WATKINS, Wilson 37

WEED, Elizabeth 39

WEED, John 44

WEED, Margaret 42

WEED, Mary 40

WEED, Reuben 43

WEED, Rose 38

WEED, Sarah 41

WEED, William(Billy) 45