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Cherokee County, Texas



Luna Laura Dowling

Born 30 Dec 1892

Died 17 Sep 1979  Houston Harris Co., TX, USA

Description Charlie McDuffie Gardiner, born 21 Mar 1882, died 16 Oct 1973.

Luna Dowling born, 30 Dec 1892, died 17 Sept. 1979.

Location Hendricks Cemetery, Beulah Community, Cherokee, Texas

Date 22 July 2007


The first known about *LUNA LAURA DOWLING GARDINER* is from the 1900

census where she is 7 years old and the Dowling family is living in Houston County
Texas. The same census gives her birth month as December and the birth year
is 1892. Her parents are listed as *WILLIAM  DOWLING* born 12 Aug
1849 in Virginia and died before 1900 probably in Houston Co.; unknown date.  Her
mother was *MARGRET BREES*, born 6 Jan 1854 in Indiana and died 28 Sept
1906 in Cherokee County. Her burial place is Hendricks Cemetery, Bulah
Community, Cherokee, Texas. William Dowling's father and mother are
buried in the City Cemetery in Palestine, Texas. Their names are *RUBEN P
 She is seen again in the 1920 and 1930 census married to Charles McDuffie
Gardiner and living in Cherokee and Houston Counties. She was married at a very
early age, about 14 years to 24 year old Charles in Cherokee County. Family
lore is that Luna, an Indian child was taken in by the Dowlings; where she was
given an additional name of 'Laura Dowling'.  She was supposed to have been
born in a tee pee. During the lives of her grandchildren they remember a
photograph of a man hanging in her home that had long braided hair and an
earring. She told her grandchildren that was her father. The where abouts of the
photograph is unknown.

  As the story continues when it came time for her to marry Charles she ran
away but was found and was brought back to face the music. At this time
both parents were deceased and she was in the care of her brothers and sisters.
  As with a lot of families we didn't take advantage of the time we had with our
grandmother. We did not ask her about her family or past, just enjoyed the time
we had together. As all of us do, we think we have all the time in the world, and
it's to late when we realize our mistake. We loved her very much and would like 
to know the truth about her family and where she came from. We have always
loved the stories she told about her life, and would be put to bed at night with
these tales of her life.
  Luna was a hard working wife and mother; raising all but one of her eight children.
The oldest son, James Earl, died at an early age. She had her own crops to grow and sell, and animals she tended so she could take care of her children. She also worked, washing and ironing for others.
  Her descendants would love it if you would share any information you know about or have. No birth or marriage records or certificates have been found at this time.
Also looking for info on Charles Henry Gardiner
b.1810 NY d. unknown in Cherokee or Nacogdoches County.

Family Members

Charles M Gardiner18831963
James Earl Gardiner 1908 - 1911
Carrie Endora Gardiner 1910 - 1976
William Perry Gardiner 1913 - 1990
Gilbert Gerry Gardiner 1915-1997
Eula Faye Gardiner 1920 - 1990
Lennie Laura Gardiner 1922 - 1978
Lillie Mae Gardiner 1924 - 1999
Thomas Edison Gardiner 1927
Any other info you happen on would be great, please contact me, Mary Watts.

Information from Cheryl Gardiner,  March 3, 2008