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Helen Crawford was, perhaps, the foremost compiler of family history in Cherokee County.  She compiled 5 books of cemetery records, 19 books of obituaries, 7 books in the Saga of Cherokee series as well as books on Early Death Records, Early Probate and Wills, Marriages, Salem Baptist Church Minutes, Larissa College, and others. Mrs. Crawford died Friday, June 14, 2002, at a Jacksonville, Texas, hospital. She was born March 7, 1914.

Mrs. Crawford’s family wished that her works continue to be available to the public.  Her daughter and executor, Dolores Ann Linkous has assigned Mrs. Crawford’s intellectual property and publication rights to Cherokee County Genealogical Society.  Another daughter, Elaine Peters, recognized the works Newspaper Obits, 2001, Book 18 and Newspaper Obits, 1926-1931, Book 19, as unpublished and sent them to us for publication.  These books are now available for sale and are listed on our catalog at:

We are honored to be selected to continue Mrs. Crawford’s noble work.

Gordon Bennett

The following books were compiled by Helen Wooddell Crawford
Newspaper Obituaries

Bk 1  1836-1908                                Bk 11 1994
Bk 2  1910-1921                                Bk 12 1995
Bk 3  Assorted years                           Bk 13 1996
Bk 4  Assorted years                           Bk 14  1997
Bk 5  Assorted years                           Bk 15  1998
Bk 6  1922-1925                                Bk 16  1999
Bk 7  Assorted years                           Bk 17  2000
Bk 8  1990(part) and 1991                  Bk 18 2001
Bk 9  1992                                          Bk 19 1926-1931
Bk 10 1993
Index of Newspaper Obituaries, Books 1-16

Saga of Cherokee County
Books  of Newspaper clippings

Saga 1 - 1889-1908                            Saga 5 - 1950's to 1980's
Saga 2 - 1910-1921                            Saga 6 - 1917-1918 WWI articles
Saga 3 - 1960's to 1980's                    Saga 7 - 1908-1950's really misc.
Saga 4 - 1922-1925

Other Books

Cemeteries of NW Cherokee County
Cemeteries of Jacksonville, and others
Cemeteries of NE Cherokee County
Cemeteries of Mid Cherokee County
Cemeteries of Southern Cherokee County

Early Death Records from Court House 1903-1928

Early probates & wills of Cherokee County, compiled from the original papers

Federal Census of Cherokee County, 1870

Marriages of Cherokee County 1884-1890

Salem Baptist Church @ Larissa- minutes

Larissa College 1857-1860  (This material is a compiled book of articles printed of Larissa College, and in 1915 it was said that this was the only material on the college. It has the names of the Board, teachers, visitors & children.)

National Tomato Capital 305 pgs Tomato history in Cherokee County

Early cemetery lots of City cemetery  (Jacksonville, Texas)

Tyler Courier-Times-Telegraph 1950,  Mid Century Edition.

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