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Bedford Forrest Trantham Family


Bedford Forrest Trantham, his wife Margaret
(white) Trantham, and three of there nine children.              Trantham house which was located in Pierces
The three boys names are                                         Chapel. Home to Bedford Forrest Trantham,
Tubby Trantham, Oscar Trantham, and Russ,                        his wife Margaret (White) Trantham,  and
 Trantham.                                                       their nine children. It burned on Oct. 1, 1931


Oleta (Sides) Warren and Eva (Sides) Batton                    Bedford Forrest Sides, "Sonny"           
grandchildren                                                  Named after his Grandfather Bedford
to Bedford Forrest and Margaret Trantham.                      Forrest Tranthan. Sept. 11, 1928-                                                               Apr. 28, 1957 I