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Feb. 2, 1898
The Dallas Morning News

Curious Act of a Negro.

Jacksonville, Tex., Feb. 1 -- A negro named
Andrew Horton went to the residence of District
Attorney Wm, Donly last night and went into the
room occupied by his little girls. Mrs. Donly,
thinking it was her husband, followed him into the
room. About that time the little girls awoke, and
together with their mother, left the house and sent
a runner after City Marshal Brady. On his arrival
he found the negro in bed with his clothes off.
This morning a razor was found in the room.
Marshal Braddy says the negro was drunk. He is
now locked up in the calaboose, and will have a
preliminary trial to-day.

Feb. 3, 1898
The Dallas Morning News

Given the Highest Penalty

Jacksonville, Tex., Feb. 2 -- Andy Horton, the
negro who went to Donley's residence Monday
night, was tried for drunkenness here yesterday,
for which he pleaded guilty and was fined $100
and cost, the highest penalty the law allowed.

Information submitted by Bunny Freeman

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