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Calcote, Emma (Gem)

Calhoun, Shanda

Cameron, Opria

Campbell, Emily Viola Lindstrom

Campbell, Jess Norris

Campbell, Jimmy Lee

Campbell, Joanne Jean

Cannon, Jr. Henry Sonny

Canter, Coach Jim

Cariker,  Ruby Temple

Carlile, George Louis

Carroll, Collin

Casper, G. E.

Casper, Lillie Mae

Chancellor, Jerry "Pee Wee" Morris

Chancey, Thelma

Chandler, Inez Baker

Cheatham, Albert Frances

Cherryhomes, Ella Mae

Chilson, Violet

Christopher, Bettie Elizabeth

Chupp, Ruth

Cigainero, Rosa Jane

Clark, Charles

Clem, Roy H.

Clewis, Ethel

Cobb, Mary Elizabeth Bradley

Cofer, Maggie Ree Cofer

Coleman, Emma Jean Merritt

Coleman, Herbert Elton

Colston Elnora

Coltellaro, Irma

Combs, Precilla "Polly"

Cone, Cecile

Cook, Jesse Clyde

Cook, Thomas "T"

Cooper , June Walker

Coppock, Frances Kent

Corley, Billy Frank

Corley, Charles Michael Sr.

Corneilus, Barney - Wife - Step-Daughter

Crayton, Kenneth Wayne

Creed, Caitlin Elizabeth

Crisp, Velma

Cummings, Glen

Cummings, Jim

Curtis, Melonye