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Cherokee County, Texas



Jacksonville, TX

No one knows if the three infamous Jacksonville ghosts were busy enough to be seen. What ghosts? The ones chronicled by East Texas writer Rebecca S. Kelly in her 2004 book East Texas Towns and Their Ghosts, .talking about supernatural phenomena. “Some people like to talk about it and some don’t,” she said. “The people I spoke to were generally friendly and fiercely proud. Each East Texas town is unique in its own way. But all have one thing in common: time seems to stand still in these towns.” 1

Pierce Chapel Cemetery

Pierce Chapel Cemetery is isolated. There are no homes or lights, only the moon and stars. There have been reports of footsteps across the cemetery grounds. A silhouette appears then disappears in a vapor. A fog appears on clear nights and never rises too high. Blue flames have been seen rising from the ground, just to disappear a short time later. 1

Jacksonville City Cemetery

There is a statue there called Mother Templeton. On nights of the full moon the statue is said to change directions. 1

Lon Morris College- Craven-Wilson Dormitory

A female ghost is said to haunt the dormitory. Each year she chooses a different resident to live with. They believe the ghost is that of the former dorm director, Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Brown died of cancer before her term of director was completed. People say her spirit is completing her term of director. The activities reported are harmless. Each room has something different that happens. The activities vary from things on shelves being moved about, drawers being opened, radios turning stations by themselves and electronics going off and on. Noises are reported being heard from the rooms when the occupant isn’t inside. Clothes in the closets are moved, dishes are re-arranged. Some have had items jump off shelves, like they were being pushed from the wall. Steaming hot water comes from the cold water pipes at times. The shower curtains are said to sometimes be pushed inward toward the inside of the shower, onto to the occupant, as if with a mighty force. 1

Rusk, TX


There have been tourist who have seen a mysterious lady wearing and antique white dress on the Footbridge. They will go to report it, but when they return she is gone, vanished. Some say that years ago a child fell off the bridge when the water was high. and it it is the mother looking for her long lost child.

1. Article from Jacksonville Daily Progress on November 1, 2006, By Jim Goodson

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