Census Records

1850 Bexar County
1860 Young County
1870 Young County
1900 Cochran County
1910 Cochran County
1920 Cochran County
1930 Cochran County

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Records Prior to 1880

Cochran County was not formed until 1876.
The area now known as Cochran County was orignially given to Bexar and Young Counties.

If you are researching persons who lived in Cochran County prior to 1880,
it is recommended you research the appropriate years in the Bexar County and Young County records.
Links to records for both Bexar and Young counties have been included in the menu on the left.

1880 Census

I have been unable to locate an 1880 census schedule for Cochran County.
It could be that Cochran County was not populated in 1880.
If you are looking for persons living in Cochran County in 1880,
I suggest searching through the 1880 Bexar County and Young County census records just in case.
Links have been provided in the menu on the left.
Anyone who can provide any information on the 1880 Cochran County Census
please contact me.

1890 Records

The majority of the 1890 Population Census was damaged or destroyed in a fire in 1921.
By 1934 nearly all the remaining damaged portions were destroyed.
Unfortunately none of the 1890 Population Census for Cochran County survived.

For a list of the 1890 Census Schedules that did survive the 1921 fire please visit
The National Archives

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