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Note: In most cases names appear in the lists below exactly how they are spelled on the birth certificate.
Often names on the certificates are misspelled. If you know the correct spelling of a name and would like it corrected on the list,
please email me with the correct information.

These are all certificates that have been released for public use by the state of Texas. These certificates are 75 years or
older. Some of these persons may still be living, I have tried not to add the certificates for persons I personally know to still be living.
I am sure there may be several I missed, if you come across one for someone still living, please, email me the name(s).
Some certificates do not give the name of the child, those certificates are listed below as Surname, Gender.

If you have a certificate that you would like included here, please email it to me and I will get it added for you!

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Allen, John Howard
Babb, Elizabeth Ann
Baker, James C. Ernst
Baker, James C. Ernst (amendment)
Barnes, Rachel Morine
Beard, Claudia Evelyn
Beard, Claudia Evelyn (amendment)
Beaty, Female (stillborn)
Beedy, William Garvin
Bethany, John
Bennett, Ruby
Bilbrey, Billy Gene
Bilbrey, Billy Gene (amendment)
Boads, Henry
Boads, Leonara
Borden, Betty Anne
Bowman, Melba Glee
Boyd, Female
Brasher, Clifford L.
Brock, Alta Mae
Brock, Alta Mae (amendment)
Brown, Peggy Lou
Bryant, James Robertson
Burke, Lenneth Lee
Butler, Louis
Butler, Louis (correction)
Calhoun, Female (stillborn)
Carter, Elizabeth Louis
Chavez, Female
Clancy, Buster
Coble, Doris Lee
Coble, Doris Lee (corrected)
Coker, Male
Coker, Male (correction)
Cooper, Betty Thelma
Cooper, Betty Thelma (amendment)
Cooper, Female
Cooper, Female (correction)
Cooper, Odene
Cooper, Vivian Ruth
Cotes, Female
Crone, Charles Scott
Crone, Charles Scott (correction)
Crow, Helen Pearl
Crow, Helen Pearl (correction)
Davis, Laveta Dell
Davis, Laveta Dell (correction)
Davis, Vernon Earle
Dove, Audrey Marie
Dove, Audrey Marie (amendment)
Dove, Vivian May
Drennan, Jimmie Bob
Drum, Minnie Ellen

Flatt, Female
Folks, Melvin Glenn
Fowler, Billie Leo
Fowler, Douglas J.
Fowler, W. A.
Fraley, Doris Fern
Fraley, Doris Fern (amendment)
Gandy, Billy Gene
Gandy, Billy Gene
Garza, Female
Giuse, Iris Wanda
Gladden, Elsie May
Gladden, R. B.
Goforth, Margie
Graham, Charles Eugene
Graham, Charles Eugene (amendment)
Grantham, Clifton Lawrence
Grantham, Clifton Lawrence (correction)
Greer, Viola
Greer, Viola (correction)
Griffin, Betty Ruth
Griffin, Mary Lois
Gross, Barbara Jo
Grudy, Male
Guy, Alleta Marie
Hall, Female
Harrison, Millie Genieva
Harvey, Hattie
Head, Male
Head, Neva Irene
Head, Neva Irene (amendment)
Henry, Jackie Margie Marie
Henry, Jackie Margie Marie
Herridge, Charles Dale
Hewett, Glenn Harrell
Hodnett, Male
Holloman, John Thomas
Holloman, Leta Mynelle
Holt, Cecil Marion
Hooper, Laston Lewis
Hooper, Marie Elizabeth
Hoover, Sylvan Troy
Hoover, Sylvan Troy (amendment)
Hucedela, Female
Hudson, George Erwin
Hudson, Male (son of Henry & Effie)
Hudson, Male (son of James & Jane)
Hudson, Paige Trammel
Hudson, Porter Campbell
Hudson, Rae Dene
Hudson, Rae Dene (amendment)
Hudson, Ruby
Humble, Marjorie Iola (correction)

Jackson, Al
Jackson, Jessie Elsie Oweta
Jackson, Jessie Elsie Oweta (amendment)
Jackson, Josphine
Johnson, Betty Jewel
Johnson, Vaudrey Lee
Joiner, Virginia Loretta
Jones, Joe Luther
Jones, Marvin L.
Jones, Marvin L. (correction)
Jones, Thomas Dean
King, Mary Nell
Krisling, Male
Lackey, James Millard
Lavender, Luise Inez
Lilly, Ulis
Lockeby, Bertie Agnes
Lytle, Gertrude
Lytle, Gertrude (amendment)
Lytle, Verna Jeanetta
Lytle, Verna Jeanetta (amendment)
Mathews, Janet Maxine
Mathews, Janet Maxine (amendment)
Maxwell, Female
May, Myrtle Earline
McCaa, G. C. Jr.
McCain, Male
McCasland, Burl Dee
McCasland, Lura Lee
McCoy, Zack
McCoy, Zack (correction)
Meads, Bettie Jo
Megee, Male
Miller, Herbert Glenn
Mills, Billie Hugh
Mills, Cecil Edgar Jr.
Molino, Charley
Monroe, Billie Ann
Monroe, Billie Ann (correction)
Monroe, Mary Beth
Monroe, Mary Beth (correction)
Monroe, Robert Joe
Monroe, Robert Joe (correction 1)
Monroe, Robert Joe (correction 2)
Monroe, Steve Mac
Morgan, Mozell Maxine
Morley, Betty Jane
Mullinax, Joveta
Newman, Nettie Faye
Newman, Nettie Faye (amendment)
Newton, Charles E. Jr.
O’Neal, Margie Carol
O’Neal, Orville Ray
O’Neal, Orville Ray (correction)
Ownsby, Female
Parkison, Melvin Eugene
Parks, M. B.
Phillips, Alva Lee
Phillips, Harley B.
Phillips, John James
Pierce, Dorothy Mae

Ramerez, Pasqual
Raines, William M. Jr.
Rains, Rufus Brady
Rains, Rufus Brady (correction)
Reichard, Male
Riley, John Vanoye
Riley, John Vanoye (correction)
Rucker, Ina Pearle
Rupp, Ruth Wenneki
Russell, Roy Lee
Sanderson, Male
Sandobal, Female
Schmidt, Ferdinand
Schmidt, Frank
Schmidt, Irine
Schmidt, Male (son of Allen & Anna)
Schmidt, Male (son of Andrew & Eva)
Schmidt, Samuel
Scott, Billy Wayne
Scott, George Robert
Shaw, Seth
Shaw, Viola Pearl
Smith, Manual Truman
Smith, Manual Truman (amendment)
Smith, Thurman Gerald
Sooter, Robert Dale
Sooter, Robert Dale (amendment)
Spencer, Bessie Annetta
Stephens, Charles Etan
Stevenson, Joyce
Stevenson, Joyce (amendment)
Tabor, Claudie Franklin
Tarver, Dorothy Jean
Tarver, Dorothy Jean (correction)
Taylor, Lura Lee
Taylor, Male
Taylor, Patsy Ann
Taylor, Sallie Ann
Thacker, Robert Joe
Turner, Warren James

Walters, Aline Elizabeth
Warren, James Biffle
Warren, James Biffle (correction)
Wartis, Lary Van
Watts, Male
Watts, Ross Sterling
Way, Kenneth Richard
Way, Kenneth Richard (amendment)
White, Gladys Elizabeth
Wigley, Peggie Jean
Williams, Chrystelle
Williams, Emily Louise
Willis, Kenneth Warren
Willis, Kenneth Warren (correction)
Winder, David Joe
Winder, Jerry Lee
Wood, Billie June
Wood, Billie June (amendment)
Woodley, Male
Ybarra, Philip Jr.
Yeary, Billie Louise
Yeary, Billie Louise (amendment)
Yeary, Robert John

Source: "Texas, Birth Certificates, 1903-1935." Index and images. FamilySearch: accessed 2015. Citing Bureau of Vital Statistics. State Registrar Office, Austin."