Coke County, Texas



Best, Washington Marion - 6 Nov 1831 - 15 Nov 1916
CSA Veteran. Served with Fort's Scouts of Missouri. He joined the unit in Holly Springs, Mississippi. His wife, Susan M. Best, is buried alongside him
" Come ye blessed. Our father has gone to mansions of rest. To the glorious land by The Diety blest "
(Submitted by his great-grandson, Duane Herron, Researching family names Herron, Best, Nail, Hickman.)

Eubanks, John B - 1831 - 1909
1st Lieut Co F 48 Ala Inf CSA

Fletcher, Washington Brewster
Co, F. 12th Texas Infantry, Walker's Division, CSA

Gainer, John Thomas - 3 Oct 1848 - 14 Jan 1919
Miss, PVT COG 10 Regt Miss Cav
Confederate States Army
Veteran of Civil War under Gen Robert E Lee (1862-65)

Joyce, Andrew J - No dates
Co F 19 Tex Cav CSA

Lasswell, George Columbus - 1 Jul 1845 - 1 Nov 1931
Major, Bradford's Regiment, Texas Cavalry

Nail, William A. - 4 Sep 1847 - 16 Jan 1913
Served as a jr 2nd Lt. in the 28th Texas Cavalry. Joined in Shelby County, Texas. His wife Eliza M. Nail applied for Confederate pension #47891 from Runnels County.
" Our father has gone to mansions of rest. To the glorious land by The Diety blest "
(Submitted by James Herron)

Norton, W.N.A. - 10 Feb 1842 - 25 Apr 1922
"In loving memory of our father."
PVT Co F 8 Texas Cas CSA


Barker, Dave C. - 22 Sep 1844 - 27 Apr 1933
PVT Co I Palmentto SS
Confederate States Army


Byrd, James Franklin - 18 Dec 1844 - 9 Jan 1915
"Farewell my wife and children All; From you a father Christ doth call."
Historical Marker commemorating James Franklin Byrd:
Born in Kentucky, joined Confederate Army in Gonzales, Texas in 1862, was in Co. F, Willis Battalion of Cavalry, Army of Virginia. Fought in battles of Holley Springs, Harrisburg, Ft. Pillow, and others. Escaped by volunteering to help load boats, then joining prisioners to be exchanged. Married Eliza Elizabeth May. Made permanent home at Pecan Mott, west of Hayrick Mountain. Recorded 1969


Brown, James - 1832 - 1908
1 Serg Co E 2 Tex Tegt Conf State Army

Robertson, John S. - 1836 - 1932
CO D 36 Miss Inf CSA
"A friend to his country and a believer in Christ."


Averitt, John C. - died 12 Dec 1895
Aged 77 years 9 days
"A minister of the Gospel, 53 years."
CSA Veteran

Bennick, Isreal Martin - 30 Apr 1836 - 20 Dec 1898
CSA Veteran
"No pain, no grief, no anxious fear, Can reach the peaceful sleeper here."

Billups, W.S. - unreadable - 15 Nov 1895
Co A -- unreadable
CSA Veteran

Bryan, A.B. - 1838 - 1922
CSA Veteran
"Remember friend, as you pass by, as you are now so once was I; as I am now soon you will be. Prepare for death and follow me."

Burroughs, J.A. - 24 Dec 1829 - 2 Sep 1901
CSA Veteran

Davis, Isaac - 1829 - 1907
CSA Veteran

Ethredge, S.S. - 31 Jan 1820 - 8 Nov 1905
CSA Veteran

Fields, L.W. - 4 Mar 1846 - 6 May 1910
CSA Veteran

Gates, C.A. - 4 Oct 1836 27 - Jul 1927
State Historical Marker:
Cary Allen Gates (Oct 4, 1836 - July 27, 1927)
Born near town of Paint Lick, Kentucky, came to Collins County, Texas 1858. Joined Confederate Army at McKinney, Oct. 1861, as private in Army of Tenn. Served in 5 Div. was in battle of Chickamauga; hurt at Murfreebora, Tenn.; shot through wrist at Spanish Fort, Ala. Served till end of war. Married twice, his first wife Mary Jane Sadler had 10 children. Moved to Coke County, 1906. Spent rest of life here. Recorded 1968.

Hardesty, William H. - 13 Nov 1830 - 27 Nov 1892
"Union Soldier" "CSA War Veteran"

Hayley, Jacob W. - 7 Nov 1824 - 3 Jun 1898
CSA Veteran

Latham, Theophilus - June 1, 1830 - April 24, 1896
CSA Veteran
Born in Texas. Married Eliza Ann Carter in Rusk County in 1854. Enlisted on July 26, 1862 in Pittsburg (present-day Camp County) in Company F, 14th (Clark's) Regiment, Texas Infantry. He was discharged on Surgeon's Certificate of Disability on April 22, 1863. He passed through Collin Co. about 1870 then settled in Brown Co. until the 1890's when he joined his son William Carter Latham in Coke Co. An iron fence surrounds grave.
"For ever all dear father adieu
This is the last we can do for you"

Locklin, Bartholomew Murray - June 17, 1849 - April 29, 1923
Born in Jackson, Miss. Came to Texas with family in early 1860's. Married Susan Lucinda McSpadden (1855-1917), and had 7 children who lived to adulthood. Settled near Sanco, in Yellow Wolf Valley, about 1888, and began ranching. In 1894 he was elected sheriff and tax collector by Coke county citizens. He held the position for 4 consecutive terms, until 1902, earning a reputation as an honest and efficient lawman. Recorded - 1973

Lowry, John F. - 27 Jul 1839 - 24 Jan 1905
CSA Veteran
"He died as he lived - a Christian."

Modgling, W.M. "Father" - 3 May 1832 - 17 Mar 1916
CSA Veteran

Murphy, William - 2 Mar 1844 - 8 Jun 1940
Company A 3 KY Cav CSA Veteran

Pearce, H.D. - 4 Jun 1845 - 8 Dec 1911
PVT Co B 17th Volunteer Infantry CSA
State Historical Marker:
Henry Davis Pearce born in Illinois, came to Texas in 1956. Joined Confederate Army in New Orleans, 1861; fought in Siege of Vicksburg (1863), in Battle of Mansfield (1864), and at Mr. Pleasant Hill LA., where he was captured. Exchanged at Blair's Landing. He served to end of war. He wrote history of Confederate Veterans. Married Sarah Elizabeth Pride. Had 8 children. Pioneered and helped organize Runnels County. He moved to Robert Lee, Coke County in 1906. (Recorded 1970)

Tucker, J.M. - 30 May 1843 - 7 Mar 1907
Orderly Sargeant Co C 7th
Texas Cavalry CSA "Asleep in Jesus, blessed sleep, From which none ever wake to weep."

Tunnell, John W. "Father" - 13 Sep 1842 - 13 Jun 1901
CSA Veteran

Wyatt, W.D. - 25 Dec 1825 - 18 Apr 1983
CSA Veteran

Adult grave, CSA Veteran - unmarked
Large tombstone base marked with a CSA star. Base is in the same extremedirection change as many other 1890s headstones that are scattered throughout section 8. Nearby is an unmarked grave enclosed in an iron railing fence that is in less directional change.


Baker, Joseph H. - 1824 - 1922
CO B Flournoy's Regt
Texas Inf CSA



Lackey, Andrew Jackson - 8 Mar 1832 - 7 Oct 1886
PVT Co A1 Regt Texas HV Arty
Confederate States Army

Copied from Coke County - Cemeteries Epitaphs & Dates, Compiled by Bonita Copeland and Wanda Smith, Published by: American Prining Co., 117 W. Main, Bronte, TX 75933, September, 1990

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