Coke County, Texas

Fort Chadbourne - A trip back in time!
by Mary Love Berryman

Friday, September 5, I visited
Chadbourne and
took a trip back in time.
Lana and Garland Richards
made me feel welcome immediately
and I spent the morning learning about
Fort Chadbourne, the restoration and the
hopes and plans for the future.

First they showed me pictures of
restoration and how it was done -
using unique methods to preserve the
present wall by making supports for the
walls, cleaning out loose mortar and then
filling will new mortar to hold the walls up.
This method was used in restoring the
barracks and the officers's quarters.

Lana Richards says the most fun part
of her job is showing the Fort.

She very graciously showed me

The Buildings


The Artifacts

I hope you will enjoy seeing them
as much as I did and go visit
Fort Chadbourne
the next time you are in
Coke County, Texas

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