Coke County, Texas

A Resolution

Contributed by Elsie Airaghi

April 15, 2006

The Robert Lee Observer, Robert Lee, Coke County, TX, date: estimated early 1900's

A Resolution

State of Texas
County of Coke

Whereas, the commissioners' court of Coke county, Texas, has discussed
and fully considered the advisability of the county's participation
in a Texas Relief Commission Canning Project for said Coke County;

And whereas, at this particular time the city of Robert Lee, which is
the county seat town of said county, is faced with a shortage
in their supply and sufficient water suitable to be used in such a
canning project cannot be obtained at this time;

And whereas, there is a severe drouth now prevailing in said county
which has caused an under supply of vegetables and farm products;

And whereas, it is now the opinion of the commissioners' court of Coke
county that the establishment of such a canning project in this county
at this time would be an unwise expenditure of Coke County funds and
Texas Relief Commission funds;

Therefore be it resolved, that the commissioners' court of Coke county
express its sentiments to the Texas Relief Commission, and assure them
that they are willing to cooperate with the Texas Relief Commission
in such canning project when the proper situation presents itself,
and when vegetables and farm products and water are available in such
quantities and amounts as would make such project feasible. It
is also the desire of the commissioners' court to express to the
Texas Relief Commission the maximum amount which it would be willing
to expend upon such a project, when the conditions hereinbefore
mentioned warrants such expenditure, which amount is $100.00.

Respectfully submitted,

O. E. Gerron
E. T. Sparks
S. A. Kiker
J. K. Lofton, Jr.
Ben Brooks

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