Coke County, Texas

Silver School Souvenir 1900

Teacher: C. C. Cooper
Trustees: W. G. Jameson, J. A. Tubb, J. T. West

Contributed by Jo Collier


Ella PadgettBettie Norfleet
Hattie PadgettEdwin Jameson
Jettie JamesonSam Walker
Relda CooperCray Miller
Cora PadgettFrank Mathers
Mattie WalkerManuel VanCleve
Julia PadgettTom Norfleet
Alice JamesonEarnest Mathers
Lula SavageRay Conner
Edna FosterRuss Mathers
Bessie ConnerJohn Walker
Mary WalkerRobert Walker
Clara JamesonJimmie Foster
Laura SavageSammie Savage
Bula PadgettHugh Padgett
Ola BattonHomer Jameson
Martha CooperEmmet Foster
Clarence MartinJohnie Podget
Charlie CooperJeff Cole

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