Coke County, Texas



By Albert E. Baze

Copied with permission from Stalkin's Kin, Volume VI, Number 4, pages 163-164, a publication of the San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society.

An 1899 School Picture of the girls, teacher and trustees have the people identified but do not mention their ages or grades in which they were enrolled.

The State of Texas Form D 32, Texas Teacher’s Daily Register for Public Schools has a list of the 5th, 6th and 7th grade students for the Year 1916-1917 and a list of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students for the Year 1917-1918. The names in the picture, and Daily Register are combined below. Where the name of a parent or the age of a student is not shown in the Register such is left blank.

Name of Student Name of Parent 1899 Picture Age in School Year Beginning Oct. 6, 1916 Age in School Year Beginning Oct. 29, 1917.
Marden Adams       7
Veoma Arnold Martha Arnold     8
Albert E. Baze       6
Mike Baze        
Alton Bessent W. B. Bessent     10
Annie Bessent        
Alvin Bessent       6
Charlie Bessent       13
Donnie Bessent W. B. Bessent   14  
Ethel Bessent Born Bessent     11
Jewel Bessent W B. Bessent   17  
Minnie Bessent W. B. Bessent   20  
Myrtle Bessent W. B. Bessent   23  
Bessent     18  
Ruby Bessent       8
Yuel Bessent W. B. Bessent   17  
Allene Brown A. N. Brown   14  
Cora Carter H. T. Carter   12  
Joe Carter H. T. Carter   16  
John Carter H. T. Carter   14  
Roy Carter H. T. Carter     9
Irene Casey Cleave Casey     8
Martin Casey J. J. Casey   17  
Alta Bell Caudle Monroe Caudle     9
Carl Caudle Monroe Caudle     7
Gladys Caudle W. J. Caudle   17  
Thelma Caudle Monroe Caudle     11
Finis Collett       12
Mr. Davis   Trustee    
Melvie Ellison J. W. Ellison   14  
Addie Green        
Bulah Green Walter Green     9
Ezra Green        
Ollie Green   Student    
Walter B. Green       7
Myrtle Haddock O. E. Haddock   16  
Bernice Havins M. H. Havins   18  
Bessie Havins M. H. Havins   15  
Hawley Havins       7
Mike Havins     13  
Troy Havins       10
Weldon Havins     12  
"Uncle" Bill Latham   Trustee    
Evie Latham Mrs. M. E. Latham   16  
John Willlie Latham        
Lilly Latham Mrs. M. E. Latham   18  
Mattie Latham Mrs. M. E. Latham   20  
Eula Lowe   Student    
Ema Lowe   Student    
Fagan Parker Monroe Parker     11
Jesie Parker Monroe Parker     8
Iva Parker Mrs. Fannie Parker   15  
Stephen Parker      
A Moore Girl   Student    
A Phillips Girl   Student    
Mr. Roberts   Trustee    
Allen Roberts R. C. Roberts     10
Alton Roberts       7
Elvie Roberts R. C. Roberts   18  
Eunice Roberts        
Ettie Roberts R. C. Roberts   15  
Fowler Roberts W. N. Roberts   11  
Tubie Roberts R. C. Roberts   12  
Myers Roberts       6
Cora Sloan        
Myrtle Sloan       8
Verdie Sloan        
A Stirman Girl   Student    
A Story Girl   Student    
Pearl Tannehill        10
Calvin Thompson     16  
John Thompson       8
Maude Thompson       9
Charlie Vowell Eva Vowell     7
Lois Vowell Eva Vowell     9
Lottie Whitley J. H. Whitley   17  
Miss Lou Wilkins   Teacher    
Bryan Yarbrough J. J. Yarbrough   20  
Elmo Yarbrough       9
George Yarbrough J. J. Yarbrough   14  
Naomia Yarbrough       7
Velma Yarbrough J. J. Yarbrough   17  
Louva Kiker   Teacher    
R. M. Randerson   Teacher    
D. I. Durham   Ex-Officio School Superintendent  

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