Coke County, Texas

The Bronte Enterprise, Bronte, Coke County, Friday June 2, 1939


By Merle Ash

Following is the theme of Miss Merle Ash on her graduation from Bronte high school last week. We print the theme not only because we are directly interested of course, but also it contains history that can thus be preserved.

"The Bronte Enterprise" is the name of the local newspaper of Bronte. It was extablished in the year of 1907 by Mr. C. H. Bently who came to Bronte from Tennessee at the time the railroad had just entered the town. At this time the town was small but gradually growing. Mr. Bently gave the paper its present name.

Due to the drouth and crop failure of 1909 and 1910, the town did not grow much and naturally the newspaper didn't either. Mr. Bently sold the paper and plant to D. M. West who then resided at Miles and owned a paper there. Mr. West employed Mr. C. W. Goff, once an editorial writer of leading dailies, to help him carry on both publications.

Mr. West kept the paper until 1912 and then sold the publication to T. R. Butler. Mr. Butler had been a resident of Bronte and was engaged in the drug business. He published the paper awhile but soon sold it to A. J. Nelson.

The paper continued until about 1916 and then suspended publication. About 1918 Mr. J. D. Scott, who now resides at Lubbock, Texas, bought the plant and began the publication of the local paper again. George Scott, son of J. D. Scott, owner of the paper in 1918 was the man after whom the American Legion of Bronte is named, he being the only Bronte boy who went over seas and did not return.

In 1920 Mr. J. D. Scott sold the plant and business to Mr. W. C. Redman. In January, 1923 Mr. Redman sold a half interest to D. M. West, who was pastor of the Baptist church. He assumed the job as editorial manager. Later in the year Mr. West bought Mr. Redman's interest and became sole owner.

Mr. West began modernizing the printing plant. In 1924 he installed new type faces, a modern country newspaper printing press and other equipment, finishing the installation of a modern printing plant by installing one of the latest models of type setting machines.

At the establishment of the newspaper, it was printed on a large job press. It was rather difficult to read and it took a long time to get the paper printed. When Mr. West bought the paper in 1910, he installed a Washington Hand press which would print two pages at a time. The present equipment is modern.

Mr. West bought the present business home of the Enterprise in 1924 and moved into it. The paper has operated continuously ever since.

The circulation has increased. At the the present it covers all of the Bronte territory.

The Bronte Enterprise, owned by D. M. West, is one of the attractions of Bronte.

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