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These clipping were taken from scrapbooks made by my grandmother Ethel Pearce Hayley
by Mary Love Berryman



The stockholders of the First State Bank of Bronte are called to meet in regular annual meeting at 2 o'clock P.M., February 11th, 1913, at the Banking House in Bronte, to elect a Board of Directors for the ensuing year and such other business as may be brought before them.


R. L. BREWER, Cashier

Bronte Texas, February 14, 1913


The annual meeting of the stockholders of the First State bank was held Tuesday and the following Board of Directors was chosen: W. L. Hayley, W. S. Beam, R. B. Hudson, J. B. Reilly, D. E. Prewitt.

The directors met immediately afterward and elected the following managing officers of the bank:

J. B. Reilly, President

R. B. Hudson, Vice President

R. L. Brewer, Cashier

Reports from the officers showed the bank to be in fine condition and prospects for the future brighter than ever. The bank has again been made the Depository for Coke county, this choice having been made at the Monday session of the County Commissioners court. The First State bank was the only bidder and was awarded the county funds on a bid of 3.55 per cent on the average daily balances. This bank has been the depository for several years.

Bronte, Texas, Friday Feb. 19, 1910


As I have sold out my interest in the firm of Hayley & McCuistion to T. R. Butler, I wish to thank my friends for the liberal patronage given me during the many years I have been in your midst in the drug business, and I assure you one and all that I shall ever hold you in greatful remembrance, both on account of your friendship and patronage. While I will not be interested in the drug business, yet I will still make Bronte my home and shall as heretofore do all in my power for the upbuilding of my town and community. The drug business will be continued under the management of Butler & McCuistion, who assume all obligations of the firm of Hayley & McCuistion who are also owners of all accounts due said firm. I trust that my friends will still give this firm a liberal share of their trade as I feel confident of their merit, and knowing the men as I do I feel safe in saying that your interest will always be safe in their hands.

W. L. Hayley

Date Unknown


At the regular meeting Saturday night of Bronte Camp, No 663, Woodmen of the World, officers were installed for the new year, as follows:

 Robt. Knierim, Consul Commander
C. W. Luttrell, Adviser.
W. L. Hayley, Clerk
 J. H. Stephenson, Banker.
A. J. Shook, Watchman.
Leonard Keoney, Sentry.
J. D. Wrinkle, Escort
G. L. Bridges, D. M. McQueen and S. A. Kiker, Managers

Rev. A. E. Turney acted as installing officer and performed the part assigned him nicely.

Three splendid specimens are ready for trimming and dressing at the next meeting and will no doubt prove strong Woodmen. An interesting time is promised those members who attend

Date Unknown


Mrs. T. R. Butler entertained at dinner Tuesday a number of friends of her husband, in celebration of the 41st anniversary of Richard's birthday. The editor was one of the guests and with other friends and well wishers of Mr. Butler and family enjoyed one of the most bounteous repasts we have seen spread in many a year. The table was fairly loaded with good things, both substantials and delicacies, the menu running from turkey to ice cream, and everything prepared with the skill and finese of a culinary artist. Surely, as we partook of those rich and savory salads and other delectable viands we discovered the secret of Richard's youthful appearance and bright and happy disposition - a wife who is a cook par excellence and who seasons her cooking with the condiment of love and sauce of good health and long life. We are sure these equally favored with the writer will join in wishing friend Butler many more bright and happy birthday anniversaries and that each added year will bring increased prospertiy and happiness.

Those attending, in addition to the family, were: Mrs. C. F. Gideon, Miss Mabel Gideon, Mrs. Milton Wylie, Will Gideon, and Messrs Frank and Bob Hickman, J. B. Reilly, R. L. Brewer, G. L. Bridges, R. E. Cumbie, G. H. McCuistion, W. L. Hayley, W. E. Caldwell, C. H. Whitaker, Dr. J. D. Leonard and C. W. Goff.


The Enterprise has heretofore mentioned that Mrs. Louisa Johnson has become associated with W. L. Hayley in the drug business, she having purchased the W. H. and B. C. Maxwell Interests. The drug store has been moved into the same building with the postoffice and is now most conveniently and comfortably arranged as to light and ventilation, and this promises to become one of the most popular stands in town. The business will have the personal manage of both Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Hayley, and this guarantees fair dealing in all transactions and care and accuracy in all prescription work. The 'New" firm begins the New Year with a nice ad in the Enterprise, and wishes to thank all for past patronage and to invite and solicit a continuance of same. Try the, when you want drugs and medicines or prescription work.

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