Coke County, Texas



Date Unknown


Pat McMullan sent down from Edith this week a sample stalk cotton to encourage and revive the drooping spirits of his mercantile and agricultural partner Larkin Hayley. The stalk carried nine large bolls, a quarter of a bale per acre already assured and there was enough bolls, squares and bloooms to swell the yield to half a ball provided these develop. Pat stated that the sample was far average of 65 acres, and that the other 65 acres is not so good. Larkin was surprised and said he bet Pat picked the best stalk on the farm, but of coure he didn't do that, and it is only because Larkin's faith in Coke county is not as strong as it ought to be. His nerve was unsettled by "John" Griffiths's big talk on the street here Sunday and this is to give notice that the next fellow who comes here from Robert Lee and talks like he has slept in an indigo bed for a week will be rode out of town on a mesquite pole. We came near saying a rail, but don't know if there ever was one in the county.

LATER. - Larkin received another leter from Pat, Wednesday afternoon, and since then has only been touching the ground in high places. Larkin's smile was as broad as a rail fence and wont come off. Pat wrote that there was a good rain at Edith Tuesday afternoon.

The Bronte Enterprise, Bronte, 1913


Messrs. Young and Stiff of Abilene were in Bronte Monday going to and returing from Edith. They looked over the oil field near that Coke county town and came away strongly impressed with the opinion that the surface indications are full of promise.

Larkin Hayley accompanied the prospectors to Edith and being interested in real estate in that vicinity he naturally can see traces of oil in every ledge and rock, and could point out the strong surface indications. If a paying oil field should be developed at Edith, Larkin might become a millionaire, and here's hoping it may come to pass not only for his sake but for the good it will bring to Edith and all Coke County.

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