Coke County, Texas


This was in 1924 - the year that the tabernacle was built. We are standing between it and the then Methodist Church, and we are looking eastward toward Yellow Wolf Creek, whose west bank is lined by the tall trees you see in the background.

Besides the brush arbor days of the eighties, but counting the Sanco Camp Meeting, the Sanco Youth Camp, and the Sanco Homecoming, we have had people invited here and coming here to camp and meet together a full fifty years altogether. For the summers of those fifty years people gathered in the open air, most of that time under the tabernacle, to sing and pray and preach or teach - in these last 29 the Homecoming. For about 40 of those 50 summers Ina Bell Berryman was on the grounds, mixing with the people, trying to make things comfortable for campers. There was a lot to be done to keep property up and to find those little things campers turn up having need of.

The picture is from Doyle and Ina Bell Berryman who have faithfully attended the Homecoming, as well as the Camp Meetings for many years. Until the death of his mother, the late Tennie Bird Berryman, they lived at Eunice, but since have moved to Hobbs, New Mexico.

Text copied from Sanco, A turn of the Century Village Book by Josephine Bird. Used with permission from the author.

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