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I need your help in finding my great-aunt's grave in Coke County. She was married to a Dr. Joe Adams. Her name was Mary Jane Adams born Feb. 7, 1873 in Limestone Co., Texas. The Coke County TXGenWeb Project provides county information for the researcher. We also do simple lookups in the books that are listed, however, we do not do research. The TXCOKE List a good place to find out information about your family.
What Genealogical Society covers Coke County? San Angelo Genealogical & Historical Society. They publish Stalkin Kin four times a year. They have graciously agreed for us to put the Coke County articles on the internet. Index (incomplete)
I would like to employ someone to look up some records for me. Please recommend someone.  At this time I do not know anyone who will do research for a fee.
My aunt died November 20, 1950. How can I obtain a copy of her obituary?  We put as many obituaries on the internet as we can find but we do not have a way of looking them up. Please contribute your obituaries. Others may see it on the web and contact you.
I would like to help. Do you need someone to type records or do look-ups? Yes!!! We need people to type records. Right now I would like to have someone who would be willing to type or scan the obituaries each week from the Observer/Enterprise. We have permission to do this.

We would also like any obituaries, biographies, documents, etc. to put in the Archives.

Jo Collier could also use some help with Look-ups.

We would also like to have the cemeteries copied or updated.

If you can help, please write to Jacqueline Latham

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