Coke County, Texas

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by J. Yarbrough

Dean Edward Hallmark, 0-431081, First Lieutenant
Pilot Crew 6

Lt.Dean Hallmark

Graduated from Greenville High School, Greenville, Texas and attended Paris
Junior College, Texas and Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Alabama for two years.
Entered service on November 21, 1940 at Houston, Texas. Graduated as Pilot and
commissioned as Second Lieutenant from Advanced Flying School, Stockton, California
in July, 1941. Joined 95th Bomb Squadron at Pendleton, Oregon. Was captured by the
Japanese and executed on October 15, 1942 at Kiangwan Prison, Shanghai, China.

Lt.Dean Hallmark

Decorations include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Purple Heart (posthumous),
and the Chinese Breast Order of Pao Ting.

Born January 20, 1914, Robert Lee, Coke County, Texas.
Executed by Japanese firing squad, October 15, 1942.

Executed at Kiangwan Cemetery, Shanghai, China.
Cremated and remains taken to the International Funeral Home in Shanghai, China.
Discovered after the war stored under the name "J. Smith".


Arlington National Cemetery
Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA 22211