Coke County, Texas


Robert Lee

Successor to county's first one-room jail of rough lumber built about 1891. This building was erected 1907 by Southern Structural Steel Company, San Antonio. Officials who let the contract were P.D. Coulson, County Judge; C.M. Barger, S.W. Gaston, T.J. Goss, M.C. Jones, Commissioners. At least seven early sheriffs lived downstairs, acting as jailkeepers. The prisoners averaged about four a month, jailed only for short terms for minor law violations. Coke County never has had a felon assessed the death penalty. The gallows on second floor was never used. It is now the County Museum


Errected in 1888 on the Capital grounds for the sesquicentennial birthday cake event. By a resolution of the Texas Legislature in 1991 & through the efforts of Senator Bill Sims & Representative Robert Junell the gazebo was presented to Bronte. Local citizens dismantled the gazebo in Austin & reconstructed in Bronte. Sorosis Study Club provided the marker in 1995.



Built by local stonemason James C. Lammers (1874-1942). This depot was completed in 1911, two years after the first train arrived in Bronte. Built of locally quarried materials, the depot features stone lintels and window sills and a red tile roof. Originally owned by the kansas City, Mexico &Orient Railway, the Bronte Depot was sold in 1928 to the Atchison, Topeka, & Santa Fe Railway Company, which discontinued operations here in 1967. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1989

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