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CCGS Anniversary Book Project


Proceeds Benefit Our Book Fund

In September 2010, CCGS celebrated 40 years of service to North Texas and the Genealogical Community. To commemorate this milestone, we are compiling and publishing a book of family stories. We as genealogists are the keepers of our families' histories, histories that often go untold, except to pass on to another generation.

With this book we want to document those precious memories, to preserve them for generations to come that they might not be forgotten or left to gather dust in someone else's closet.

CCGS Anniversary Book Project

Our combined stories, taken from families and generations whose lives likely never intersected, tell of one collective experience - The American Experience. Even though our ancestors traveled different paths and have come from nations all over the world, they merge here, and that is the story we wish to tell. The story of America, laugh-by-laugh, tear-by-tear. We want to reveal the story of lives touched by joy and heartbreak, triumph and tragedy, all those incredible and ordinary people who made it possible for us to be here today, in this place.

Suggested topics are love stories, immigration, migration, childhood and even adulthood adventures, black sheep tales, war-time experiences, tales of the 'old country', ghost stories; any topic that is reflective of the "human experience"; stories that have been handed down through the generations; short stories, simple stories, in-depth, complex, whatever-you've-got stories!

Because this is a genealogical society, please include names, dates and places that would be of benefit to future researchers, being mindful of divulging information related to living persons. Photos that will print clearly in black and white would also be appreciated. And, Yes! You may submit more than one. You may submit as many as you like! Please send your stories to CCGS - Book Project, PO Box 865052, Plano TX 75086-5052 or EMAIL to Don't Delay! Please read our Submission Agreement and Release Form.

We are also looking for volunteers to compile, type, proof, edit, and research! There is 'much work to be done' and we need YOU! If you can help in anyway, please let us know.


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