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TO JOIN OUR MAILING LIST, SUBSCRIBE BELOW! A mailing list for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the activities of Collin County Genealogical Society and genealogical research efforts related to the Collin County Texas area.

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Answers to "FAQ's"

  • This list was created to facilitate exchange of information between CCGS members.
  • You need not be a member of CCGS to join this list. BUT!! You must be subscribed to the LIST to receive postings!
  • Discussions should be limited to those related to genealogy, upcoming events, cool websites, etc. Bragging is free. If you have just found your great-grandpa's third wife's maiden name, by all means! Share it!
  • By default, replies go back only to the sender. To continue the thread of conversation online, insert the email address of the 'mail list' in the 'to' or 'cc' fields.
  • The email address is:
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  • CCGS members are automatically subscribed to this list (if they have provided a valid email address and have not "opted out" on their membership enrollment form.
  • If your email address changes, "unsubscribe" your old email address following directions at the bottom of this page and "subscribe" using your new email address by clicking the link at the top of this page.
  • Other questions and concerns should be addressed to CCGS Webmaster
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