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As Americans, our ancestors came  from  diverse  national origins.   Discover your own
personal  roots  and  grow  you own  family tree  through   this fascinating hobby.    The
Wimberley  Valley  Genealogical  Society  and  the  Wimberley  Village Library  will be
presenting free genealogy classes for the beginner and not so new genealogist, beginning
the third Monday of January.

Classes  will  feature  the  basics  of  research,  utilization of the best free and commercial
internet   resources,   and  the  use of  DNA  testing  as  the  newest  tool  in  genealogical
research. Instructors will be Harold and Bobbie Hudnall, Cindy Foreman and Linda Kaye
Rogers. Classes will be held from 6:30 to 8 PM on Monday evenings at the Village Library.
Late-comers  are  welcome.   Light snacks will  be  provided for those who rush from work
to attend.   Attending every class is not necessary.   Space  will  be limited.   Your  RSVP is
appreciated  (but not mandatory),  it  will  help plan food  and  handouts.   Please RSVP to
Wimberley Village Library,   512-847-2188,  Ex 6,  please leave a message.
If people need more information they can contact the library [512-847-2188, ex.6] and speak to Carolyn  Manning, the Library Director,
or they can call us Bobbie or Harold Hudnall [512-847-2034].

January 17th - Getting started: The Who, When & Where of Genealogy
January 24th - Records and Where to Find Them                                      
January 31st - DNA and other Tools                                                             
February 7th - Documenting Family Histories and Genealogical Records
February 14th - Online Genealogy: Free Sites                                            
February 21st - Online Genealogy: Subscription Sites