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Saur Family
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These are my notes on Karl Saur:
Copied from a newspaper clipping found pasted in the back of E. H. Barton's Bible, no date given on clipping, this typed by my mother. "Was an early pioneer". C. P. Saur, aged 78 years, one of the founders of New Braunfels and settler of Comal County in the days when farming land was protected from indians only by the use of firearms, died last evening at 10:30 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. H. Sherwood of 1221 Hackberry Street. He is surved by two sons, George C. Saur of San Antonio and Robert Saur of Comal County; four daughters, Mrs Lena Hegal, Mrs Anna Shultze, Mrs Lottie Grosser and Mrs. H. Sherwood, and by thirty two grandchildren. The date of the funeral will not be announced until answers can be received from members of the family who are in Mexico.

Mr Saur was a native of Germany. His parents were among the German colonists who cawme to this part of the State when it was still wild and untilled. They settled in Comal County along the banks of the Guadaloupe and Comal Rivers, winning land from the Indians. Mr. Saur was 12 years of age when his parents came. During the early years of his life he was a farmer in Comal County. He fought indians on numerous occasions with Captain Sanson. He was elected Sheriff while a young man and held that ofice for many years, retiring twenty five years ago to return to his ranch in the mountains of Comal County, and spent part of his time with his Grandchildren."

The Sheriff's Department, Cpl Tim Kolbe, advises that he was Sheriff of Comal Co from Dec 1873 to Feb 1876. The 1870 census, New Braunfels District page 9, shows him as Karl, Sheriff with Wilhemina and same children, the 1880 census has him as Charles living on a farm on township SD 40, Pct 3, page 18.

The 1850 census from Guadalupe County shows him, age 19 as Charles living with his family, Frederick Sauer and Anna (who is in the 1870 census also.

Page 31 of the J. McManus book "Comal County, Texas and New Braunfels German Immigation Ships 1845-1846" who Karl and his sister Lina arriving with their parents Friedrich Sauer and wife Anna, nee Muller, fronm Gefell, Presussen, on the ship "Orient" arriving September 1846, Captain Sartorius.

 Karl (Charles) Sauer
Karl and Wilhemine Rompel Saur
Karl and Wilhemine Rompel Saur

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1. Karl (Charles) P. Saur (b.14 Jul 1832-Gefell,Daun,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany d.6 Jul 1909-San Antonio,Texas)
    sp: Wilhemine Rompel (b.1834-Klockhow,Demmin,Mecklenburg-Vorpommern,Germany m.4 Jul 1854 d.27 Dec 1903-San Antonio,Texas)

2. Othelia Saur (b.15 Nov 1877-Comal County,Texas d.21 Jul 1970-San Antonio,Texas)
Othelia Saur Barton
    sp: Ernest Harry Barton (b.21 Jun 1864-Bath Passage, KOT, England m.27 Sep 1897 d.11 Apr 1938-San Antonio,Texas)
   Harry and Othelia  about 1920
About 1920
    3. Charlotte Barton (b.7 Aug 1912-San Antonio,Texas d.4 Dec 1998-Great Falls,Virginia)
     sp: Colonel Frank Winan Thomas Jr (b.24 Oct 1908-Denison,Texas m.25 Sep 1933 d.22 Jul 1977-Luray,Virginia)
        Franks Retirement
Col. Frank W. Thomas retirement at the Pentagon in 1970
He was a Texas A&M Graduate

    4. Charles Barton Thomas (San Antonio,Texas)

        sp: Julia Hodges (Pampa, Florida m.15 Nov 1964(div))
        5. Laura Walton Thomas (Ft. Rucker Army Hospital, Alabama)
        sp: David Hennessey (Cedar Rapids,Iowa m.25 Mar 1995)
            6. David Garrett Hennessey (Fairfax,Virginia)
        5. Edward Barton Thomas (Walter Reed Amy Hospital,Washington,DC)
        sp: Jennifer Hart (St Clair, MI m.3 Sep 1994(div))
            6. Dylan Thomas (b.4 May 2000-Lansing,MI)
            sp: Judy Ann Julian (Pipestone, MN m.13 Sep 1980)
    3. Edward Barton (b.22 Dec 1905-Torreon, Mexico d.11 Feb 1987-Arlington,Virginia)

2. George Charles Saur (b.28 Aug 1856-New Braunfels,Texas d.12 Aug 1948-San Antonio,Texas)
George C. Saur

sp: Caroline Fest (b.1859-San Antonio,Texas m.1878 d.3 Jul 1919-San Antonio,Texas)

    3. Louise Saur (b.Aug 1880-Texas d.Jan 1967-San Antonio,Texas)
    Louise Saur

sp: Albert H. Piper (b.1876-Texas m.Abt 1900)

    3. Louis R. Saur (b.4 May 1887-Texas d.19 Sep 1948-Presbyterian Hospital,Chicago)
    sp: Elsie (b.8 Aug 1888-Texas m.1906)
        4. John Saur
        4. Jane Saur
        4. Carolyn Saur (b.28 Jan 1913-San Antonio,Texas d.29 Oct 1991-Harris,Texas)
    sp: William F. Joseph (b.1917-Texas d.27 Feb 1993-Harris,Texas)
    3. George Saur (b.Oct 1881-San Antonio,Texas)
2. Robert P. Saur (b.15 Sep 1862-New Braunfels,Texas d.30 Mar 1923-San Antonio,Texas)
    sp: Emma Rompel (b.14 Aug 1870-Bulverde,Texas m.7 Dec 1889 d.1937)
    3. Henry Saur (b.16 Sep 1890 d.3 Feb 1969-Comal County,Texas)
    sp: Clara Elbel (b.1893 d.1923)
    3. Hilda Saur (b.8 Nov 1891 d.17 Sep 1972-Live Oak County,TX)
    3. Herman Saur (b.19 Apr 1893 d.20 Jun 1954)
    3. Bertha Saur (b.21 Apr 1896 d.26 Mar 1978)
    3. Lizzie Saur (b.21 Apr 1898 d.15 Mar 1983-New Braunfels,Texas)
    sp: Herman A. Elbel (b.25 Mar 1889 d.27 Jul 1950-Comal County,Texas)
        4. Erwin Elbel (b.1919 d.1980)
        4. Edna Elbel (b.1922-2008)
        4. Leroy Elbel (b.1925)
    3. Edwin Saur (b.16 Jan 1901-New Braunfels,Texas d.17 Aug 1963-Bergheim,Texas)
    sp: Agatha Bechtold (b.1908-Kendall,Texas d.1969-Comal County,Texas)
        4. Arlon Floyd Saur (Kendall,Texas)
            sp: UNKNOWN
            5. Patricia Ann Saur (Bexar,Texas)
            sp: Thad S Miner
    3. Fritz Saur (b.30 Aug 1908 d.23 Dec 1990-Boerne,Texas)
    sp: Valeska Stahl (b.1910 d.1993)
    3. Bennie Saur (b.1906-Comal County,Texas d.19 Jun 1962-Comal County,Texas)
    3. Minnie Saur (b.1907-Comal County,Texas d.1984)
    sp: Henry Schwartz (b.1907 d.1991)
    3. Ella Saur (b.1903-Comal County,Texas)

2. Charlotte Saur (b.19 Mar 1865-New Braunfels,Texas d.21 Nov 1955-San Antonio,Texas)
sp: Karl August Grosser (b.1860-Germany m.1890)
    3. Fritz Grosser (b.1891-Comal County,Texas)
    3. Alvin Grosser (b.1892-Comal County,Texas)
    3. Ida Grosser (b.1894-Comal County,Texas)
    3. Amanda Grosser (b.1896-Comal County,Texas)
    3. Walter Grosser (b.2 Sep 1897-Comal County,Texas)
    sp: Caroline Erfurt
        4. Alice Grosser (b.21 Jul 1935-Comal County,Texas)
            sp: Joseph E. Morris

2. Anna Saur (b.Feb 1858-New Braunfels,Texas)
sp: William Schultze (b.1837-Germany m.27 Jul 1882)
    3. Clara Schultze (b.1883)
    3. Charlie Schultze (b.1885)
    3. Alma Schultze (b.1887)
    3. Emile Schultze (b.1890)
    3. Bernhard Schultze (b.1893)

2. Flora Saur (b.Jan 1875-New Braunfels,Texas d.8 Mar 1964-Bexar,Texas)
sp: Hezekiah Sherwood (b.1864-Maine m.1893 d.31 Jul 1957-San Antonio,Texas)
    3. Minnie Sherwood (b.1898 d.Feb 1983-San Antonio,Texas)
    3. Harry Sherwood (b.May 1894)
    sp: Bernice (b.1906-Russia m.1920)
        4. Betty P. Sherwood (b.1923-Missouri)
    3. Edward Sherwood (b.1896)
    3. Flora May Sherwood (b.1907 d.14 Mar 1968-Bexar,Texas)
    sp: Sidney Lee Watts (b.1899 d.1969)
    sp: Charles Fred Meyer (b.1894 d.1973)
        4. Lorraine Meyer (b.1927)
        4. Flora M. Meyer (b.1930)

2. Edward Pettau Saur (b.8 May 1867-New Braunfels,Texas d.1 Aug 1897-Texas)

2. Clara Saur (b.1860-Guadalupe County,Texas)

2. Caroline Saur (b.1855-Guadalupe County,Texas)

Charlotte Rompel
Charlotte Rompel,  my grandmother's aunt
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