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Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Comal County 1863 - 1865

For a complete listing of Confederate Indigent Families of  all counties  in Texas go to Texas State Library

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Please be aware that only an index of names appears at this site. Linda Mearse has transcribed the records on file in the
State Archives in her book, Confederate Indigent Families Lists of Texas 1863-1865. In order to help preserve the original
records, please request the Mearse transcription through interlibrary loan. Please contact your local library for further details.

Comal          |  Allen,  Wm
Comal          | Arnold,  Th
Comal          | Boerner,  H
Comal          | Bose,  J
Comal          | Bruckisch,  Wm
Comal          | Brumme,  L
Comal          | Busch,  Ch
Comal          | Cordova,  G
Comal          | Cortes,
Comal          | Decken,  O V
Comal          | Eggeling,  J
Comal          | Elsner,  A
Comal          | Ernst,
Comal          | Fischer,  L
Comal          | George,  D
Comal          | Goebel,
Comal          | Gotthardt,  G
Comal          | Hankammer,  J
Comal          | Hermann,
Comal          | Jung,  O
Comal          | Kincaid,  J
Comal          | Kirchmann,  H
Comal          | Kobalt,  A
Comal          | Kraemer,
Comal          | Kroesche,
Comal          | Magnus,  P
Comal          | Meckel,  Ph
Comal          | Michel,  Fr
Comal          | Mueller,  Fr
Comal          | Mueller,
Comal          | Mumme,  Th
Comal          | Nehls,  F
Comal          | Oelkers,  C
Comal          | Owen,
Comal          | Pantermuehl,  Fr
Comal          | Pantermuehl,  J
Comal          | Peverly,  J
Comal          | Preusser,  J
Comal          | Riedel,
Comal          | Sahm,  A
Comal          | Schafer,  E
Comal          | Schmidt,  G
Comal          | Schmidt,  L
Comal          | Schmidt,  P
Comal          | Schuetz,  Ch
Comal          | Schul,  J
Comal          | Schulz,  A
Comal          | Schulz,  F
Comal          | Schwartes,  E
Comal          | Sharper,  M A
Comal          | Stahl,  C
Comal          | Weichold,  H
Comal          | Weir,  H
Comal          | Wesch,
Comal          | Williams,  J A
Comal          | Wuest,  A
Comal          | Zuschlag,  C

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