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Comal County, Texas

Below is a list of books on Comal County and the email addresses for persons who own these copies.  They have volunteered to look up your ancestor in their library.  Just send them an email and tell them the book you want the information from and the name of the person you are researching.

Note: You may also want to check the publications of the Comal Genealogy Society

Jayne Stewart

1890 Comal County Census by Everett Fey

The Bremers and Their Kin in Germany and Texas
, Volumes 1 and 2, Robert R. Robinson, Jr., Porter Press  Copyright 1979
(Index of names A-L )
(Index of names M-Z )

 Sherry Shelton" <>

I have the 2 volume set of New Braunfels: The First Founders by Fey.  If you need more people to volunteer for look-ups, I would be glad to be added to look up info in Fey's books.

I'm the granddaughter of Ignatz Wenzel and Lillian Eickenroht, daughter of Rose Marie Wenzel and Wyatt Wilkinson.

Dave Crane (

The History of German Settlements in Texas, 1831-1861, by Rudolph L. Biesele, 1930. Reprinted by The German-Texan Heritage Society and Eakin Press in 1987.
Fisher-Miller Grant and G.E.C.; Forever; German Emigration Company lists 1844-1846 by Charles W. Kleinecke, Jr.;
Self-published.  No longer in print

Chris Kneupper

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cemetery #1 & #2, Selma, Texas and St. Joseph's/Wenzel's 8 & 7 Mile Creek Cemetery, Comal, Texas
by Carol Friesenhahn, published by Comal County Genealogy Society
Lest We Forget - Cemeteries of Comal County, Texas and Surrounding Areas Excluding New Braunfels, copied 1989. Published by the Comal County Genealogy Society. 
German Pioneers In Texas, by Don H. Biggers
History of New Braunfels and Comal County, Texas 1844-1946, by Oscar Haas.  Copyright 1968, second printing 1975.  338 pages.  Photographs.  1850 and 1860 censuses.  Lists of founding colonists, of charter members of German Protestant Church, etc.  As county treasurer Mr. Haas realized the store of information on New Braunfels' history and wrote weekly articles for the two newspapers on excerpts from county archives.  On retirement Mr. Hass reworked his years of articles into this book

  Chris Kneupper or Kathy Weaver.

New Braunfels: The First Founders by Everett Anthony Fey.  Over 1,000 pages in two volumes . 

Debbie Klinksiek or Chris Kneupper

A New Land Beckoned, German Immigration to Texas, 1844-1847, by Chester W. and Ethel H. Geue.  Extraction of some ship lists with German passengers.
New Homes in a New Land, German Immigration to Texas, 1847 - 1861, by Ethel Hander Geue.  Extraction of ship lists with German passengers.

Debbie Klinksiek

Comal County, Texas Marriage Records, Book A., 1846-1853 by J. McManus. Groom, bride and date of marriages,  Includes bride index.

Jean Schlather

I have the books :
         Der Friedhof Cemetery Records  1846-1996
         Kurchenbuch Church Record Book of the Vereins-Kirche 1849-1870   
         A New Land Beckoned, German Immigration To Texas 1844-1847 by Chester W. Geue
         New Homes In A New Land, German Immigration To Texas 1847-1861 By Ethel  Geue

Laurie Ackels

Texas Graveyards, A Cultural Legacy, by Terry G. Jordan University of Texas Press, 1982, contains a siscussion on the Texas-German Graveyards (including Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, etc.) with a lot of information about German burial practices and traditions,  For example, the tradition of grave markers having one or more hex symbols.  These are those odd sun wheels or pointed figures, as well as the roses and swatikas that appear and leave us puzzled.  He also talks about the craftsmanship that is uniquely German such as shell-decorated concrete grave covers, glassed wreath boxes, and gorgeous metal work related to crosses, wreaths and gates.  If you are curious about what thos hex marking mean on your ancestors; tombstones contact me.

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