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Pictures From New Braunfels and Seguin, Texas
Sent by
Jean Dobson <>

Bridge during flood
grain Storage
Bridge in New Braunfels down below the flour mill during a flood abt 1930.  Jean said she loves this bridge.  The last time she was in New Braunfels she had to walk across it.  She spent lots of Summers in the 40's walking across
the bridge.
Jean said her brother said this is Grain Elevator.  Railroad is behind tall building.  They used to play in the corn cob stacks.  Off the road on the
right is Paradise Alley.  These are grain storage tanks behind our grandparents house on Landa Dr.
House on Landa Street
  Landa Park
House on Landa St. that used to belong to Jean's Grandparents.  The house was given to her grandfather to live in as long as long as he lived.  He worked as Superintendent of the mill.  She said the house has been remodeled and believes it now is a law office.
Old Mill in New Braunfels.
Electric Power Plant
power plant
Electric Power Plant in New Braunfels about 1930.
Electric Power Plant in New Braunfels that Jean's uncle, Joe McClughan helped to build.
rattle snacks  
Rattle Snackes  
Picture on left is Jean's Uncle Joe McClughan with Grandfather Thomas Ernest Roberts holding rattle snakes in New Braunfels.
 Grandfather Thomas Ernest Roberts holding both snakes.
Landa Park
Parade in New Braunfels. Jean and her brothers cat was in the cage.  She believes the girl behind the cage is her cousin Jo Ann McClughan.  The little boy is Tommie McClughan with his sister Jo Ann McClughan.
Thomas L. Roberts in his football sweater in front of the Amory.  Thomas was Jean's Father.
Jean said the Sailor in the middle was her mother's (Barnella Smith) boyfriend Carl.
This is another picture of Carl.  His last name is unknown.
Barnella Smith
Smith & Roberts
The girl on the right with arrow is Barnella Smith Jean's mother.
The girl in the center with arrow is Barnella Smith and the boy with arrow is Thomas L. Roberts Jean's father.  The picture was taken in the late  1920's.
7th grade Seguin Texas
Roberts children
#2 in the picture is of Geneva Roberts in the 7th grade in Seguin, Texas.  She taught school school from 1930 to 1960 and retired from the New Braunfels school system.
Roberts Children in River in Guadalupe County.
Roberts children
Tom Roberts
Behind the wheels in Seguin in 1922.  Roberts children.
The boy with the Arrow is Tom Roberts with unknown friend in Seguin.
Tom Roberts
Mrs. weinert
Thomas L. Roberts in Seguin.
Mrs. Weinert.  Jean thinks she taught school in Seguin.
Gonzales @ Hicks
Gonzales and Roberts
Curtis Hicks, who was the husband of Rena Roberts and Chaparita Gonzales.  Chaparita was a Ferry Man.
Chaparita Gonzales home.  He was a Ferry Man.  In picture are Nora, Tom, Josephine, Tom E. Roberts and Chaparita's mother about 1920.

 Thomas Livingston Roberts is my Dad and he is the one who is in the pictures and is the child Tom (Dad was born in 1913)  Thomas Ernest Roberts was my Gr. Father.  Thomas Ernest was superindentent of the Flour Mill there in New Branunfels for years and also the Flour Mill in Seguin for years.    
I do not know who Carl is except that he was my mothers boyfriend.  I did not want to dispose of the pictures because I thought maybe someone in New Braunfels might enjoy them and be related to Carl.  They were probably taken in the early 1930's. 
Barnella Smith Roberts is my mother, she came to New Braunfels to live with her Aunt Blanche Smith Alexander in 1928.  She went to High School there in New Braunfels and married my Dad there in New Braunfels. 
Just for information.  My Dad was drafted into the Second World War and we were living in Austin, Texas during this time and I used to come to New Braunfels to spend part of the Summer during the war, I spent it with my grandparents Nora and Tom Roberts.
Geneva Roberts is my Dad (Thomas Livingston Roberts) sister.   Aunt Geneva never married and must have taught all the kids in New Braunfels during the 1940's and 1950's.  She is well remembered by her students and she loved teaching and encouraged them to study.  When she died in 2000, one of her students wrote a poem for her funeral telliing how much she changed his life by making him study. 
I will always love New Braunfels, it has a big place in my heart.