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Mission Valley School 1922
The location was just off Hwy. 46

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      Mr. A. Berstein was re-elected for the second school-term 1919-1920 but abandoned the school in January 1920 so Mr. Gus Jahns was elected by the patronʼs and served from 1920-1924 his pupils being: 
Elsie Brecher; Hedwig Burkhardt; Fred, Bertha and Alma Borchers; Hilmar Haas; Hilmar Hillart; Alma Hartwig; Stella Heidrich; Mellitta Heidrich; Herbert Kreusler; Oscar, Laura and Nelson Jentsch; Meta and Irene Jentsch; Estella and Margaret Jonas; Annie Vogel; Fritz Valentine and Albert Kraft; Ottmar Kaderli; Hilmar, Valeska and Marvin Kraft; Louise and Ellen Dietz; Rudolph and Carl Jentsch; Vance Dietz; Egmont Kittmann; Arthur and Alfred Jentsch; Thedore Heise; Etelka Vogel; Ottmar Kaderli; Marvin, Ruben and Lawrence Scheel; Alfred, Lillie, Alton Eugene and Milton Schertz; Viola Dietz; Theodore Jahns; Erno Borchers.

      For the year 1925 - 1926     Mr. Henry Wertheim was elected teacher with the follow pupils:
Louise, Ellen and Vera Dietz; Bertha, Alma and Ernst Borchers; Egmont and Freddy Mittmann; Mellitta and Viola Heidrich; Nelson Jentsch; Edna Rauch; Marvin Kraft; Estella and Magaret Jonas.

Miss Annie Wuest was elected teacher 1926 - 1929 with the following enrollment:
Ernst and Alma Borchers; Norman and Lola Brehmer; Ellen, Vera and Roy Dietz; Vance, James and Grace Dietz; Harold Dierks; Mellitta and Viola Heidrich; Valeska Jentsch.

Please note that there are more names than students on the picture.