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Ship Lists
August 1845 November 1846
Source: Pioneers in God's Hills Vol. 1

Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. 83-082580
Prepared for the  TxGenWeb Gillespie County Web Page  with the permission of the 
Gillespie County Historical Society 
by Wanda Qualls

Patrick Klein gave me copies of Ships lists that were reproduced from the
Holdings of the Texas State Archives.
  They are handwritten by D. H. Klaener.  Patrick told me
that my lists weren't accurate and missing some people.  I told him if he could give me something
that was more accurate and not copyrighted I would gladly merge it with the information that
I have already online.  He gave me several lists and says he will furnish me with more. 
I have put an "*" next to those ships that I have finished.  It might be noted that not all the people
on these ships settled in Fredericksburg.  I know I told him "Thank You" when I saw him in
Fredericksburg but I want to extend that "Thanks"  again.   Wanda

John Leyendecker sent me a copy of the Ship Riga.  I want to extend my "Thanks" to him also. 
The list was reproduced from the Holdings of the Texas State Archives.   John has provided me with much information on the Leyendecker Family .

Ship Anna  Brig Apollo  Brig Auguste Meline  Ship Bohemia
Barque B. Bohlen  Ship B. Bohlen Ship Charles Ferdinand  Ship Colchis
 Ship Creole  Ship Dyle  Ship Element  Ship Elisa and Charlotte
 Ship Everhardt
 Ship Flovius
 Barque Franziska  Ship Frederick
 Brig Garonne
 Brig Georg Dilius
 Brig Gerhard Hermann  Schooner Gesina
 Ship Hamilton * Barque Harriet
 Ship Henry
 Barque Herkules
 Brig Herschel  Ship James Edward  Ship Johan Dethard  Ship Johanna
 Ship Louise
 Ship Louise Friedericke
 Brig Margaretha  Ship Margaretha
 Ship Mathilde  Ship Mercur  Ship Neptun
 Barque Neptune
 Steamer New York   Ship Orient
* Ship Riga
 Barque Sarah Ann
 Brig Semiramus
 Ship Sophie
* Barque Straba
 Ship Talismann
 Ship Timoleon
 Ship Washington
 Brig Weser
 Ship York

Ship Weser

From among the first emigrant recruits, who arrived in Galveston on the Johann Detthard, the Herschel, and the
Ferdinand  in November and December of 1844 and became founders of New Braunfels, the following settlers later
received townlots in Fredericksburg or afterwards settled there:


George Holecamp B. Imhoff
Willam Reuter Liehn
Herman Willke Jean J. von Coll
Christian Engel Wiilhelm Kracke
Johann Hasseler Martin Helmuth
August Nette Peter Burg
Christian Kayser and wife Louis Martin
Christian Loeffler with wife and child .

Emigrants who entered from other ships or at other ports:

Richard von Cloudt on Apollo in 1844
John O. Meusebach on the steamer New York, April 21, 1845
J. Schmidtzinsky on the Bark Neptune  in 1845
H. Heinemann on the Bark Neptune in 1845
N. Linke landed at New Orleans in 1845
G. Linke landed at New Orleans in 1845
August Buchel landed at New Orleans  in 1845
Rasmus Frantzen came first to the United States and reached Texas in January 1846
Conrad Wehmeyer landed in New Orleans, February 28, 1846
John Joseph Knopp arrived in New Orleans, November 25, 1871, was born in Nassau.
Wilhelm Peese arrived in New York, May 12, 1880, was born in Grebbren, Meckelenburg