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The following booklet was transcribed by Faye Bean Elder.  All spelling reflects that of the original document. 

                                      OF TEXAS, BALLINGER BUSINESS DIRECTORY.   


BALLINGER, TEX., AUG.9, 10, AND 11, 1905.

                            MAJ. J. W. RATCHFORD,        Pres.                    Paint Rock
                            MRS. A. J. BAKER,                   Vice-Pres             San Angelo
                            H. D. PEARCE,                          Secretary             Ballinger
                            JO WILMETH,                         Treasurer            Ballinger
                            C. F. DICKERSON,                    Officer of Day    Ballinger
                            REV. E. A. BURTON,                 Chaplain               Ballinger
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According to previous appointment the Colorado-Concho Confederate Reunion Association of Texas met in Annual Reunion, Aug. 10th, 9a.m. 1904, at a Pecan Grove on the north side of the Colorado River, four miles above Ballinger:

Officers present:

Major J. W. Ratchford, President,

H. D. Pearce, Sec. and Treasurer,

C. F. Dickenson, Officer of Day,


    The Roena Brass Band dispensed music during the entire Reunion. A large concourse of people were present as campers on the Ground, There were also various games and other amusements.
    The Reunion was promptly opened at 9:30a.m. by prayer. Then followed an Address of Welcome delivered by Jack McGregor, president of the Board of Trade, of Ballinger, which was responded to by a Confederate Son W. L. Hayley of Bronte. In the afternoon the Veterans and crowd were entertained by speeches by Hon. C. K. Bell M. C.; Col. W. L. Larance of the 34th N. C. Inft., and others. At night there was an experience meeting of the Old Soldiers in which quite a number took part.


Sons and Daughters Day.

The services were promptly opened at 9:30a.m. W. L. Hayley spoke, and the daughters of Ballinger entertained, both of which were excellent.

In the afternoon speeches were made by Judge C. H. Jenkens and Prof. J. H. Groves of Howard Pane College, Brownwood, Texas, an address was also delivered by Miss Kate Daffan, a daughter of the 4th Texas Inft.

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and President of the U. D. C. of Tex. She showed herself to be a very earnest and able lecturer. In the evening the Association was called to order for business by the President, and the following proceedings took place; First, The Constitution was read and adapted by sections by the Association, See Appendix, and the election of officers under the new Constitution, which resulted as follows:

Major J. W. Ratchford,

of Paint Rock,


Mrs. A. J. Baker,

of San Angelo,


H. D. Pearce,

of Ballinger,


Joe Wilmeth

of Ballinger,


C. F. Dickenson,

of Ballinger,

Officer of Day.

Rev. Edgar A. Barton,

of Ballinger,


A Resolution was adopted authorising the President and Executive Committee to appoint the 2nd Vice-Presidents. A Resolution was also adopted, instructing the officers of the Association to secure a Charter, and to procure suitable grounds for a permanent home for the Association, and to select a time and place for the next annual Reunion. A motion was put before the body, by W. H. Weeks, that the Secretary be paid for his services, the amount to be determined by the Executive committee. Carried.


J. W. Ratchford, President.

H. D. Pearce, Secretary.

The following have paid their membership fee of $1.00 under the new Constitution, and have become permanent members of the Association:

Joe Wilmoth

T. J. Webb

B. M. Smith

W. L. Williams

J. H. Routh

B. S. Taylor

W. H. Weeks

H. D. Pearce

L. A. Harper

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Old Settler's Day.

            The exercises of the day began at 9:30.  Speeches were made by C. V. Dickenson, Judge John I. Guion and many others.  After which the organization of the Old Settlers was perfected.  The following Officers were elected: D. P. Gay, President, C.C. F. Blanchard, Secretary.  Quite a long list of names were enrolled as members.  After a most enjoyable occasion the assembly Adjourned to meet at the next Reunion in 1905.

            At the commencement of Reunion, the Secretary appointed Misses Lidia Givens and Olive Pearce to register the names of those desiring to become members of the Association and something over three hundred availed themselves of the opportunity.  See the following Register of 1905.

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